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POV: Kirby, 3rd person, Narrative
A troop of men, clad in black, shuffled from the van, each carrying a massive gun in their gloved hands. With a flash, the guns were pointing straight at Henderson. Startled, Kirby jumped in front of him, covering Henderson's body with his arms. "Get out of here master!" Kirby said, pushing his master behind him.
"Calm down Zach, we won't harm him," an icy voice said. Looking around, Kirby guessed the voice came from the commander, a tall muscular figure standing in the trunk of the van. The man was young, probably in his 20's, yet had as many scars as a war veteran. From his uncovered hands, one could see that the man had dealt with fire, as burns webbed across his palms. Lines across his face told of many encounters with blades, ones who had not been treated quickly enough to allow them to fade. It appeared, however, that the man was not ashamed of these marks. In fact, his golden mane was parted as if to showcase them like trophies on a shelf. Looki
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 2 0
A ruined restaurant stood at the corner of Burkley and Madison, once the heart of the city. I remembered it fondly; its rustic décor, its clear glass doors, and its warm hearth that made it feel like a home. Though it was never crowded, the place never ceased to have a steady flow of customers, all loyal returnees looking for a spark to brighten their day. 12 years ago, I had worked at this place for days on end, always finding myself more refreshed then when I walked in. Even to this day, the memories of this place linger in my mind.
The restaurant's namesake belonged to Jennifer Colston, a girl who died at the age of 5 in a sudden car accident. The father of the girl, who at the time owned the property to the building, was so heartbroken by the incident; he sold the property off to his best friend, the restaurant's founder, Liam Tolstoy. In honor of his best friend, Tolstoy named the restaurant Jenny's, after the deceased daughter, and promised his friend that he would make it a
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 3 5
"Two outs!"
     From beneath the dugout, I emerged from the shadows, my eyes painfully adjusting to the change of light. It was a very hot a humid day and the ton of moisture in the air made my body feel ten times heavier than it already was. Despite that, I stepped onto home plate with nothing but the clothes stuck to my skin and a determination that would not be dampened. I was ready to roll.
    The concrete field before me looked as hot as I felt. Wavy lines seemed to melt the entire field, making it appear as if in a badly focused photograph. Though the outfielders merged into the background, there was one person I could see perfectly clear that sent nervous shivers down my spine. That was the pitcher from the opposite team, Skye Reynolds.
    Skye, whose personality was as large as the sky he was named after, was like a protagonist from a book, one that could lead without lifting a finger. With his confident smile, spiked red h
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 3 0
Please Be Alright by The-Silent-Call Please Be Alright :iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 5 2
Blue was my favorite color once, at least it used to be. It was just a color that caught my eye wherever I saw it. The color itself was just so beautiful my eyes couldn't shy away from it, even to the point where I could find the wrapper of a blue crayon even after a layer of dust had covered it. I just loved the color blue. Not only that, even the huge sky seemed to love it as much as I did, always faithfully returning to that old familiar shade even after thousands of colorful sunrises and sunsets. The sky just never seemed to get tired of that same pale blue, and if it could love a single color for so long, by gosh, I could too.
    But I couldn't just let the sky have all of it, I wanted some of the blue for myself, too. When my Mom had given up on getting her "baby girl" pink clothes, I finally was able to get my piece of blue.  All my clothing had to be blue. I'd wear the color everywhere I went, since there was no need for fashion when I was as beau
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 5 3
gentleman WIP by The-Silent-Call gentleman WIP :iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 1 1
Birth of A Dream
Love and romance are prominent in the media, literally dripping off the screens and into their viewer's heads. You can find some sort of reference of it in almost every song or movie that is popular among the people. So naturally, when I was a child, I was overloaded with thousands of images of how a real love should be like. Not that I understood it completely though.
Growing up, before I even thought about going after boys in real life, I began to wander in my imagination. I would create stories in my head where I, the grown up, mature, super me, would always be saving the day in some sort of predictable storyline. Of course, with my superness, I had many friends who were true, everyone loved me, and the most predictable of all, I always got the guy. I'd labor in my fantasies for hours, meticulously plotting every detail of how I would succeed and win a man's heart. The life in my head was so perfect, it was so fun to make. Eventually, it led to me wanting to become just like my supe
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 8 15
Clovis ref by The-Silent-Call Clovis ref :iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 3 5
The Moment Passed
I. Prologue
I remember the heart strings plucked that day
As they vibrated violently through the room
Our life was a body of water, intertwined
So tightly air couldn't leave my lungs
He was all you ever held at night
Tucking him against you in your dreams
Every exhalation told us another of his tales
Almost to the point we wished you weren't breathing
For a moment.
II. Body
I remember the meeting, your heavy sighs
Heavy by the thoughts of a woman scarlet red
Rose petals danced on your tongue and past your lips
He was someone you would never allow us to forget.
But I chose another fork in the road to choose
All I could see of you was the view
From some distant window
Oh how you were in love.
For a moment.
III. Conclusion
Now all I can see is his hand outreached
Reaching for a love who once would be forever his
A once kind man with a sunny smile
Was left to chase after a girl gone wild
I'll never forget his forlorn face
When he realized you were not coming back.
For what he saw as an ete
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 10 2
Rise my Country
Let this be the anthem
Let this be our cry
To hold on to the waving flag
As bombshells light the sky
Freedom was what we fought for
Freedom was our prize
For many years of bloodshed
Lost ones from our lives
Let pledges be spoken to this day
Pledge sincerity and trust
To know our people will forever true
It's to our land or bust
Let these words ring through and through
From the people to the lands
Let lives we lost not go forgotten
Go forward hand in hand.
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 3 3
DevID by The-Silent-Call DevID :iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 6 1 Zephyr and Lark by The-Silent-Call Zephyr and Lark :iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 4 1
My Story
I want to rip you apart
And spread your paper scraps
All over my floor
I'll piece together the letters
A cursive constellation
I'll make your story with my own flesh and blood
Then I'll tear you as I wish
I want to stain you inside
With permanent marker
Let its ink mix in
It'll seize you in its gaping gap
Never let you breathe the fumes
You will be my creation for forever
My diary locked inside
I will devour your innards
Even to the marrow
No heartbeat escapes
All your fumbling letters I hold
As it streams out of your mind
As I made your entirety, inside out
You are my story to keep
If I so choose.
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 14 10
Sunflowers by The-Silent-Call Sunflowers :iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 6 3
Out of Tune
Strum to the rhythm of hearts
Sing to its insistent drum
Pluck that dwindling fragile string
Until it tears
And never let it leave
Scream to the tone of bells
Drown in its mellow sounding
Wretch out that song that's stuck there
In the drum's core
And never let it hear
Those wavelengths
A contrasting clang to my tune
Its startling difference
Sounds like music
To my open ears
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 7 5
I don't wear it for warmth
It's my hiding place
:iconthe-silent-call:The-Silent-Call 8 2


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"When engine breaks--


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Ship sank.

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Having trouble recreating my "passport face".…

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I'm not going to say much since I don't like giving out personal info, however, if I could describe myself in a few words

-honest(a virtue I like to keep)
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loves poetry/drawing
-speak spanish

Well, if you want to know more, just send me a note or chat with me some time. I love meeting new people on here since most of them have been really kind. :)

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