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Mrs. Sandman and the Elder Beasts - Part I

Story by
Vore manipulations by MOLD666

This story contains EXPLICIT descriptions of SEX and VIOLENCE

Mrs. Sandman CORNERED by The-Sandman-2017

  It moved with surprising speed. In an instant it had crossed the distance between them and was upon her, its weight bearing her to the floor. Buttons popped from her blouse as it was ripped open, her skirt disappeared at the same time. She fought it, but it seemed to sap her strength just in touching her. She felt her pantyhose being torn open, leaving her exposed. Her mouth was covered with one of its odd appendages, she couldn’t scream! Mrs. Sandman felt the arm moving away, and sensed its face lowering to hers. Screwing her eyes shut, she shuddered as the creatures lips touched hers, forcing them open, its saliva covered tongue probing hers. Soon the monsters soothing venom has entered her bloodstream and rational thought and memory faded away.

  Hearing her moans of fear, then moans of pleasure, feeling her squirming and struggling excited the monster. Soon enough the other part of the monsters venom (absorbed through the skin, or injected from its over-sized penis like sex organs (and yes, there are more than one!) made her libido soar. Her hips began gyrating as she struggled to accept the girth and length of the creatures member inside her violated, married pussy. She was sweating, her heart raced as she felt something probing at her nether opening, then, one small tentacle-like part slipping past into her tight anus. It grew, swelling, pulsing and enlarging, until it hardened inside her. Secreting the same substance as the other, it stopped all the pain and enhanced the pleasure. Soon her body arched, her feet flat on the floor as her hips pumped at the two members penetrating her, her head flailed from side to side as she screamed out her orgasm. It was just the first one..... 

  She was helpless, her mind horrified while her body was used by the creature, the twin cocks pumping in and out, in and out, alternating, until one began to shoot the creatures thick, viscous sperm into her defiled womb and ass. It was hot, slick, and there was so, so much of it! Instantly she orgasmed again and again, taking her breath away until she almost passed out. 

  Mrs. Sandman felt it moving her, pulling her back across the floor. Once away from the door it seemed to curl in on itself, then expanded to cover her. Her hips are forced upward as it arched itself on her. What she thought was its face looked into her eyes as its mouth covered hers. She felt her lips being sucked, her tongue, then it again penetrated her mouth with it’s tongue like appendage. Soon it began enjoying her pretty mouth, sucking the lipstick from her lips, the inhuman creature seeming to enjoy raping the kiss from her. All the while it continued its violation of her and as she felt another shattering, rippling orgasm begin to wash over her, she knew why it moved her, it was now free to use all its arms on her body…..

  Her ordeal continued for hours. At some point her legs moved to wrap around the thing, her pretty toes curling, the soft soles of her feet wrinkling as she moaned into the creatures mouth. Her eyes went vacant, unfocused. She no longer saw, no longer heard, she existed only to feel the indescribable pleasure the monster was giving her. The monsters venom prevented any discomfort to her, it dulled the memory to insubstantiality, like a half remembered dream that she couldn’t remember. 
When she awakened, Mrs. Sandman found herself on the floor, her blouse with several buttons missing, her skirt cast aside. She was still wearing her torn pantyhose, and somehow, her heels. She had dressed well this morning, thinking she might head to town, maybe turn some of the local men's heads. It had all started with just a couple small drinks….. She had very little memory past that point. Somehow, she had drank more than she intended, had some kind of a hazily remembered sex dream, ripped off her blouse and torn open her pantyhose in the midst of it. Then and there, she vowed to stop drinking tequila before noon.

  Soth scuttled happily back to its lair. There are no more of its kind, it is the last. Yet, with the genetic material it has absorbed from the human female, it is now well fed. And the pleasure! Ah the pleasure! It delighted in its victims fear, the terror of their helplessness, their panic that sent hormones sizzling through their veins. It harvested those, fed on them. And the electrical signals of the females bodies, it eats those like candy. Making it more complete, feeling the ecstasy of release inside the warmth of the human female was more than pleasurable. By far the best though, was conquering her. Taking her against her will, then conquering her, carnally knowing her until she not only submitted but responded, that was the best. 

  Soth liked this one. Tomorrow it would feed and mate her again. He could not impregnate her, but enjoying her, gathering more of her emotions, her secretions and feeding on her, yes, that he could do. Her mate would be gone again. Soth knew the pattern. At some point this week he would investigate the large soft glands on the females chest. Perhaps those could be stimulated somehow, there seemed to be plenty of nerve endings in them. What were they for? Pleasure? Soth would know tomorrow. He would find out. There were also many in the females extremities, what they called hands, and feet. Soth was patient, he would investigate, he would learn. Perhaps later one of the females friends would visit at an opportune time, but that was for the future. Learn, yes learn. And enjoy...... 

