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Try combining poor memory, problems concentrating on anything (due to angst disorders) and OCD tendencies. What do you get? Oh, yes, it is me. So, reading anything, especially technical stuff takes... forever. I really hate it. And that's why it takes forever and you've seen nothing from me since... Meeeh. (Also, the laptop overheats really quickly, so opening and running Photoshop doesn't seem attractive at all.)

So, the book I was reading (written back in early '08) was a bit too visionary regarding the progress and development of PHP6, thus leaving some chapters of the book rather useless still. So I found a new book with the inspiring title of "PHP and MySQL Web Development (Fourth Edition)" written by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson. There's no downloading of code, no errata (at least not as I have found) and plenty of spelling errors and strange code. However, it's kinda freeing when they don't list complete examples... Gotta figure more things out by yourself and pay more attention. And (apart from the lack of humour) I rather like this book, dull as it may be -- because it's fairly well written. Not too lengthy technical explanations of crap, plenty of meaningful examples and code snippets... So far, so good.

Also: Monday 23rd I have a meeting with NAV. As far as I know, it's about giving me about a month of courses in how to establish a business and do paperwork and money stuff and so on. (And if they give me the thumb-up, I'll start the first course in mid-September, as far as I can see.) Looking forward to it.

What have you crazy cats been up to? (Seems I haven't been on deviantArt for about... twelve weeks or so.)
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So, yes, my time at Orega is over. It was a good run, fun while it lasted. And I'm also happy it's over and I'm done.

The only really big project I got to work on (for reals) was a website for a client. Based on the CMS Joomla!, it was interesting to see how a (pretty big, marketshare-wise) contant management system actually works from the administrator perspective, and also how to design for/on/around existing templates. Actually, I'm not happy with Joomla! at all. I can see how it is useful for sites much larger and more complex than the one I made. I can see how it seems like a good choice for many people. I also realized how many fails in implementing it any logical manner (after some googling); and herein lies the problem. It is too big, too complex. As a base for your local club/organization/church/whatever, it's not effective in any way, not easy to handle unless you're a seasoned Joomla! developer, and there are also semantic flaws in the code everywhere! Things'll get broken really quick-like, and you'll be wondering what the hells just happened. Also, some of the CSS I made was really rather abstract. Now, I expect code to be somewhat "crazy" for non-techies to understand; it _is_ abstract. However, at some point, things just get silly. When you have to nest five levels and then select next sibling with a class, you just know things should be running smoother. And this is why I want to make my own CMS. I want to have less code, more functionality and ease-of-use. Changing the color of a link should take two minutes, not two hours. Anyways, what I made:

Also, as we remember, I was not allowed to put anything in my portfolio.

Now, for the next chapter!
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Time goes by. I'm working three days a week at now, and enjoying it. So far, I've done typical "Mac-operator" type stuff, some graphic design, a wee bit of copywriting, a little illustration... And probably next week I'll also be doing some web design. So I'm excited about it. However, it seems my time there will be over come April 6th. Oh, and I asked the boss man yesterday about using stuff I made for my deviantART gallery, and he said "no deal, no dice" and told me company policy and whatnot. Not strange or unexpected, but a bit boring...

Either way, it's good to be somewhat back in The Game[tm].

In other news: I'm single, I have a kitten, I'm finally reading up on web stuff (yet again), I'm sober most of the time, and life is quite okay.

Oh, and that little guy I'm sharing kitchen and bathroom with has a girl visitor... Which he made me hang out with today when he was away practicing sword fighting. My dislike for nineteen year old girls from the west side of Oslo is strong and pure.
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I've lived for about a week now in the bedsit. Yesterday my roomie came back from his vacation. And today the kitten moved in. So it's all good.

However... Tomorrow I have to basicly just sort papers and letters and crap. Thursday will be "go to various offices"-day, I guess. Friday I have a meeting at Orega, and then a birthday party. And another birthday party on saturday! Time doesn't wait.

And obviously I'm still not being productive.
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Well, hello there, all you sexy people!

Been a while... I've been stressed out and things have happened and whatnot. However! Today I signed the contract/lease for a (12 square metres) bedsit. Sweet! So I'll share the bathroom, toilet and kitchen with a 19 year old kid. He seems nice. The elderly couple that owns the house seems nice (and somewhat eccentric). So I'm moving in there January 1st. That's almost five months since I had to move out from my "studio apartment". Oh, how time escapes me...

And since JavaScript is boring, I've decided to read PHP for a bit. Trying to get back in the game. Oh, and I'm still waiting to start working at in spring.
And my english is rusty.

