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I know you haven't had a second thought about me...
Or even noticed a moment's difference when you're without me.
And I'll pass it off, like I always do-
Like you didn't matter, which isn't true.
It's like we clicked so well until it all came crashing down.
And I can't decide if I should be in tears or tear the world around me down.
I've never known a truer phrase than "everybody lies."
Like love that lasts for ever or the so called everlasting intertwining of two lives.
"It's whatever, though."- I guess that's what we say?
It's kind of crazy- nowadays affection's just a silly bullshit game we play.
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 2 0
nBokre moePris
I promised I'd be there
In case you needed me, whenever.
Whether it be however important, however irrelevant,
However critical or crazy the reason may have been,
I promised I would be there.
But this promise I can't say I broke.
A promise can get broken from either end of things,
And a promise is no promise when one just becomes a back up plan.
"'I love you's" not "I love you" when you're all alone and sad
Or when you say it so someone says it back to you.
A promise made for naught hurts just as much as
Those cheap and store bought lies designed to shatter into shards of frozen tears.
Only it's so much more excruciating and knows the worst of all your fears.
A promise isn't just a back up plan
For when you want someone to rescue you
When all your terrors and fears come snarling.
It's the warmth you hold with all you have when nothing else is left,
The one thing to keep close to you when the vicious world has taken all the rest.
And it's starting to seem as though you couldn't give a da
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 0 0
Life or Death or Both or None
I try to be a good person, I really do
But at times I hear a voice inside
Tell me "Thats not really you,
It may have been so long ago, but that boy has died."
And where his fragile heart was remains an empty darkness,
It lingers, right behind his breastbone, beating somehow,
Hiding. Just like the indifferent, spiteful starkness,
That hides behind that smile that he manages to make... somehow.
"Clearing me of my delusions, just once more..."
Or perhaps it's simply my reality you're clearing me of?
Well, whichever lie's the one that matters more,
I'll take what I can get; it's not as if I'll rise into the stars above.
I'd really rather have it all erased,
Like A.I. willingly performing suicide; descending into 'death,'
There's too many memories I've yet to face,
I'd prefer avoiding them 'til past my dying breath.
What is happiness
when you've never felt the cold?
What is cold
when you weren't warm in your own mothers arms?
What is death
when long ago your soul was sold?
And what's a soul
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 1 0
Logo by The-Seksy Logo :iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 0 0
An Unbreakable Promise
Magnum .357 in your mouth,
Contemplation in your mind,
Irrational thoughts and it's all going south,
And there's not an answer you can find.
Just a millisecond of the loudest explosion,
Just to annihilate all the corrosive emotions.
No more tears left to cry,
Nothing left to do,
When its so tempting simply to die.
Nothing left to do
But leave all of your 'loved ones' behind.
But they'll get over it-
Something you could never do.
Because existing like this never fit;
All that you loved turned into a lie
That you'd always thought was true.
Just like the blood everywhere,
And the cuts that you made yourself in despair,
And the death that you crave so intensely...
But its the same death that you fear so immensely.
And then I think if I lost you
Or never met you.
You mean so much to me
I'd annihilate anyone that ever upset you.
I know the pain in the words that you say.
And the anguish in the words that you write.
And I'd do anything just to hold you
And tell you that its all okay.
But I kn
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 0 0
It's Rather Simple, Really...
I use my words like they're weapons,
Like the hornet grenades in that Department of Corrections-
It's like a bomb going off when I'm going off,
I'm so far gone that even when i was born they said i was 'bad off.'
I'd step on you on my way up but I'm already past your level,
But i will on my way down just to burn it to the ground
Because i am the devil.
I'm the worst of your night terrors and more,
The worst case scenario you never prepared for,
But thats okay because ive looked in the mirror...
At this point all that's reflected is loneliness and fear.
The fear that I'll lose you- the fear i wont hear you,
the crawling of thoughts in my head that ill never be near you...
But lets put all of that aside...
Why would you hide
When i know where the center of the maze resides?
I know for a fact that not once have I lied
Or left you abandoned,
Or empty and stranded.
So now im just ranting or perhaps self convincing,
Theres no time left for bullshit, no words left for mincing.
But theres time
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 1 0
The Fiends Come Out At Night
If only I could die for just tonight
if only death were just a cough, a cold- a plight...
Like life,
A painful, lonely sanitarium of strife.
With things like love that make you search and pick out which mirage seems perfect.
