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Y'Shtola Astrogirl - Color Commission

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Character  Y'Shtola Rhul
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This is a paid Color Commission, to find out more, click here: the-sakura-samurai.deviantart.…

Commission for :iconkupelcopel:

Line art: N/A

Black Mages in Space!

Hello all it's my 476th color commission and we got another Astrogirl picture?  Really two in a row?  Well yes, usually I like to spread out different picture themes as I tried to spread them out to not have kind of the same picture posted back to back but it seems that my customers have been in a space mood as of yet so can't do much about that ^^;

Anyways it's a commission by Kupel as last time I get to color a picture from him it was a Final Fantasy XIV character.  Here it's...more of the same but this time we are in space as an Astrogirl and the character this time is Y'Shtola Rhul of the Miqo'te Race (That's another race down, man I've meen coloring a lot of races from the FF XIV Universe huh ^^; ).  As previously stated, I don't know much of the game as I'm not into MMORPGs but Y'Shtola seems to be one of the most well known characters of the games.  Heck she's so well known that she is a Playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.  According to some info that I've found out, she has changed a lot over the course of the game included her job as well as of right now she's currently a Black Mage allowing her to use the dark arts like RUB, NUKE and even XXXX...if you knew this then congrats you played Final Fantasy I like myself ^^;  Well at least she has her Nightseeker Wand allowing her to use Dark Magic whether it be for defending herself or just having fun in Space.

Nothing much to talk about about her or the picture.  This picture was drawn by a different artist and it's not the easiest thing to draw all things consider of the Astrogirls suit as a whole and there are some parts that I could of colored better but it is what it is ^^;

Still hope you like it :)


Final Fantasy XIV and Y'Shtola Rhul are © by Square Enix

Idolmaster Elements are © Bandai Namco 


Picture Concept by :iconkupelcopel:

Line Art by :icontrainerashandred35:

Coloring by :iconthe-sakura-samurai:
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man wish i had enough points so i could ask for a commission, but only got 25 points, and my birthday just past and didn't get much.

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I see. Sadly I don't do point commissions, paypal only ^^;

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yeah its hard doing stuff on here.

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Sorry, that's just the way it is, can't d much about it but apply to rules we given.

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No problem my guy.

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