Merry holiday seasons!
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I'm so incredibly bored by JavaScript. I want my programming language book authors to be more fun and entertaining!
...and I've had too much Coke and Burn and now my heart is racing and I just want to sleep and I'm not really tired and I don't wanna read that fscking JavaScript. Reading about statements now, by the way. I'm at "do/while".

Oh, and I really want feedback on that Sybreed piece. Gimme feedback, bitches! :D
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It's been quite a while!

So, I've figured a number of things out...

#1. I cannot yet give out time-frames. Things will take longer. Maybe much longer. Unexpected stuff will happen (and consume more time).

#2. I can live without excessive alcohol intake.

#3. I have some really awesome friends. And I know some rather interesting and colorful people in this city.

#4. I can go for a couple of months without a place to live. However, I prefer to have my own apartment.

#5. I fall down way too easily. The way back up is long and hard.

#6. My new girlfriend is awesome.

So, I've made a couple of logos this weekend. Plus that little trace piece. (Yay, boobs!) Not much, but I guess it takes a long time to get "back in shape" after not really doing much of anything for over a year. However, right now, I find reading up on web stuff much more interesting and fun. How long it'll be before I deliver anything of the sort only time will show. So far it has been (basicly) six years, with some good "interrupts" during the last two or three. Reading JavaScript now, "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 5th Edition" by David Flanagan, on O'Reilly. It's somewhat boring, but hey...

So, how are you all?
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The Fujitsu Siemens laptop I got has been to service (thanks to Agur), I got the broken fan replaced and he added some RAM, so I now have 1GB RAM on it. NEAT! And I've managed to install an Ubuntu-based Linux distro called CrunchBang / #!. It uses OpenBox for a WM, and it's really sexy.
Just installed XAMPP, the awesome web server package that I use, installed Opera, and things are starting to fall in place.

The other laptop I'm just borrowing, a Dell, is running Sabayon Linux. It's a bit sluggish, so I'll probably put #! on it later in the week.

This is me being happy. STUFF WORKS! And looks pretty! Yay! Yay! Yay!, unless someone lures me out for beers tonight, I'll be hacking PHP a bit. :)
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As some of you know, my laptop has become messed up again. This time it looks like the graphics card has given up. Haven't gotten around to mail Asus about it yet, but I really hope it is something that can be fixed (for free).

Luckily, some people buy new stuff from time to time, and thus have old stuff lying about... Laptops, among other things. So I got one Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro v2035D and I'm borrowing one Dell Inspiron 6000. So these next few days will probably be wasted trying to get some Linux distro to run on them, because... Old hardware + old installations of WinXp == sluggish performance (at best). Just doing some diagnostics for now and defragmenting those hard drives.
It may look like the Amilo Pro has been a pain in the behind for the previous owner because of processes that crash and burn and takes all the CPU time. Many of Windows' own processes just freak out; instant 100% CPU usage. Crazy. We'll see...

Really started to get annoyed by everything that comes in my way and keeps me from doing what I want to do: hack.

And how are you gentlemen? (Yes, I'm sorry I haven't commented on your stuff in ages.)
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A couple of days ago, I got a table from Tonito292 and his girlfriend. They even helped carrying it from across town. We also did some exploration of the uninhabitable parts of the house I'm living in, just for kicks.
Anyway, now that I actually have a table and a chair, I can sit with my laptop and Wacom! Finally! (I still have no other furniture, apart from the mattress on my floor.)
Hopefully I'll be doing some fancy shit soon, but I promise nothing.

I have been reading a little bit on web tech lately, and about the possibilities of SVG. Interesting stuff indeed! It is an open standard from W3C, may be easily programmed on-the-fly, may contain animations and fonts and loads of other stuff. Support is included in most real browsers.
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I have finally gotten my own apartment. Signed the contract and handed over cash just five hours ago. Which is totally awesome!
It's about 30m^2 or so, on the second floor of a house from 1842. Looking forward to move all my stuff there, get some furniture and start getting my life back in order.

In other news: I decided to stop my heavy drinking, and have been really dedicated to it. There's a bottle of vodka in the fridge, and it hasn't been touched for 11 days (so far). Every day that goes by brings back more and more of the urge to do creative stuff, new ideas and concepts keep popping up. (Still don't know when you'll see anything new from me.)

The laptop ended up with Windows XP Home. Due to a lack of proper drivers or something for some-such feature on the motherboard related to heat and fans and stuff I don't quite understand. The bottom line is however: I still don't like factory-made computers. I want to build them myself of hardware I've selected. Less problems to be bothered by, and no showstoppers. Oh, anyway... WinXp at least allows me to run Adobe CS2.
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I've done some photographics again. ISO 1600 and everything you've come to expect from me. Go figure. I'm actually quite happy with it, and feeling like I've improved in the ways of portrait photography. Dunno when I'll ever do design and illustration stuff again, but I guess time will just have to pass.

