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Try combining poor memory, problems concentrating on anything (due to angst disorders) and OCD tendencies. What do you get? Oh, yes, it is me. So, reading anything, especially technical stuff takes... forever. I really hate it. And that's why it takes forever and you've seen nothing from me since... Meeeh. (Also, the laptop overheats really quickly, so opening and running Photoshop doesn't seem attractive at all.)

So, the book I was reading (written back in early '08) was a bit too visionary regarding the progress and development of PHP6, thus leaving some chapters of the book rather useless still. So I found a new book with the inspiring title of "PHP and MySQL Web Development (Fourth Edition)" written by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson. There's no downloading of code, no errata (at least not as I have found) and plenty of spelling errors and strange code. However, it's kinda freeing when they don't list complete examples... Gotta figure more things out by yourself and pay more attention. And (apart from the lack of humour) I rather like this book, dull as it may be -- because it's fairly well written. Not too lengthy technical explanations of crap, plenty of meaningful examples and code snippets... So far, so good.

Also: Monday 23rd I have a meeting with NAV. As far as I know, it's about giving me about a month of courses in how to establish a business and do paperwork and money stuff and so on. (And if they give me the thumb-up, I'll start the first course in mid-September, as far as I can see.) Looking forward to it.

What have you crazy cats been up to? (Seems I haven't been on deviantArt for about... twelve weeks or so.)
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The important question is: how are your teeth right about now? =P