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About The Silver Eye Webcomic by LauraHollingsworth
2023 Calendar - Deadlands - The Silver Eye Comic by LauraHollingsworth
2023 Calendar - Nedaria - The Silver Eye Comic by LauraHollingsworth
2023 Calendar - Deadwaters - The Silver Eye Comic by LauraHollingsworth
Secret Santa '23
Aperlyne in Santa's Sleigh by BaconFueledNinja
TSE Secret Santa 2023 by AraylaRosiana
Secret Santa TSE 2023 by AnnaAlvarado
TSE Secret Santa 2023 for SCRIBBLEWYRM by FlirtingSpidder
Secret Santa '22
Hay Hopes by Meltintalle
A TSE Christmas Carol by BaconFueledNinja
TSE SS 2022 by LionsRoar787
Delaney by CalfArtist
Secret Santa '21
TSE Secret Santa 2021 - Melly Playing in the Snow by ennnl
Noah and Ruya - TSE Secret Santa 2021 by Aconsciousdreamer
7a705cbd-5444-4370-884f-3e55cedb7038 by zoegmbrown
TSE Secret Santa 2021 by Dragonanne
Secret Santa '20
TSE Secret Santa '20-Santa Aetius-for LionsRoar787 by FlirtingSpidder
TSE Secret Santa 2020: Sneaking Candy Canes by BaconFueledNinja
Quiet Lights (TSEss2020) by LionsRoar787
Merry and Bright by Meltintalle
Secret Santa '19
Bay / Thoth Spiderman Meme by FlirtingSpidder
Winter Business (for LordoftheReads24) by Tilgivende
Delaney, TSE Secret Santa by daffodil101
Secret Santa 2019 - Gingerbread House by astrariumcatcher
Secret Santa '17
Storytime by LionsRoar787
Mistletoe: 2017 TSE Secret Santa by itispaprika
Duos and Groups
TSE Appreciation Week 5 and 6 by TarvaBaggins
TSE Appreciation Week 2 and 4 by TarvaBaggins
TSE Appreciation Week 1 and 3 by TarvaBaggins
The Silver Eye - Roadtrip by LauraHollingsworth
Snowman Building by VictorianSkianora
Aperlyne Valentine's Shippy Thing by FlirtingSpidder
Donicus Valentine's Shippy Thing by FlirtingSpidder
Chanel Valentine's Shippy Thing by FlirtingSpidder
Apen Shephard
Christmas Gift - Apen by Tigryph
Aphera, Adara, or April Shephard
The Silver Eye - April Shephard Portrait by LauraHollingsworth
Berlyne Alvarado
Modern Berlyne Alvarado by AnnaAlvarado
Bhatair - Velvare
The Man in the Mask by fKnCgrl
Chara Alvarado
The Silver Eye - Chara with Flowers by LauraHollingsworth
Delaney Hollingsworth
The Silver Eye - Delaney Hollingsworth by AnnaAlvarado
Enel Lanum
Birthday Gift - The Silver Eye's Enel by Tigryph
Idony St. Claire
Idony by daffodil101
Joshua Shephard
Joshua Shepherd by Meltintalle
Marcus Lanum
TSE Fanart - Marcus Reading by sketchbookface
Melete and Nedarians
Snow Melete from The Silver Eye by AnnaAlvarado
Noah St. Claire
The Silver Eye - Noah St. Claire at the Beach by LauraHollingsworth
The Animals
Pigeondove by itispaprika
Doubletake | The Enel/Nathan Spider-Man Meme by FlirtingSpidder
Art Contest 2015
Dichotomy by hbaofficial
2017 Summer Art Contest
Melete and the Firefly by OpalescentSky
Secret Santa '14
Idony Singing- TSE Secret Santa for itispaprika by OpalescentSky
Secret Santa '15
Enel Lanum by Zurajanaikatsurada
Secret Santa '16
Spice and Everything Nice by Meltintalle




The Silver Eye webcomic is an action/adventure webcomic with a bit of fantasy on the side. The story is about a wealthy orphan (Enel) and a vagrant king (Apen) who have to unite to stop an out-of-control conqueror.

It updates every Friday!

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2023 Secret Santa M
It's Silver Eye Secret Santa Time!
It's that time of year again! Do you want to create something special for a fellow TSE fan for Christmas? Just sign up below!
Merry Christmas!
Remember to share your gifts! And be sure to tag your santa and submit it to the Secret Santa '23 folder. If you have not finished your gift yet, that is okay, but the absolute latest deadline is the 31st, please be sure to share by then!
To add your gift to the group, you can do one of two options:
If you have not posted it yet, you can submit it to the group while you are setting it up to post. In the advanced options, there should be an option to add it to a group and then to the Secret Santa '23 group.
If you have already posted it, you can edit your work and click on the "Gallery and Group options" at the bottom, there will be an option to add it to a group as well.
You will need to be a part of the TSE group to do either of these.
If neither of those work, you can also try going to the Secret Santa '23 folder in the group, there is an option to add a deviation to the group in the top right corner.
To sign up, all you need to do is post a comment with the following info:
-Two or three Christmas or Winter themed prompts. A single prompt shouldn't have more than two characters (examples of different prompts: Velvare dressed as Santa, Chanel decorating a Christmas tree, Idony and Noah singing Christmas carols, Apen with hot chocolate, etc.)
-State whether or not you have any preferences. For example, if you only draw animals, let us know so we can make sure the person you create for has an animal prompt.
Rules (Must read):
-No more than three prompts
-A single prompt shouldn't have more than two characters
-Make sure your prompts are not too detailed, complex or hard to draw. You want to leave room for your secret santa to be creative and put their own spin on it.
-Nothing inappropriate
-Prompts need to be TSE characters only
Important Info:
-Sign ups start November 8th (today!) and close on November 25th. During the next few days, we will be sorting out who everyone's secret santa is. After that, you will receive a message with your santa's username along with their prompts.
-If you have not received a message by November 29th, message the group and we will make sure you are given a secret santa
-Make sure you finish your submission by December 20th!
-Post your Secret Santa picture/fanfiction sometime on December 20-25th! (We encourage you to finish it and post it early so you can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about posting your submission)
-Both drawings and fanfictions will be allowed for your submission (you may even write a little story for your picture if you wish) all that is required is that you fulfill one of your santa's prompts to the best of your ability
If you have any questions, just message the group or comment below and we will try to answer as soon as we can ^^
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Hi! I tried submitting art to a folder about a week ago, and the status reads as still waiting for approval. Do I need to do something differently or does it just take a while to get added? If someone could get back to me on this please I'd really appreciate it! :D
AnnaAlvarado Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's December 1, and I have not yet received a secret santa (I think). I'm rather new to this platform, so I'm not totally sure where I'll get the information, either. Could I have some clarification?
Aceofstars16 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I am moving a little slow because I've been sick, but I am planning to send out messages today :)
AnnaAlvarado Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! I'm really excited to participate in TSE Secret Santa for the first time this year. I hope you get better soon!
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hi! so can i draw tse stuff?
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Are we having a secret santa '20? It's been quite a year so I understand if not, but it would still be lots of fun!
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plz vote quickly
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Dragonanne Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Professional Artist
Are we doing a secret santa this year?
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