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Deviation Actions

On behalf of dAseniors, The-Senior-Stache is the base of operations for :points: and News of Senior members, defined as those users who have a ` or a ° as their symbol on deviantART.

This is a news article, posted once every two weeks, choc-a-block full of Senior happenings and initiatives, stunning visual features, an awesome mini-interview and much, much more!

Even though this is mainly Senior orientated, if you have something you want to promote or are just looking for something generally, senior or not, we invite you all to take a gander.

FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?
FAQ #106: What are the symbol next to each deviant's username?


Mini-Contest: Me and My 'stache

Ends: June 12th

Weekly Hunt: Most Epic Game Art Scene

Dark Age of Camelot by TereseNielsen :thumb210503129: Air Battle by Monkey-Paw
Be in for a chance to win 10 :points:!

The Absurd Spot

By Thiefoworld and his +1

This time, Thiefoworld gives us an special mini interview to a good ol friend, Oughter, who, this weekend, is finally passing to a whole new level in life. Let's just hope his princess isn't in another castle.
:iconoughter: Oughter
If you were a beverage, what would you be? Would you be sweet? dry? Alcoholic? Blue?
:B i know the exact beverage i would be and it glows in the dark.

Hpnotiq Martini

Tropical combination of Bacardi Cóco, Hpnotiq liqueur and pineapple juice + glow!
Available at the bonefish grill

How do you like your.. meatballs?
Moist. Saucy. Round. Meaty.

The trousers are overvalued and the translators in line are funny, these in agreement?
you need to increase your english levels to abour Lvl. 49 plz

Would you choose to live forever if you could? If so, what would you like to do for the rest of eternity?
Living forever would be exceedingly fun for me. Most people think they would get bored. I would probably just harass humanity. Assuming humanity died off after a while. I'll take up breeding squids.

What do you do when no one is watching?
:eyes: well if i told people, it wouldn't be an alone activity would it?


:bulletblue: fourteenthstar's Celebrating Deviousness - May 2011
:bulletblue: megturney's Ticked Off with EveryNextDream

:bulletblue: Rushy's Teen hipsters discover joys of analog photography
:bulletblue: HFXmermaid's Mermaids- The Next Big Thing!
:bulletblue: isoldel's Awareness Much?
:bulletblue: PurpelBlur's Duck and Cover! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!
:bulletblue: mzzyarts's -May: Acts of Random Kindness!!-
:bulletblue: Endorell-Taelos' The Ugly Vampire - A comic series to love
:bulletblue: lost-angle's Dictionary Entries: 12 and 13
:bulletblue: namenotrequired's dA Updates - Recent and Upcoming
:bulletblue: JunkbyJen's You Can Be Saved / 5/26/11 Body, Soul and Spirit
:bulletblue: Exileden's experience at deviantART HQ

:bulletblue: Saimain has a few Grab Bags still available and also lists additional information on an artist who needs some help and a petition to help save Palawan.
:bulletblue: DemonMathiel has postcards up for sale
:bulletblue: Yamino and chlove-art will be at F.A.C.T.S on the 22nd/23rd of October!
:bulletblue: smashmethod has opened the floor for any questions you may have about programs, art, music, design and more!
:bulletblue: isoldel has a Multinational Doll Month proposal
:bulletblue: synconi and moth-owl's 1000 deviants, 1000 cranes Project now allows five entries of one crane each, so go make more and boost your chances of winning some prizes too!


:bulletorange: indicates new contests

:bulletblue: LITplease's Writing About Writing ~ Ends June 4th
:bulletblue: CookiemagiK's Revamp My Stuff 5 Contest ~ Ends June 5th
:bulletorange: zeiva's X-note Art Contest ~ Ends June 30th
:bulletorange: LadyLincoln's The Spectacular Cheap Thrills Romance Contest ~ Ends July 1st
:bulletblue: miintinq's Collaborative Red Contest ~ Ends December 12th
:bulletblue: DestinieKirby' SD Contest 15: Angelic and Holy Contest ~ Ends January 13th

:bulletblue: LottnessMonster's St. Patty's Day Contest Feature
:bulletblue: ArtisanCraft's Dinosaur Contest Winners
:bulletblue: AssClownFish's Get Your Pokemanz On Poke'Winners
:bulletblue: DestinieKirby' OC Challenge 12: Magic: Winners! She also has a cool list of deviantART Contests !