The laptop now runs Sabayon Linux. Haven't had much time to play with it yet, however I guess that time will come eventually. So far, so good. All my geek skillz have apparently left me some years ago, so the learning curve is... Hard. Anyway, I got all the hardware working and is really bothered by the missing support for 64-bit Flash and Java.

...and the new phone is neat. Been playing Lumines Block Challenge every chance I've had. :P When I get some time on my hands, I'll try figure out themes and the MP3 player bit and what not.
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I've been doing some photographics lately (as you see), mostly just to do anything at all. Trying to -- however slowly -- get back in "the game".

In other news! The service on my laptop is done, now I'm just waiting to get it back here by mail. And I'm pretty determined (still) that it will run Gentoo Linux!
Also Telenor/djuice has sent me a new phone... If I remember correctly, it's a Sony Ericsson W580i or some such. Don't know much about such devices anyway, but when I could upgrade from my prehistoric Siemens, it seemed like a "win" anyway. It's also being sent by mail. (Playing the waiting game.)

Started reading "Preacher" lately, and also a couple of more "serious" works, like Maus and a great big comic/graphic novel called "Safe Area: Goražde - The War In Eastern Bosnia 1992 - 95" by Joe Sacco. Quite interesting reads. A bit away from the stereotypical "super hero" routine of comics. Recommended read indeed!

Oh, and I've passed 10K pageviews. Thank you all. :heart:
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So, yeah, I went AWOL. I've been drunk most days since the end of June. Met a few interesting people, been to some strange nachspiels. The usual, really.

Still living at my little sister's place, got the internet two days ago. And I'll try to do creative stuff yet again. But only time will show.
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Another late night rant coming up...

Yes. It is that time of summer again, where everything changes again. Gotta find a new place to live within about 14 days time, gotta find cash, gotta set up a new internet deal, move out, move in, reorganize, and so on. I will thus most likely not be very productive regarding design and photography for the next couple of months. My semester school assignment project kind of deal went strange towards what should have been the end. And now it will most likely continue. I intend to read more about CMS stuff (content management systems) and perhaps some Ajax and see where I end up. A lot more of PHP and MySQL will be needed, too.

Hopefully everything turns out the way I want and I'll be using Linux on all/most of my systems by fall (perhaps dual-booting with Windows XP). This is something I've thought about for a long time. I really enjoyed my experience with Linux back in spring 2006 and have missed it every day since. I've grown sick and tired by the current state of both MS Windows and the OS X and Adobe and everything, so learning Linux and also trying out various open source software for design and illustration seems like a really good investment of time. Seems now like every week there is one major manufacturer of computers that switches to Linux anyway...

This weekend I was going to shoot some photographics of my oldest little sister doing a bit of, eh, the blowing of the flames(??), whatever it is called in english. When I arrived downtown I found posters about a concert later that day, with Anneke of The Gathering-fame and Danny from Anathema doing an acoustic concert. Needless to say, I spent my last 150NOK on that gig. Which was awesome. First there was a support band, not noteworthy in any way really, then Anneke played some guitar and some keyboard and sang various songs, then Danny came on and did some Anathema tunes (and live sampling of himself), then they went on together and played both stuff by The Gathering, Anathema, a cover of "Jolene" and an amazing cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop". First, Danny did a beat on his guitar and sampled it. Then he played some strings on the guitar and sampled that, too. With those two bits done and looping, he went to the keyboard and played for the rest of the song while Anneke sang. Pure awesome sexy.

The title of today is a song by Atari Teenage Riot.

iamaia decided this morning to end our relationship. Interesting change of lifestyle indeed. This, of course, is her decision and I understand it. It does however make me rethink what and how I will do stuff in the closest future. Related to moneys and apartment and everything such. As things look now, I'll probably move in with my little sister (yet again) for a couple of months, and then find my own place during fall or something. There probably will be a lot more of "sleeping over at friends' sofas" and such now. At least I'll hopefully get to focus more time on learning things and making things that work. We'll see.

Oh, and for the record: we're still friends and still live together for a couple more days. :)
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Wasting time on games, my mind to distraught to focus on anything. My life is pretty much a mess when it comes to economy. Yay. If I didn't have my girlfriend around to give me loads of love, I'd be out in the forest hiding (or something like that).

