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Always Angry by The-Shadow298 Always Angry :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 0 0 Spirit  Self Wings  Freedom Shadow's thesis comp by The-Shadow298 Spirit Self Wings Freedom Shadow's thesis comp :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 1 0 Spirit and Self Wings and Freedom by The-Shadow298 Spirit and Self Wings and Freedom :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 0 2
Terrible, Coward
A poem by
I am vexed & cursed by a need to say words to another yet so afeared of what my utterings may loose -good or ill.
Such an old coward am I; where blades never quickened the pulse, mere confessions set this withered heart aflame.
Were I to face a thousand, I would not blink; yet to face that one, I would shut my eyes until all sight would bleed out.
Comforting lies hide unpalatable truths & I am the greatest liar of them all. This tongue worked wicked to protect an unworthy soul.
So all can go down to that cold, lonesome depth to dwell. To dream. To pass. To play.
And nevermore say what should be said to one who may never hear.
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The Fool of the World book 1 fragment by The-Shadow298 The Fool of the World book 1 fragment :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 1 0 SHE Who Walked The Land draft 16-3 by The-Shadow298 SHE Who Walked The Land draft 16-3 :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 1 0 Love's Own Hypocrisy by The-Shadow298 Love's Own Hypocrisy :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 0 0 SHE Who Walked The Land by The-Shadow298 SHE Who Walked The Land :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 5 0 That Which Becomes The Unseen Thesis by The-Shadow298 That Which Becomes The Unseen Thesis :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 0 0 MAU The Unseen by The-Shadow298 MAU The Unseen :iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 0 2
The Fool of the world chapter 5 sample
Chapter 4:
One of Bread, The Other of Wine
"Best that we land away from the town," Alalya instructed. "We do not wish to cause a panic by flying over it."
The Fool nodded in agreement and asked Sarri to find a clearing wide enough for them to anchor in that would not draw any attention from the locals. Sarri nodded and found the perfect place for them to disembark. A hollow within the woods, cleared by tree fellers sometime in the not too distance past, and wide enough for The Fool's Freedom to descend without any difficulty. The Ship lowered the ridged metal gangplank, digging it hard into the soft ground. Alalya and The Fool stood at its edge, looking at their two companions.
"Are you positive that you shall not join and assist?" Alalya asked.
Zayac shook his head slowly.
". . . Will. . . on. . . ly. . . hin. . . der. . .," he muttered.
While Sarri looked up at the sky as she rubbed a cheek with a forefinger.
"Um. . .," she murmured. "Best I stay with the Ship, pah! We don't want any
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The Fool of the world chapter 4 sample
Chapter 4:
The Chained Man
The day was calm as The Fool's Freedom flew onwards. Sarri suggested that they do not fly too high because they did not have complete control over the Ship as yet and it was safer to fly with the ground insight. So they sailed several dozen metres above the land, high enough to be safe but still low enough to see every detail that they passed. The Water Gypsy, Sarri Romanov, was at the helm -shifting a piece of straw from one side of her mouth to the other while- while Alalya stood at the bow watching The Fool nap upon the bowsprit.
He lay on his stomach, dangling his right arm whilst he used his left for a pillow. Occasional he would stir, wiping his nose with his free arm before yawning and going back to sleep. Eventually he opened his eyes and smacked his lips together before he lazily scratched his belly.
"Say, Alalya," he said.
The artificial girl with hair of silver and skin like snow looked at him before she vanished and appeared on the bowspit just be
:iconthe-shadow298:The-Shadow298 1 0
The Fool of the world chapter 3 sample
Chapter 3:
The Helmswoman's Wager
The great Ship of silver rose smooth and silently from the ruins of the Agone Folk, ascending gracefully before it unfurled its golden sails. Alalya watched with quiet interest as they shrank from sight; consumed by the great forest below. While The Fool was at the front of the ship, lying on the bowsprit and laughing at all The World. When the forest and the lands that he knew were no longer beneath them, he swung himself back onto the deck and gave Alalya a lunatic grin.
"I dreamed of this all my life," he told her.
"For a flying ship?" she asked.
"No," he replied shaking his head. "To be up in the sky."
She gave a little chuckle and said: "Only a fool dreams of being up in the sky."
"Then I am a fool," he said. "For it is what I have always dreamed."
And with that he bounded sternwards, dancing around the masts, until he stood beneath the raised helm. It stood on a higher deck, accessible by two curved staircases made of blackened metal. The Fool sp
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The Fool of the world chapter 2 sample
Chapter 2:
The Fool's Errand
The Fool prepared to leave at dawn and so said his farewells to his family.
They did not give him the same splendid clothes as his brothers. Nor any coin if he had need for it. The only food they gave him was a hard heel of the blackest bread, a rind of their oldest cheese and a bottle of the sour apple wine that everyone in the village refused to drink. But they did give him a rusty knife to wear upon his belt and than bid him their goodbyes.
With a smile in his eyes and a whistle upon his lips, The Fool strode out of the village and took the road to the edge of the forest. He had played there many times with the other children of the village -tending to any hurts that his brothers might have gave them- so he knew the edges as well as any other. But his brothers had neglected to tell him anything else of what laid deeper within. How you could not see the sun or find the paths. But this did not trouble The Fool. For he stood for the longest while looking up
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The Fool of the world chapter 1 sample
Chapter 1:
The Fool of the World
Far across the Kingdom of Storms, passed the lands of Wolves and Dragons, over mountains great and lakes wide and endless forests of gloom, there lived The Fool.
That, of course, was not his name but it was what everyone called him because he did not follow the edicts of those around him nor bow to the wisdom of what was always done. He was too busy questioning everything or wandering with his head in the clouds. He never listened to teachers, instead always asked them ridiculous things about how birds flew sky but how they weren't clouds -so they weren't made of similar things like they told him that they were- or about why the world could not be flat like they taught him that it was. He also scribbled and doodled the silliest things. Numbers and symbols which made no sense to even the smartest in the villiage.
So they all called him The Fool.
And they must have been right.
Because they said and he did not know anything else other than what he was told
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The Fool of the world prologue sample
High within the tallest tower of his castle upon Cast's Crag, the Storm King raged.
Though the long years had withered his body and sapped his strength, his fury was still as great as it was in his youth. His voice was still like thunder when he shouted; his still fists struck as hard as a hammer upon the anvil.
But he was old.
And age makes a man fearful.
Not for himself but for his great kingdom and for his only daughter.
She would be a grown woman soon but unable to inherit his throne of silver and gold. The laws set down by their forebearers did not allow such things and he was too old to keep the wolves at bay for much longer. Scheming beasts each and every one of them.
Not only the wolves and dragons at the gates but the snakes and jackals within his own court.
Everyone had their plots and schemes and they all wanted his daughter's hand in marriage but merely so they could step over her to seize his shimmering crown.
And so he raged within his tower.
His thunderous voic
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Wishing everyone the best for the coming year.
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