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Welcome to The-Screenshots

F.A.Q. - Fantastic Awesome Questions

I don't like set rules, but I agree that any group need some guide and let marked on stone some conventions. Hum... that was a bit dramatic. So let's go to the questions:

What I can submit here?

-Ah, well... screenshots.

Yeah, I had a hint by the group name, but can be screenshot from non-game things like movies?

-Oh, yes... They go to the "Others" folder. If we get many non-game screenshots, we can create a folder only for them.

Can I submit screenshots of games has no folder here?

-Yep, put on "Others". If we get more of them we can create a folder about that game.

What screenshot is not allowed here?

-If you are asking about sex, drugs and violence, any mature thing must have marked the mature content options and respect Deviant Art rules. But, yet, use your good judgment about too explicit images. Don't involve children on dark side of the life (even if it's the simulated life of games).

Wait, you are talking about games?

-Yes, I know there's some nasty games/ games modification out there. So, stay safe friends and let's celebrate the art of screenshots!

Gallery Folders

Alina (Delphine), Parce(Langwen) say farewell by FemaleBosmerAlways

Mature Content

Penitus Oculatus Dossier: Where All the Roads End by FemaleBosmerAlways
Garlas Ture Gathering: Orc Midwives, Cook, Guards by FemaleBosmerAlways

Mature Content

Garlas Ture's Spiral Staircase by FemaleBosmerAlways
The Elder Scrolls

Mature Content

Comin' to get you 4 by daioium

Mature Content

Comin' to get you 1 by daioium

Mature Content

Storm the gates P1: 2 by daioium

Mature Content

Storm the gates P1: 1 by daioium
Mass Effect
#677 The Reapers have been defeated by GothicGamerXIV
#676 Tuchanka is safe by GothicGamerXIV
#675 Thessia is safe by GothicGamerXIV
#674 Destruction across the galaxy by GothicGamerXIV
Dragon Age Origins
Kurumi Amell II by IK-Morishita
Kurumi Amell by IK-Morishita
DA WH Leaving with Morrigan by SPARTAN22294
DA WH A Varterral by SPARTAN22294
Dragon Age II
DA2 It is in the Maker's hands now by SPARTAN22294
DA2 Knight-Commander's actions cause the war by SPARTAN22294
DA2 Cullen lets Hawke to leave the city peacefully by SPARTAN22294
DA2 Meredith becomes a Red Lyrium statue by SPARTAN22294
Star Wars - The Old Republic
Swtor 2019-02-18 00-09-57-615 by GothicGamerXIV
SWTOR | Eva, Quake, Rogecca and Rebecca by GothicGamerXIV
Swtor 2019-02-10 23-13-28-206 by GothicGamerXIV
Swtor 2019-02-07 20-58-45-858 by GothicGamerXIV
Ellin by ktrew
Tera Aman Berserker 2 by Luckymarine577
TERA Aman Berserker by Luckymarine577
chrome prime by IIAnnaBananaII
My Warframe by IIAnnaBananaII
Does it have lifeforms? by deebug96
Did it just go black? by deebug96
Saints Row IV
Whats this light is doing here? by Iazcutler
Absolving Aliens by Iazcutler
Free Fall by Iazcutler
Empty by Iazcutler
ANDROID by Allnarta-Mort
Splinter Cell
I Forgot how to Count by devijavi
Still Deranked by BeeWinter55
Kingdoms of Amalur
Complicate Allies by Iazcutler
Soul Calibur
Aiken's Face by Iazcutler
DC Universe Online
Moonlayer More Acrobatic by Iazcutler
Tomb Raider
Rise a Legend by Iazcutler
Resident Evil
Mauser C96 Longshot by devijavi
Assassin's Creed
The great deer by IIAnnaBananaII
Dragon's Dogma
My character in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (5) by GothicGamerXIV
BioShock Infinite - 02 by Gelvuun
The Legend of Zelda
The Arkham Rises by Iazcutler
The Sims
Girl Swimming at Sunset by AloneRacecar
The Last of Us
The Last Of Us Remastered Edition by trollinlikeabitchtit
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - Aqua 1 by SilverReplica
Blade and Rain by Iazcutler
Lara Who? by Thebigdogs
Pokemon Go
Gabite in a convenience store by K4nK4n
Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive - Scab Rushers (2) by EDITGAME
War Thunder
Chi-Ha LG in the woods by K4nK4n
Dragon Age Inquisition
Dragon Age Templar Armor... so far by SPARTAN22294
I'm glorious! by deebug96
Other Games
Star Trek Online - DSC Starfleet | EP 26 Thumbnail by JayBlogsGaming
Penny mummified by Godzilla2137
Gamera 1967 by Godzilla2137




Andrava by StarWarsGirl22 Andrava :iconstarwarsgirl22:StarWarsGirl22 1 14 The Wreck of the Sky Wanderer by Vicki73 The Wreck of the Sky Wanderer :iconvicki73:Vicki73 11 3 Raven by Vicki73 Raven :iconvicki73:Vicki73 16 2 Ryana by Vicki73 Ryana :iconvicki73:Vicki73 39 3 Forever Winter by Vicki73 Forever Winter :iconvicki73:Vicki73 14 2 Warthog Buddies by CommanderNova702 Warthog Buddies :iconcommandernova702:CommanderNova702 10 3 Amelia Joliecoeur by Rosendaemonin Amelia Joliecoeur :iconrosendaemonin:Rosendaemonin 6 0 Lara by LordVetinari1 Lara :iconlordvetinari1:LordVetinari1 1 0 Quarians by LordVetinari1 Quarians :iconlordvetinari1:LordVetinari1 7 1 Dancing by Ygrain33 Dancing :iconygrain33:Ygrain33 20 0 A perfect raid by amnis406 A perfect raid :iconamnis406:amnis406 32 29 My Saints Row IV character by RikuSoma My Saints Row IV character :iconrikusoma:RikuSoma 9 8 Lord of the Skies by Vicki73 Lord of the Skies :iconvicki73:Vicki73 47 2 Perched, guarding the word by amoebae Perched, guarding the word :iconamoebae:amoebae 130 11 Skyrim - Dragonborn's Dragon Kill action shot by Alexe-Arts Skyrim - Dragonborn's Dragon Kill action shot :iconalexe-arts:Alexe-Arts 33 11 Shadowmere by Creathor4005 Shadowmere :iconcreathor4005:Creathor4005 26 3





You've read it right! It's me :iconk4nk4n: VS :iconindigomystiere: Nowan Mystiere in a CLASH BATTLE~!!…
My squad (girls) are the ones attacking from the left in case you're confused.
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