:bulletblue: PurpelBlur's :bulletblue: Thiefoworld's An Absurd Interview with CookiemagiK
:bulletblue: phoenixleo's Rendezvous with sakimichan
:bulletblue: VelCake's Manga/Anime Beauty #2 - KiwiChameleon

Art News

:bulletblue: Customization: Synfull's So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 118
:bulletblue: Digital Art: lilvdzwan's "Did you Know?" - 10 facts from Vexelove
:bulletblue: Literature: :bulletblue: Manga/Anime: AssClownFish's TokyoPop Closes It's U.S. Doors
:bulletblue: Photography: :bulletblue: Resources:


:bulletblue: Mishelangello's Set the World on Fire
:bulletblue: ProjectPorkchop's Vol20, Vol21, Vol22, Vol23
:bulletblue: Unique-Equines' UotU Vol07, UotU Vol08
:bulletblue: TeaZS' The Bull and The Twins: An Art Feature
:bulletblue: stuck-in-suburbia's Weekly Stamp Feature The 33rd Instalment & The 34th Instalment
:bulletblue: Mirz123's The Other Features
:bulletblue: Topicality's Topical Feature 2 -Divas in the Forums & Topical Feature 3: Divas and Guinea Pigs
:bulletblue: petrova's Gummy bears feature
:bulletblue: photofairy's Australian Working Dogs
:bulletblue: GinkgoWerkstatt's dA related presents: Food & Eating

:bulletblue: creativemikey's Summertime Features
:bulletblue: mooncalfe's Shadoweyes page 96 and 97
:bulletblue: petrova's Fav feature #26
:bulletblue: JillAuville' Features and More.
:bulletblue: DemonMathiel's White Feature and More
:bulletblue: LuneBleu's Featured Artists
:bulletblue: NeoStockz's Features


:bulletblue: Oughter and flornographer as a newly wedded couple!
:bulletblue: SeanDietrich who is launching his first official U.S live art tour with San Diego Comic Con.
:bulletblue: erikakochanski for being an Aunty for the second time.
:bulletblue: vertMB for finishing his final year film and University too.
:bulletblue: jbensch's final design for a semi-trailer in Cali was approved.
:bulletblue: jsmonzani for being invited to post some of his works on a French and German TV Channel ARTE section devoted to Creatives.
:bulletblue: mooncalfe's nomination for a Glyph Award.
:bulletblue: Rahll for being hired to do environment work for 'The Hunger Games' film.
:bulletblue: gucken's feature and interview with Microsoft.
:bulletblue: FritsPlays for being reappointed as a MN@!

:bulletblue: Pyritie is overseeing the programming and modelers of a free single-player RPG, Celestial Blue, and they are currently looking for more people to help and join ship!
:bulletblue: Give support, luck and well wishes to ArtisnotanAccident who is on medical leave and Aegis-Illustration who is in a Spanish Revolution.

:bulletblue: UnicornReality is looking for some more support in terms of funding a charity involved in people with mobility issues/brain injuries.
:bulletblue: Gashu-Monsata will only have £14 a week to live off of in University and is trying to save up some money beforehand! Support, order a commission and help if you can!
:bulletblue: demonlight is doing a sponsored walk in aid of MIND mental health charity, so go and show your support!
:bulletblue: Hellobaby has a whole journal dedicated to those Artists who need help!

To those that are now one year older...

voodoo-prophet, Bad-Blood, bleedsopretty, furryphotos, ashwynmayr, Caektiems, zeyus, Sophquest, chutkat

...and to those yet to be: Happy Birthday!

lost-angle, Zeros-Elipticus

DivineError, duhcoolies, zephyrkinetic







By Topicality

To end this article we would like to get you giggly with one (very long) quote from dAmnIT!, deviantART's center for finding funny quotes reported and said by people in dAmn chat. If you have any favourites yourself, please don't hesitate to send a note to Topicality with the Subject "Lulz for Senior 'Stache".

