Mini-Contest: Me and My 'stache

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dAseniors Mini-Contest: Me and My 'stache

Have you ever wondered how you would look like in a big and snazzy moustache? Have you ever wanted a pet moustache? Have you ever had a good memory with one of the team of dAseniors (who happen to be called "The Moustaches" when combined)?

Using any and all media (yes, lit too) and tools, we would like you to portray you and your awesome 'stache. Only your imagination sets the limit!

Here are a few more suggestions on what you could do!
:bulletblue: Write about the day you woke up with a 'stache as long as yourself
:bulletblue: Photograph yourself in funny bought or homemade 'staches
:bulletblue: Make a collage of you and your 'stache around the world

:bulletblue: All media accepted
:bulletblue: OPEN TO EVERYONE!
:bulletblue: Only one entry must be submitted onto deviantART from May 1st.
:bulletblue: For Literature, there is a maximum count of 500 words.
:bulletblue: It must include you and a moustache in some shape or form.
:bulletblue: The Author's Comments must include : dAseniors' Me and My 'stache

Submission: To this folder!

Deadline: June 12th


Prizes (may be updated):
:bulletblue: Feature on front page of dAseniors
:bulletblue: Winner: 3 Month Subscription (or the equivalent in :points:) by dAseniors
:bulletblue: Runners Up: 150 :points: each by dAseniors

:bulletblue: Features from:
namenotrequired, petrova, 3wyl, dAseniors, you?

So, what are you waiting for? Create! :la:
Questions or Donations? Poke the 'stache'er petrova or send the group a note!

Please fav the news so more can find the contest :+favlove:
© 2011 - 2021 The-Senior-Stache
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Such a cool contest idea and I am so entering!
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:bulletred: I'm here on behalf of :iconanothercontestgroup: to let you know that we've found/added your contest to our blog. Which can be seen here: [link] We feature many contests on our blogs and have a quickly growing membership of people who want to enter them.

:bulletblue: I'd also like to let you know that we Feature results of contests and if you are interested in having your results posted on our weekly results page, message :iconlammalord: when you have them.
In addition, some of our group members have begun offering prizes to winners featured in our weekly results blog. If you’d like to add us to your prizes for your winners just mention a “Winners Package” from #AnotherContestGroup We do not keep track of what our members offer but it varies from journal features, llamas, comments, favorites, and maybe art commissions (for first).

:bulletgreen: Finally we are working in conjunction with :icontimberclipse: who hosts the most popular DA contest bi-weekly News posting (getting 200-400 favorites each new post). If you'd like to have your contest added onto his News article please go here: [link] and follow the directions located in the 1st FAQ.

Enjoy and hope you have a wonderful contest - :iconbasabeo:

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You got featured here: [link] :pringles:
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Thanks a lot for the support!
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You're welcome :pringles:
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:wave:Hello, your contest has been promoted in the latest issue of LitBits.
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Do you have to be a dA senior?
The-Senior-Stache's avatar
Not at all! It's open to everyone. :hug:
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also, added to my contest module :3
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I tohhhtally want to enter! But... it doesn't have to be a real mustache, correct?
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Nope, all tools and all mediums are accepted. You can make your own moustache :dummy:
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Awesome! I'm excited :XD:
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I am too, can't wait to see all the deviations :eager:
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