I'm probably finished with doing stuff and fixing stuff for Tonito292 and his book about metal design. It'll be quite awesome when he's done.

So, I guess I should be finishing up my own school assignment now. Didn't get paid for that site, and thus I'm all out of cash now... Which really bothers me, as I was looking forward to actually handing in an assignment for once, prints and t-shirts and all. All my hopes and dreams... Took a bit of enthusiasm away from me. Oh, anyway, I've just have to write some texts, perhaps do a couple of illustrations, fix some more design and do a wee bit more of programming. If I manage to focus, it'll go swiftly. I got ten days. Plus a couple of hours.
Oh, and since I got no cash, I can't register a company or domain name or anything, thus I can't/won't upload all that stuff here anyway... yet.
292 is pushing me to finish stuff anyway, and he's probably right. It's the smart thing to do. Let us pretend I'm the smart kid.

Everything just sucks right now. Hard to stay positive all the time. ...and it's 0430 in the morning now, my right shoulder hurts and I'm not tired. I'll play Arcanum for a bit more. (It's a really great game, kids! Steampunk-RPG!)
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I remember a time when comics came from France, Belgium, Italy, the US and the UK. Later, I discovered that some awesome comics even came from Norway. And they were all good. But now, all comics seem to come from Japan (and occassionally South-Korea). Which isn't a bad thing. Rather, if a story is good and the art is good, it's a win. But to be super pro post-industrialized Japan and love silly cute mangas and exclude everything else just doesn't hit me as a good thing. It hits me as strange. Posers. Fanboys (and fangirls) with no mind of their own. This whole culture of freaks that love crap culture from Japan... Sure, there are good bands and movies and comics and whatnot from Japan (and South-Korea), but as with every other country, most is crap. "Visual kei" is just glam rock/metal with Asian folks. It sucked with white people in the eighties, it sucks with little androgyne Japanese people now. How can this be fascinating? And things that fanboys and girls of this Japanese thing adore, are usually among the rather generic stuff. Nothing interesting, nothing new. Now, mix it up with fourteen year old emo kids, and you got some of the most annoying subcultures ever to be born. I'd rather have loads of wiggas running around outside my house than cosplaying emo pro-Japan freaks.

In other news; me and Tonito292 is having a wicked photo shoot in the bathroom. One featuring an egg. Perhaps some of this might eventually show up on deviantArt. Honking the first batch of shots from my camera now, eager to see if it is any good.
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It's, like, four or five years since I first heard the song "Liberty Bell" by the Gathering. I saw the video on a compilation DVD together with lagopus way back, right, and it was instantly catchy. And then I've come over the song once or twice since then, remembering how awesome it was. So, right now I'm downloading the full discography for The Gathering, basicly just to listen to that one song. I have most of the Gathering already anyway, never listened much to it. I have played this one song on repeat probably five times already. And it's just so incredibly cool! Thick, groovy distorted guitars, happy overall sound, cool drumming, some cute little electronics and nice vocals! A doom metal band (or whatever) going towards shoegaze, prog rock and what not. If you've never heard this song, go figure on YouTube or something. And play it loud! Looking forward to listening to the rest of this album, too. "How To Measure A Planet?", as it's called.

In other news: I'm messing about with XHTML and CSS, actually coding the design for "" now. It's still a pain having to deal with how different browsers will render the simplest things in very different ways. Hoping to get it done within two or three days. PHP stuff gotta wait till then.
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I've been sick for some days, and really fed up with PHP. Now, I'm almost well again and probably gotta continue building stuff in PHP... Yay. There's been stuff going on behind the scenes, and I'm bored by it.

Uploaded a web design today. I'm really rather quite happy with it. Even though it is way too close for comfort, regarding the upcoming design for... my secret project. Gotta improve on both, move them away from each other visually. I hope it's all ready to show off by early June.

Oh, and I've been playing a game called Secret Files: Tunguska. It's awesome. Pretty graphics and a good flow in the gameplay and a neat story. Mediocre voice acting, though. Old school adventure gaming! Yay! Anyway, it's cool. And it's apparently supposed to come out for the Wii and the DS, too. (Playing it on Windows now.)
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So, I've chilled for a couple of days, playing some Sims 2 and trashed about in Photoshop. Done "ROLLERSTATOR" and some illustrations for a magazine Tonito292 is making. It's good. And now, back to doing PHP. Feel slightly refreshed, perhaps I'll get it "mostly done" before I need a break again. We'll see.

...if-else-statements are a strange mistress. But I'll try and get it all right, adding some finesse to my scripts. Just for good measure. And sessions bother me slightly.
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