  Soth journeyed to his lair in the Old Land. Once there were many of his kind, and others like his kind. There were few, if any, now. The Great Ones had traveled in the human lands then, and they learned to fear them. Great wars had been fought, while humanity was still in its infancy. Gradually the Elder Beasts were forced back, back to the Old Lands, or killed. Even those like Soth were hunted and killed. Soth did not eat flesh, it existed by consuming emotions, sensations, pheromones, sometimes the body fluids of sex. And they learned the Humans had great jealousy of their females and young. The turning point had been when Humans learned of Iron. Iron! Soth shuddered with the thought. Worst of all had been those who came with the Druids. The Druids were fearsome enough in their own ways, but the warriors with their Iron, were terrible. Stone tipped weapons gave way to copper then bronze, then iron and steel. Iron and steel, the terror of these made him shudder. The cuts so cold they burned, the searing pain, and the stream of maimed Elder Beasts who returned to the Old Lands to be slain in their weakness. Druids had sealed most openings, others had come later with the sign of crossed sticks, and destroyed the openings, even those sealed.

  Soth was careful, very careful. But he wasn’t lucky, because as diligently as he had tried to conceal the scent of his feast of the female (WOMAN! Yes, now he remembered! The Human males called them Woman) he had failed. Another had caught the scent, had followed his backtrail the next day and now waited, in hiding, outside the house of Mr. Sandman. Even as Soth rested, Ven, Ven of the enormous squid eyes, was observing, watching her, from the shadows. He kept his emotions under control, but inside, he seethed with impatience and desire. Lust, like a flood, was barely held in check. She was drinking alcohol, which he knew humans to do. With his great staring eyes he watched even as the tubes of liquid and gas in his body pulsed with his want. Those tubes gave him strength, and the ability to shape shift to a degree others envied. With them he could use every one of his appendages for sexing her, and he would. Yes, yes he would. He would explore every opening of her soft, warm body. He would suck her juices up with them, lapping them up through the small mouths he would open in them. He would stimulate her as she had never been stimulated, and plant his seed in her until he was empty. By the time she awoke it would have evaporated, leaving no trace. The thought made him happy. If he could have grinned, he would have.

  Ven remembered things Soth had not. Breasts, the soft masses on the front of the females, were sensitive. When stimulated they produced physical pleasure in the woman. Stimulated enough, or at the right time, they produced a sweet liquid. Drinking this, sucking from the breasts, gave the woman more pleasure. A perfect circle. Hands, feet, muscles of the legs and arms, all would give pleasure if correctly touched. Causing her to loose control of her body, to reach that state of release at such heights that it happened continuously, was the most sought after. When her eyes no longer saw anything but her body writhed with pleasure, when she could produce no words but incoherent sounds, then his feasting was the best. 

  Ven thougth hard, forming pictures in his mind and projected them into the mind of the woman. Ven enjoyed the smoothness of women, the almost complete hairlessness of them. So he planted the idea of shaving her sex, shaving it down smooth. “It will feel so good” he told her. He told her Mr. Sandman would enjoy the change, she should do this before drinking more, then she could try on an outfit to wear later. Mrs. Sandman dutifully took her shower, and taking razor in hand, slowly slid it across her sex until she was clean-shaven, slick and silky. Ven wanted to enjoy her to the utmost, who knew when this type of opportunity would happen again? He had her cleanse herself inside, voiding her wastes with some type of bladder as an aide. Failure not to do this may mean the woman would suspect something when she awakened and had soiled herself, risks must be avoided!

  Ven entered the house, moving through a minor pathway to inside. He had not fully crossed over into this world yet. Staying partially in between he could see out, it was harder for her to see in and he could choose when to fully appear. Cautiously, he reached out again with his thoughts and helped her pick out something to wear. He enjoyed the feeling of some materials, and their gossamer flimsiness. For some reason he couldn’t fathom it also made women feel more attractive. He used that feeling. He enhanced it, built it, so that a woman would be at her most vulnerable when he ambushed her. Her near sexual arousal would aid the work of the skin absorbed venom, enabling him to subdue her quicker.

  She was drinking again, mumbling. He listened more closely, hearing what she said next made his cold heart leap.

“Bastard!" "Mr. Sandman is going out of town on business for three days!" "I need sex and he isn’t here." "I’ll have to do it myself!”

The importance of those words wasn’t lost on Ven. Her mate was out of town for three days! Three days of sexual license and bliss! His dry spell of 110 years was ending today! The next part of it dawned on him then, “do it myself” she had said. Ven instructed her to drink again. He did so clumsily, she almost made out that the voice in her head wasn’t really hers. It didn’t matter though. Mrs. Sandman took another sip of the wine and lay on her bed. Ven continued to watch, to instruct her, walking her through her session of self pleasure.

“Cup your breasts, gently, yes, yes, cup them, squeeze them in your hands."

"It feels so good, oh yes, so good."

"Pull your nipple, twist it, ah the pleasure!"

"Keep doing that, softly, softly."

"Put the oil on them, slide your hands over them, ah so nice……"

  Ven’s instructions wafted through her subconscious, her hands obeying his commands. She was sitting in a chair, her head thrown back, oil slickened hands sliding over her ripe womanly body. Her breathing quickened, she shifted her weight ever so slightly in the chair, extending her exquisite legs outward.

“Slide your hand between your legs, let your fingers slip between each lip."

