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Love is in the Air
Hugs, sweets and kisses.
That is what makes us smile.
Love is in the air. 
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 2 4
Pokemon of Avalon NPC- Hiroshi Asuga
Name: Hiroshi Asuga
Job Title: Farmer
Species: Roserade
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Race: Sazanami
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Nature: Modest
Ability: Poison Point
A straw hat with a green band around it
A brown vest that reaches his waist
A straw backpack on his back
Move Set:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Weather Ball- Hiroshi uses the weather to attack his enemies, if it's sunny it turns into a Fire type move. If it's raining it turns into a Water type move. If it's hailing it turns into an Ice type move. And if he's in a sandstorm it turns into a Rock type move.
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Ball- Hiroshi gathers a ball of shadows and launches it at the enemy, there is a chance their special defense will get lower.
:icongrasstypeplz: Petal Dance- Hiroshi does a graceful dance for a while and pink petals flow around and attack the target, it leaves him confused do to him spinning around too fast.
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 3 0
Pokemon of Avalon NPC- Nozomi Asuga
Name: Nozomi Asuga
Job Title: Baker
Species: Tsareena
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Race: Sazanami
Characteristic: A little quick tempered 
Nature: Adamant 
Ability: Queenly Majesty  
Floral patterned apron
Heart shaped necklace
A kerchief tied around her 'hair' which keeps it up 
Move Set:
:icongrasstypeplz: Trop Kick- Nozomi's legs glow green and as she kicks her enemies some tropical flowers come out of the attack, it lowers the enemies Attack and is her favorite attack.
:iconfightingtypeplz: High Jump Kick- Nozmoi gives a jump before kicking enemies with her knee, she'll damage herself if the attack misses which is why she doesn't use it often.
:icongrasstypeplz: Power Whip- Nozomi unties her kerchief that keeps her hair together and then whips the enemy with her now free hair. She enjoys using that attack.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Attract- Nozomi winks at the opposite gender,
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 4 0
Pokemon of Avalon NPC- Maiko Asuga
Name: Maiko Asuga
Job Title: Dancer
Species: Steenee
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Sazanami
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Leaf Guard
A long flowing blue scarf sewn together by pink flowers around her wrists, drapes around her body
A red rose crown around her right sepal
A blue rose crown around her left sepal
Move Set:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Double Slap- Using the hard sepals on her head, Maiko will slap the enemy two-five times. She'll often spin happily while doing using this move.
:icongrasstypeplz: Magical Leaf- Maiko summons glowing leafs to attack her enemies, this attack never misses. Maiko also uses them while she's dancing to create a beautiful display.
:iconfiretypeplz: Sunny Day- Maiko will do a little dance and make the sun shine brighter.
:icongrasstypeplz: Grass Whistle- An egg move given to her by her father, Maiko whistles a p
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 2 0
Pokemon of Avalon- Tullia Florence
It is late afternoon, the sun deepening in color overhead, a shiny Chikorita named Tullia was heading towards the stone castle in the distance, ready to become a citizen of Aether. On either side of the cobblestone road are various houses and stalls for shops, each filled with Pokémon who already live happily in the kingdom of Aether, this made Tullia smile seeing all of the happy Pokemon… But as she draws closer to the castle, she wonders if she could stop by the International Guild headquarters to make sure all of her paperwork is in order. She nods to herself and goes to find the International Guild.

The International Guild was just off the main road, so she hurried into the unassuming building into the lobby area. A Pikachu sits at a low table, stamping what appears to be an endless stack of papers with the Guild’s seal, a glazed look in his eyes.
Tullia approaches the Pikachu, clearing her throat lightly, causing him to jolt, almost knocking over
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 6 10
Pokemon Next Gen: Beach Day by the-shiny-buneary Pokemon Next Gen: Beach Day :iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 8 0
Rock Bottom
What is Rock Bottom?
It is a place that people use to express where they are.
Whether they are in low moods.
Or they just ran out of money.
They say they hit Rock Bottom.
They try their best to climb out.
To try and reach the top again.
They manage to succeed.
But what if someone is depressed?
