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If you are a fan of America's longest sitcom starring the yellow family from Springfield, then this is the place for you!

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Bart Simpson in Big City Greens style
Bart Simpson in Big City Greens style by Arthony70100  
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Hello. Thank you for welcome me here. I am a fan of the simpsons
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Who Shot Mr. Burns vs. And Then There Were FewerWelcome, my friends, to my first journal entry of the DeviantArt Eclipse era! Today, we have an episode comparison I've been wanting to do for a while. I have made it clear that I'm never going to do "The Simpsons" vs. "Family Guy" on my "Cartoon Comparisons" review series, because it would be redundant at this point. However, that doesn't mean I won't compare certain episodes from the two shows.For this journal, I am comparing episodes from both shows that classify as "whodunnit" mystery thrillers: "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" from "The Simpsons" and "And Then There Were Fewer" from "Family Guy". I absolutely love both episodes; they are among my favorites from their respective shows. I came up with several categories that I will be comparing them in. For sure, this is gonna be a hell of a contest. Let's get to it!ANIMATION / VISUAL PRESENTATIONIt feels almost unfair to have this category, because ATTWF had a big advantage here. Don't get me wrong; WSMB was a really good outing visually. It was nicely fluid, the framework allowed you to see everything you needed to see, and there were a lot of great visual gags. At the end of the day, though, it's still animated like any other "Simpsons" episode. ATTWF, however, is quite an amazing experience animation-wise. The bigger budget put into the episode allowed the animation to be really beautiful and cinematic-looking. The setting of James Woods' mansion is quite atmospheric and really draws you in, and the attention to detail is spot-on. Having more up-to-date technology due to having come out 15 years later may be why it is more of a visual experience, but whatever the factors are, ATTWF gets the point.WINNER: "And Then There Were Fewer"CHARACTERIZATION / USE OF CHARACTERSThis category makes up one of the biggest strengths for both episodes. With WSMB, just about every resident of Springfield is integrated into the plot and contributes something to the mystery. With ATTWF, the characters are at their most likable (especially considering most of them were already going downhill at this point in the series), and we get many unique character interactions throughout the episode. It's a close call, but I'll give this one to WSMB, because you just can't go wrong with the classic line-up of "The Simpsons".WINNER: "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"HUMORI thought this would be a necessary category, since both shows are comedies and both episodes are parodies of famous mystery stories. ATTWF feels different from most modern "Family Guy" episodes in that a lot of the jokes are quite witty and funny. This proved to be a vital thing, because it provided levity from the serious tone and sense of dread that filled the episode. WSMB, however, like most episodes from "The Simpsons" golden era, is a comedic marvel. It just hits you with classic joke after classic joke. The running gag with Mr. Burns still not remembering Homer's name and the scene where superintendent Chalmers catches principal Skinner wearing make-up always crack me up. WSMB gets the point.WINNER: "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"HOW ENGAGING/SUSPENSEFUL/WELL-PACED THE MYSTERY WASAgain, a major part of what makes both episodes great. They are both filled with constant plot-twists to keep you guessing until the very end on who the perpetrator was. However, these episodes take completely different approaches on how the mystery is presented. WSMB is a very fun and fast-paced mystery thriller, whereas ATTWF went at a slow and methodical pace. I can't say which is better in this regard, because in both cases, it worked wonderfully for what they were going for. Let's just call this a tie and move on.WINNER: It's a tieTHE RESOLUTIONThe ending of WSMB where it's revealed that Maggie shot Mr. Burns was really funny and caught me totally off-guard. The ending of ATTWF which reveals Diane Simmons to be the one who murdered those people was built up to really well, and Stewie saving Lois by shooting Diane made for a rare permanent "Family Guy" death. I'll give this one to ATTWF, because Diane's backstory and motivation for committing all those murders is really elaborate and interesting.WINNER: "And Then There Were Fewer"OVERALL WINNER: "WHO SHOT MR. BURNS?"This is a very tough decision, but I'll give it to "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" by just a hair. As much of a great immersive experience "And Then There Were Fewer" was, "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" being a lot faster paced makes it easier to re-watch more often. However, I had to grasp at straws to make this decision. Both episodes are highly recommended.So that's my comparison of those two episodes! What are your thoughts on it? Was I fair with my evaluation? Do you agree with my choices? Leave it in the comments!
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