With things like dreams of growing up to become someone,
that turn to nightmares after years when you realize that you're nothing when it's said and done.
Things like that fire heroin reducing you to quiet hushes,
but this is Baltimore so pray that ambo drivers like your dope and rushes.
Things like all the lies we're being fed?
We're less than livestock we don't fuck, we're bred.
The fiends come out at night; I used to be one of those skeletons creeping in the dark to the smell of desire in the night...
Searching for somebody who had more to rob or burn or fight...
Never think conventional- these days that's unconventional.
Find your true love;
Find the key,
and if you lost it, well so have I so I cant be that bad of company.
Life is just a maze
With walls we cann
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 0 0
I Think I've Got A Crush On You
Look at all the pretty stars tonight.
It's cold but you're beside me; I've got you snuggled tight...
I can't resist the glowing moon,
so full and vibrant, but the sunlight ought be sneaking up amongst us soon.
I got so much from you, I'm ashamed I'm unsure what you got from me?
A hope to have a broken heart you fixed? A fragment for some invalid you viewed as incomplete?
Oh, how arrogant, so very sweet, you think I'm foolish, right?
I'm not offended, I just thought of you as being just a bit more... bright.
I was raised not to talk to strangers,
but no strangers ever wanted me.
Nor am I a stranger to this game-
You play me,
I play you,
eventually, one of us is tamed.
But.... My dear, I think I've grown attached; I think I've got a crush on you.
In fact I'm contemplating keeping you,
In fact... I might just not even bury you.
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 1 6
Scars for the LIttle Ones
The kid with all the scars,
the first to lash out since he stands out,
That kid who cries his way home,
but why leave, it'll end soon- without a doubt...
Bruises, bruises, face and arms,
Yet the teachers only stop and stare...
Left out like epitomized exclusion...
Even all his peers are too afraid to share...
He grew up to be the boy with cuts all over- everywhere.
Questions from 'concerned parents'- "how did those get there?"
He thought of every excuse,
from unfortunate mishaps to fostering cats.
But he knew where the scars came from,
and he loved them he wasnt afraid.
These scars in this world that brought him such disdain:
These scars were all he and his heart had really ever truly made.  
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 2 1
Story Books of Love
Story Books of Love by the-Seksy
The misery pours,
like acid rains through the night,
ever-coaxing the temptation:
simply to give up the fight.
That oh-so-subtle 'buzzing'
in the back of your head
telling you things like
"the blood from these cuts...
is such a beautiful red."
How do you hold someone
who needs it so bad but is too scared to be held?
How do you tell them 'it's okay'
and manage to coax them for once out of their shell?
How do you tell them, if anything happens,
"It's okay, I'll join you in Hell?"
How do you tell them
that all of those words were a story you wanted to sell?
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 0 0
dyed hair today, its been a long 3 years, dA` by The-Seksy dyed hair today, its been a long 3 years, dA` :iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 0 0 Yours Cynically by The-Seksy Yours Cynically :iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 0 0
A Patriot's Nation
A nation of sheep,
With flags over their eyes
And shepherds who feed them
A strict diet of lies.
We give them our children,
Like our parents gave us,
To teach them to listen,
And how not to fuss.
In classes on school days
They're taught how to read,
When they understand numbers,
They're conditioned for greed.
From the time their eyes open,
Before they can speak,
They're prepped to obey,
And taught to be weak.
Young boys and girls
Are lumped into the masses
To be dumbed down and brainwashed
In 'educational' classes.
They're given distractions
To focus their eyes
While they're led unbeknownst
To their own demise.
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 2 4
II by The-Seksy II :iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 0 0
The Land of Dead Dreams Revised
A dose of lucidity washed down with sanity,
Then I'm swallowed alive, digested by vanity.
With no God to pray to, betrayed by the best of me,
I run and I run, to rescue the rest of me.
The blind keep their sight
In the blackest of nights,
So I open my eyes, and beg
To be found or find sight.
Not a moon, nor a sun,
Could light the land of dead dreams,
A land where all traces of hope
Are as dead as they seem.
Our delusions are fueled
With stale love and young tears,
The thin wall known as hope
Stands between us and our fears.
Trapped in a world where only oblivion lives and nothing survives,
We would pray for escape
But our deaf ears hear no answer.
Our souls, scarred and raped
Are now riddled with cancer.
If we could speak words
We'd be begging for death.
If we could think thoughts
We would contemplate our last breath.
:iconthe-seksy:The-Seksy 1 1
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