Depressed people often hit Rock Bottom.
It takes longer for them to climb out.
Longer for them to reach the top.
Longer for them to be happy again.
But what of me?
Where am I currently?
In my depressed state?
I am in Rock Bottom.
I try to climb out.
I try to reach the top where I can be free.
Where I can be happy again.
But I end up back where I start.
I end up at the bottom.
Rock Bottom.
I keep trying to get out.
Keep trying to make myself happy.
Others are trying to help.
Throwing ropes to help me climb.
Giving supporting words to motivate me.
But....I'm back where I start.
My hands are covered in cuts from the rocks.
My eyes are red from crying so much.
It's hard for me to sleep or stay awake.
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 3 115
Times Change, So Do People
Nothing stays the same.
Everything must change.
Sometimes for the better.
Sometimes for the worst.
People can change a lot.
They could be happy when they're young.
Sad when they're young.
Or they don't know how they feel.
As time changes,
So does everyone.
Take me for example.
I wasn't always the way I am now.
Once upon a time,
I was a happy child.
Always smiling, always giving hugs.
Always wanting to be happy.
But time went on and now,
I am no longer that happy child.
I don't want to hug anymore.
It's been that way for a while now.
I used to smile all the time.
But now I frown.
I used to think happy thoughts.
But now I don't.
I want things to change again.
To change back to how it used to be.
For me to smile and be happy.
For me to want to hug others willingly.
But who am I kidding?
Times change and so do others.
But I will never be who I once was.
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 1 277
PoA Mission 11: Avoiding traps
After helping the town with everything they needed help with, the announcement of why the rebels attacking and having to climb a mountain and avoid traps, Lily, Cosmo, Ninja and Franny sighed in frustration. They had to climb in a huge blizzard with snow falling heavily with sleet and hail mixed in to make it harder for them to see anything and the worst part is having to avoid or dismantle traps that they can't see well being of the weather. They all made sure to pack extra warm clothes and some warm food before they made their way up the mountain. 
As soon as they reached the mountain they all shivered violently, well, Franny wasn't shivering a lot due to being a Fire type and Ninja barely felt a thing but he felt a chill. Lily and Cosmo then wished that they couldn't feel the cold like Ninja or that they had natural body heat like Franny did, but they knew better than to voice their complaints and decided it was better to just stay quiet and try to deal with the cold. 
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 1 0
Love me too
Why can't I talk to you?
Why can't I talk to you?
Why is it so hard?
Why can't I talk about what happened?
I'm always avoiding and you don't see why.
You might not believe it.
You might not believe it but I'm doing this for you
I really am.
I love you don't you love me too?
You don't get what I'm doing.
I do this so you don't have to worry.
But I guess my efforts aren't really good ones.
Cause you're just not seeing the big picture.
Or seeing me in pain.
I know that I need it.
I know that I need it.
Someone to know what I'm going through.
You might not believe it
You might not believe it but I'm doing this for you
I really am.
I love you don't you love me too?
I love you don't you love me too?
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 2 171
PoA M11 Behest: Helping the town
Once Lily and her small family heard what they could do during the new mission, she, her brother and her adopted sister knew what they wanted to do. Ninja on the other hand just went off to scare away rebels during the night shift since he could never sleep anyway. Lily, Cosmo and Franny made their way through town-well, Lily and Cosmo did, Franny was inside Lily's bag-and they all looked around. Both Lily and Cosmo could feel everyone having a giant gloomy dark cloud over their heads that covered the entire town. That feeling made the two Kirlia's shiver and wondered what would have happened if Ninja was here, or a Shuppet for that matter since they feed on negative emotions like this, they would have a all-you-can-eat buffet if there was more than one. 
"Everyone here is really upset sis, we have to cheer them up and get rid of this cloud over their town." Cosmo said as he used his arms to gesture over all over the town. Franny looked confused when he mentioned a giant cloud and
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 3 52
I can't say anything
I can talk.
I can do that fine.
I get my words mixed up.
But that's fine.
However, if an adult says something.
Something I want to counter.
To someone I want to defend.
I can't say anything.
I want to say something.
But it's hard to.
