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May 14, 2011
"Flash 8 For Noobs" Tutorial by ~The-Shadow-Master is an interactive tutorial for novice Flash artists. The presentation is educational and fun. It's a great feature for Tutorials Day, part of Resources Week for ^ProjectEducate!
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'Flash 8 For Noobs' Tutorial

Hey everyone, this is a tutorial I did for my IST (computing) assignment in year 9, so i decided to submit it :D
Firstly, if you don't have Flash Player 8+, chances are you wont be able to properly view this tutorial, so please get it from if you don't have it.
Secondly, here's a link to the trial version of Flash CS5, which is the most recent version of Flash as of July 2010: [link] , for those who want to check out Flash before getting the full version.
Right-click menu ftw! Right-click for chapters and stuff. Try it! :D
This tutorial shows off my old but somewhat electrified intro. Turn up the bass for an audio "experience"! (ie. turn down your sound if you don't want a hearing aid any time soon)

Remember, this tutorial is aimed at a noob to the Flash program, someone who has never used Flash before and wants to learn. So don't go complaining to me if its boring. xD

The first step to recovering from noobness in animation is motivation, and finding your style. This tutorial can help with motivation and basic knowledge but you'll have to find your style yourself, and this usually happens over time. If you do give up along the way, try to come back to it at a later stage.

Ok, my rant's over ^^;
Enjoy! ^^

*EDIT* Ahh the sound's out of sync as usual. Meh.
Newgrounds version: [link] vote if you're bored.
If you wanna check out some of my new works, head over to my website at this link: [link] ^^ */EDIT*

- The Shadow Master
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asteidl's avatar
Made in 2006, still a win of a tut. Thanks for making and sharing!
reddragon666's avatar
How did you get the SWF File to upload here?
midwinternightdreams's avatar
This is very nice! =) Thanks.
TitanicHopeDiamond's avatar
Pangelz's avatar
Hey nice tutorial, could you please tell me how you changed the options in the context menu(right-click)?
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amyrose142's avatar
how do u download a flash dress up or animation to deviantart?i tried a million times,please,and thanks for the tutorial
FantasyStock's avatar
:iconcongratsddplz: Congratulations on this Daily Deviation! You're been featured in the following article: May 2011 Resources DD Summary

Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
Tjoepoe's avatar
What a super Tut!!!!

The-Shadow-Master's avatar
Ahh that is amazing ^^ thank you so much for the daily deviation, ^FantasyStock!! :D
iluvme4never's avatar
Very interesting. Personally, I hate motion tweening. The animation never feels right with tweening, even if I adjust the easing movement.
Soulflare3's avatar
Good tutorial - should be good to get anyone who doesn't know flash started.

heh, this took like 5 min to explain what a class taught me in 3-5 weeks (they move veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow) :XD:
Much more simple and easier to understand.
xXScarilverXx's avatar
oh thank you for the super helpful advice!
Uncle-Ben's avatar
Finally. I might actually learn how to use my Flash 8 with tutorials like this.

Thank you.
AniuProserpina's avatar
Just yesterday I was looking for a tutorial to get started with Flash, and today I found this!
Land-Whale's avatar
Really helpful... thanks a bunch!
RoloX's avatar
i might never use this, but i'll add it to my favs just in case; i'm studing programation, i might need some extra help some day, thx
Pwnage-Block's avatar
Where can I get Flash 8??? When i search it in Adobe it just shows me Flash Player and Flash CS5.
Kittyfur's avatar
I think it's Macromedia flash, not Adobe flash?
Pwnage-Block's avatar
Macromedia is part of Adobe. :evileye:
Derrysome's avatar
Amaxing Tutorial
Beggining's avatar
This is going to be very useful when I need to use flash since I'm a begginer at this. No, wait, I'm a noob at flash.
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