<Mavyrk>cuppas: When I go to geometry class, I whip my square back and forth.
<Mavyrk>cuppas: When I'm a travelling reporter, I whip my Where? back and forth.
<catboyry>are you two still on that?
<Mavyrk>catboyry: Yes.
<chix0r>when I come to damn I whip my whip back and forth on cuppas so they STFU with the lame
<cuppas>when chix0r crushes my heart i cry
<catboyry>you have a heart?
<Mavyrk>chix0r: When I disagree with your assertion of lameness, I whip my ne'er! back and forth.
<Endorell-Taelos>small heart.
* Mavyrk fights the power.
<Narfmaster>When I'm a wel respected pastry chef, I whip my chocolate eclair back and forth
* Endorell-Taelos pokes at cuppas' heart.
<Mavyrk>cuppas: When I don't want to tell the truth, I whip my dare back and forth.
** Mavyrk was kicked by chix0r * oops, I whipped my /kick back and forth
<Narfmaster>When I'm a bear hunter, I whip my snare back and forth
** Mavyrk has joined
<Endorell-Taelos>I guess this whipping wont get old.
** Mavyrk was kicked by chix0r * oops, I whipped my /kick back and forth
** Mavyrkhas joined
<Mavyrk>Bet you thought I was gone forever.
<prateek203>lol chiz0r.
<Mavyrk>When I don't want to get kicked from #devart, I whip #thumbshare back and forth.
<Narfmaster>When I'm Bon Jovi, I'm livin on a prayer back and forth.
<Mavyrk>Narfmaster: Damn, that's a good one. I never would have thought of prayer.
<cuppas>im gonna recycle one
<cuppas>when ive got you babe, i whip my Cher back and forth
<Mavyrk>Narfmaster: Yeah, well, when I'm hunting wabbits, I whip my snare back and forth.
<cuppas>when i have trouble pronouncing the french word for 'heart', i whip my Coeur back and forth
<TorsadesPourFoi>when im lost at sea on a boat, i whip my flare back and forth
<cuppas>oh man.
<Mavyrk>When I manhandle Bill Gates, I whip my multibillionaire back and forth.
<TorsadesPourFoi>when i'm thinking of starving african kids, i whip my care back and firth
<cuppas>when i use the masculine definite article when speaking german, i whip my Der back and forth.
<Mavyrk>When I feel Persian, I whip my Mehr back and forth.
<TorsadesPourFoi>when im wrestling in a wwf title match, i whip my chair back and forth
<Narfmaster>When I'm Usher, I whip my Yeah! back and forth.
<Mavyrk>When I chill on some British isle, I whip my ayre back and forth.
<cuppas>when im wondering which seat to take on friday, i whip my Where? back and forth
<TorsadesPourFoi>when im thinkinbg about politics, i whip my meh back and forth
<Endorell-Taelos>cuppas: When I am Austin Powers, I whip my mojo back and forth
<Mavyrk>When I visit Cambodia, I whip my Khmer back and forth.
<TorsadesPourFoi>when im selling items on world of warcraft, i whip my rare back and forth
<cuppas>when i hire someone to live in my house and take care of kids, i whip Au Pair back and forth
<Narfmaster>When I'm living in Miami I whip my Mayor back and forth.
<Mavyrk>When I fuck bitches, I whip my pair back and forth.
<cuppas>Mavyrk: when i go scuba diving, i whip my air back and forth
<Mavyrk>When I visit Cambodia, I whip my Khmer back and forth.
<Mavyrk>When in a despotic country, I whip despair back and forth.
<TheSprunk>Fresko-1: Nectar of the gods
<Fresko-1>TheSprunk: And also the Elder Gods!
<Mavyrk>cuppas: During my time in the WCW, I whipped Rick Flair back and forth.
<cuppas>Mavyrk: lmao
<cuppas>Mavyrk: when i go scuba diving, i whip my air back and forth
<Mavyrk>I think I can safely cap off this line of humor with one oldie, but goodie.
<Mavyrk>When I'm in Soviet Russia, hair whips me back and forth.
<cuppas>i think weve run out of rhyming words anyway
<DarkestVirtue>Mavyrk: I hope the hair dips you in gaudy paint colours, first.
<Narfmaster>If I'm a North American glasslander, I whip my Prairie dog back and forth
<thetricksters18>Narfmaster: you know what i could whip back and forth?
<Narfmaster>If I'm a 70s British Computer Manufacturor, I whip my Sinclair back and forth
<Mavyrk>Narfmaster: When I'm in the zombie apocalypse, I whip m---oh shit, RUN!
:+favlove: this chat quote

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