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I Got Life

Gift for :iconflash-fox-de: who made this cute video .

I decided to make his OC's ride an RMC roller coaster with two colored rails to match the colors of the characters like the Joker RMC coaster:…


God Bless :D
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roller coasters are awesome
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XD thats cool and funny
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I like this. Great work :)
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Glad you like it dude!
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This is just so awesome :D
If i have some time, i'll try to rebuild the layout, you have drawn
I like the way, your rollercoaster jumps over the trees.

And for an RMC: This would be definitivly my expression :>
For me, those rollercoasters looks always a bit 'unstable' *lol*

Really nice work.
*so happy right now* :3
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Glad you love it :D!
Then you'll need this:… . This taught me to make an RMC makeover for my Werewolf rollercoaster.
And thank you. Kind of like "The Beast".

Haha me too XD. It would be my reaction for a lot of roller coasters.

Thanks again!
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Dont worry.
Im very good in Nolimits 2 and have lots of presets myself.
The problem there is like here on DA:

Thats why i avoid projects of others, (no matter how much i respect their work)
(exception is my wolf-friend and the projects we are creating together in the next years.)
The-Scarf-Husky's avatar
Ah, that's a problem I have too.
(you have full permission to edit and share the picture or use it as a roller coaster as long as you give me credit for the original picture ;))

And oooo can't wait to see what other projects you two are gonna make :)
Flash-Fox-De's avatar
Just a few guys on the "Nolimits" comunity are a bit ... difficult.
But you will get full credit. (including DA-linking if you want)

And everything about the new project will be added here:…
(or has [Digital insanity] in its name.)

Custom Veckoma Motorbike with hundreds of scripted events and
an immersive storyline as well as cartoon animations during the ride.
The only reason, why im learning to draw here on DA.
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I never knew that that it would be difficult. I've only had my foot stuck into the community. Never really talked to many people in the community. But thanks dude :).

And I'll go check it out :D.

That sounds like an extra special roller coaster you're making.
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