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For All Horse Lovers :D
Years Ago

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hi! made a free horse base
F2U running horse base transparent BG by KiwiPretzel  
Someone still here? I'm getting expired submissions :(
Moreover, I cannot re-submit right away it because it expired before the week is out, and the limit is 1/week 
So, after 3 (or 4, not sure) resubmissions my piece expired again. I am guessing this here is an abandoned group now, as I do not recall seeing anything happen here during this time :(
Hi! I recently came back to dA and I'll work on accepting submissions again <3 I'm not sure who else is still active, Robin may pop in here and there still?
is this group still active?
Thanks a lot for letting me join :)
Hey there,
Thank you very much for accepting! I'm sure, I'll enjoy it here. :)

Have a nice weekend!