It happens every time.
But, I can't say anything.
I hate this side of me.
The side that can't talk smack.
I could do it to a teenager.
But I can't to an adult.
Adults are older than I.
That's might be a reason.
Adults and elderly are respected.
That's why I can't say anything.
But he doesn't deserve my respect.
He's lazy, self-centered and a bad guy.
I would say so many things.
But I can't say anything.
I say it in my head.
I picture saying it while listening to music.
I want to say it out loud.
I can't say anything.
He deserves it.
I tell myself he deserves it.
He deserves to be served by a teenager.
But I can't give him what he deserves
I can't serve him like he should be
I can't say anything
And I hate it.
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 3 401
Darkness and Rain, My comforts
Darkness is a burden to others.
Rain is an annoyance to others.
No one likes either.
I however, like both.
Darkness makes me feel safe.
Light makes me feel vulnerable.
Darkness is better.
Light is worse.
The rain is soothing to listen to.
The sun is too bright.
The rain is sweeter.
The sun is bitter.
What are my reasons?
Why is the dark safe?
Why is the rain soothing?
Here are my answers.
I never liked the day.
It was too busy.
Everyone saw everything.
I don't like people seeing things they aren't supposed to.
The sun gets in your eyes.
Staring too long makes you blind.
It provides warmth.
But on the body, not the mind.
The dark is much better.
No one can see your pain.
No one can see your tears.
You're safe to cry when you want.
The rain makes a soft sound.
It covers the hate with something better.
It drops water on your face to relax you.
You can cry freely, everyone will think it's raindrops.
I feel safer in the comfort of the dark.
I feel calmer when it's raining.
Another reason fo
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 2 303
Nobody is coming
There's too much going on.
I can't do it alone.
Where are they?
Someone help me.
Things are getting worse.
Nothing is getting better.
I need someone else.
Someone help me!
I still have these problems.
Now the problems are getting worse.
But I'm still alone.
Someone, please, help me!!
Why isn't anyone coming?
Why is no one listening?
Why aren't they paying attention?
Someone, anyone, help me!!
I can't sleep peacefully!
I can't feel any feelings!!
I can't even eat more than once!!!
Someone just help me!!!!
It'll get worse!
There will be no going back!
But there's still a chance!!
Someone just reach out and help me!!!!
Nothing is working!
I keep calling for help!
I just keep calling and calling for help.
I want help! I need help!
What's the point now...?
Nobody is coming...
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 3 243
My hopes feel dead.
My dreams feel dead.
My mind feels dead.
Everything feels dead.
Why am I feeling dead?
Why do I feel so dead?
Why is my heart feeling dead?
I'm too dead to answer these.
Nothing is helping me.
No one is helping me.
Does no one even care?
It's no wonder I feel this way.
I've gotten no help.
I've barely gotten any sleep.
I don't feel like eating often.
I don't have any more happiness.
I wish my hopes weren't dead.
I wish my dreams weren't dead.
I wish my mind wasn't dead.
I wish everything didn't feel dead.
I want help.
I want something to help me.
I want someone to help me.
To help me feel less dead.
But most of all.
I don't want to end up dead.
:iconthe-shiny-buneary:the-shiny-buneary 1 164
Pokepasta: My Precious Partner
It was a peaceful day in Serene village, Chetari, who was a Cyndaquil was sitting up on top of the hill that overlooked the whole village along side her partner Draco who was a mischievous little Totodile. The two had just saved the world from being pulled into the sun by the Darkness. Draco sighed a little, knowing he had to tell Chetari about what Xerneas said to him but he decided to have a small conversation with his partner before bringing it up.
"Some adventure we had huh Chetari?" Draco mentally face clawed himself for starting out with that as a conversation topic. Nevertheless, Chetari only nodded in response.
"Yes, it was a very...interesting one. We helped Pokemon in need, met them in their secret bases, sometimes having to fight them because those secret bases were really just a trap, we met Entei, Suicune and Raikou and Jirachi's friend Celebi. We did a lot for a couple of children if you ask me." Chetari smiled back at the memories she had of her adventure with Draco.
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