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2015 Zodiac Dragons - Sagittarius

2015 Zodiac Dragons - Sagittarius

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MoontailDraws's avatar
Never had I been so proud of my zodiac <3
Kyeronn's avatar
That looks amazing everyone makes it look easy but it really isn't and that's what makes it look great and is the not just you it applies to everyone else....

Keep it up ☺
snaketoes's avatar
But seriously all your Zodiac dragons are glorious!! 
Noojie-Woojie's avatar
I'm a cusp. Half Sagittarius, half Capricorn. My dragon will probably be the offspring of those two! Beautiful work! :D
MihaiMargineanu's avatar
This is my zodiac sign.....THIS IS A GREAT JOB.
LizzNuzlocke's avatar
i like zodiac + i like dragons = i love your pictures. when gemini comes out i am getting it in a folder thingy ma bob
The-SixthLeafClover's avatar
I have posted Gemini and it is also available on my website as a poster or small print!

Post: 2015 Zodiac Dragons - Gemini by The-SixthLeafClover

LizzNuzlocke's avatar
Oh WOW this is going in my special folder at home once I print it! Or download it but WOW. I am a Gemini so yeah!LOVE IT!
XxZelda-de-katxX's avatar
the zodiac is awesome!
CodeMonkeyArts's avatar
I love the armor and again you have a great mix of western and eastern dragon details here!  His eyes and gaze are intimidating and not only does he look royal, he also looks somewhat menacing!  Excellent work!
ChroniclerEnigma's avatar
I can't even begin to describe how powerful your dragons are.
MJMSTUDIOS2020's avatar
*Gasp Saggitarius, One of them that I was born in (except I don't think it was from dragon). But still...
JayJayRoxx's avatar
Wow, dare I say it's... beautiful? 
xXxYashaShivaxXx's avatar
very nice I like it^^
Draconis1609's avatar
Hehehe I'm Saggitarius and was waiting for this one. :XD: Even though I already bought the calendar. But I must say, I like this Saggitarius much more than previous ones. The armor just makes him badass. :D
DrakuneShadar's avatar
Your zodiac dragons are always amazing This one, though, I love the face and horns. I'd be terrified if I saw that thing coming at me. Just the same, if it was mine (which its not, I'm a Leo :D) I'd be proud to have it represent the Sign :3 beautiful work, as usual <3
DragonDescendant's avatar
DracoPhobos's avatar
Holy shit, love the smoke!
Bloo-D-emon's avatar
Aah, beautiful! <3  And also, my horoscope ^.^ 
VelvetyLicks's avatar
Yay, this is my sign... Well, I'm a Cusp, both Capricorn and Sagittarius.  Love it.
that is one of the most bossum things I have seen on da all day!
Cool.                                                                                                             Zodimotes - Sagittarius 
TheZodiacLord's avatar
MINE ITS MINE FOREVER MUAHAHAHA- i-i mean... i love it he...hehe...
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