"Up and down, up and down, slowly, let it build”

  He continued with the instructions, his excitement growing. With her eyes closed she couldn’t see his skin coruscating, flipping from neon color to color in a subdued neon brightness.

“Touch it, touch you button, finger it” he told her.

She began doing so, spreading her legs even wider. He could see the arch of her feet as they left her shoes, each foot never quite exciting it, but still contracting from the pleasure.

“Faster! Do it! Do it!”

  His voice spoke in her head. She didn’t realize it was someone else, the liquor and lust having taken hold. Her fingers slipped back and forth across her clit, rubbing as she groaned and began to shake. Ven continued sending commands, sending unspoken thoughts, pictures, to her mind. Her orgasm was breathtaking. She screamed it out, her body contracting, squeezing into itself, her legs raising and lowering, closing and opening. One shoe flew from her small foot, the force of the orgasm leaving her panting, half in and half out of the chair.

  Ven could control himself no longer! He scuttled out of concealment, across the floor to his victim. His upper arms grabbed her around her waist, using his rear arms he levered her to the floor. His body was flashing with colors and lights, further disorienting Mrs Sandman. His great eyes taking in her helpless form, he spread her legs and mounted her. He was not blessed with a dual penis appendage as Soth, nevertheless his was potent. His mouth parts covered hers, and he began probing inside, exuding his venom at the same time. Her struggles were exquisite but brief. He cupped her breast with his almost hands, sliding them over the surface. Flaps of skin drew back and sucking mouths, his small tasting mouths lowered themselves to her full MILF tits. They began to suck, expanding and contracting over her breasts, sometimes to cover half of one, then contracting to put more suction on a rapidly stiffening nipple. 

  He was sending thoughts of dreams to the drunken housewife.

“What a wild dream, yes what a wonderful wild dream!"

"Mr Sandman and some friends are taking me on the floor!"

"It feels so real, and so good!”

  Ven had seen Mr. Sandman's picture, he kept projecting his smiling face even as his thick Elder Beast cock found her wet opening. 
“GLORIOUS!” He thought, the feeling was wonderful! He had slid almost entirely inside her in one thrust, keeping his member slim. Now he allowed it to enlarge in girth, filling the helpless woman’s pleasure sheath. He began a rhythm with her, his rear arms gripping her hips, lifting them upward to match his thrusting. When she started another cycle of moaning orgasms he slid the tip of an arm into her tight ass, probing inside. He allowed it to vibrate and pulsate slightly, driving her to greater heights of pleasure.

  Ven was absorbing it all. Her emotions, the intensity of her physical pleasure, the pheromones of her lust, all of it. He luxuriated in it, drank it in as a glutton with fine wine. It had only been a few minutes when he knew the need for his release was too great to be denied. Thick, hot jets of ectoplasmic sperm began shooting from his cock inside Mrs. Sandman's shaven honeypot. She felt it jetting into her, felt its heat and the intense slipperiness of it as it coated her womb. It filled her, and the still pistoning member inside her caused it to spurt out with each thrust. Soon it was running down her thighs, down the creamy globes of her ass. 

  She was gasping from the intensity of it all, her eyes glazed over as her body continued to scream for more. He repositioned her, putting her upper half on the chair while he took her from behind. His monster cock penetrated her nether hole while a tentacle entered her from the front. With the other tentacle arms he alternated toying with her breasts, tugging her nipples while occasionally plunging one into her mouth. He enjoyed another moment of bliss, her well used body responding again as he took her, when it happened. As she moaned her response to the orgasm wracking her body, her full mommy tits began leaking, then squirting milk!. Ven milked her. His tentacle mouths sucked it in, they milked her body like an animal, all the while he violated her. And she enjoyed it. 

Mrs. Sandman WET DREAM by The-Sandman-2017

  By now Ven could feel some of the effects of her wine, even he was tired, and she, he knew, must be allowed to rest. He implanted a last pleasant thought in her mind, squirted one last bit of fluid into her to negate her otherwise inevitable hangover, and scuttled happily back to the darkness. When she awoke, she would believe it to have been some kind of intensely erotic dream, nothing more. The strands of ectoplasmic sperm that leaked from her lower body and ran down her chin would have evaporated into nothingness.

  To be continued....

  If you enjoyed this story please comment and let the author know. I would like to read a Part II !!!
  And please check out MOLD666 DA page. You won't find better vore manips anywhere.
  The Sandman

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bluedarter Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018
This is so incredibly fucking erotic...almost every fantasy I have in my sick mind is beautifully written in. There are very few stories that I have to read with one hand. This, Mr. Sandman, is one such story .
The-Sandman-2017 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks you very much! But I can't take credit for the story writing, just the inspiration of Mrs. Sandman. 
Gaijinaho did an incredible job and said he planned to write a Part II. I think I"ll send him a Note. :) (Smile) 
collegepimp84 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018  Professional Photographer
Hope the creature leaves her get for me;)
The-Sandman-2017 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
There's enough Mrs. Sandman for everyone. :D (Big Grin) 
collegepimp84 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018  Professional Photographer
The-Sandman-2017 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
=P (Razz) 
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