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Eva: O-Five-Two-Five

By the-ruthless
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Another shot of the beautiful ~Lieungh

Standard bit of 'Shopping. Levels, grayscale, unsharp mask, some brushwork.
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Why, thank you! :D

...there are probably more to come from this set. When I get around to Photoshopping it, anyway. (You wouldn't believe how many dead pixels and artifacts my camera comes up with. :P ...had it for over six years, holmes.)
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..Untraditional cropping, I'd say. And that's pretty much my opinion on the matter.. :P
But for some reason, I also feel that if she turned her head (and body) some 20-30 degrees either way, the lighting may have been somewhat more interesting. I'm just guesstimating here.
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I don't do cropping; I take photographics just the way they're supposed to be, then I edit levels and whatnot. Yes. And what's "untraditional" about it anyway?

And the light in my room is mainly from my window. It sucks. :P
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"I don't do cropping"
– That's probably one of the most pretentious things I've heard in a while. :D But ok. There are many ways to take pictures. The way I use involve plenty of photoshopping to try to cover up my weak technical knowledge, so, hey.. :P

Hm, I guess "untraditional" in the sense that her head is kinda pushing its way upwards.

Well, now, mister. Not everything sucks. There's always the good ol' saying that goes "use what you've got.." :P – Or borrow or make equipment just for kicks. Like I did on some of my pics, I used tin foil as a makeshift reflector. Or, like I suggested, turn her around a bit, see what happens with the light and all.
Or – even better – get a real photographer who knows what he does, to tell you a trick or two, and don't listen to me. :P
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Naaah, I'm just... Ehm... I prefer to have what I need in-camera, and not waste time digitally afterwards, that's all. Like my old concert photos here, they're straight from the camera. (Okay, sure, scaled them down a bit in Photoshop, but otherwise, they're untouched. No levels, no cropping, no nothing.) It may be a bit harder, but you'll get around to it (if you wanna), since (AFAIK) you take a whole lot more pictures than me anyways.

Also; I'm crap at Photoshop. :P

Oh, and I have a picture that doesn't cut her head in the top. Found it boring and dull and ordinary, that's why I chose this instead. :)

Ghetto mods are the most fun. Photography doesn't need to be expensive; you don't have to waste cash on reflector shields and flashes and whatnot when you can use tinfoil/mirrors/paper/etc. Most of my product photography backinthedays got done with laaarge sheets of paper (which was easily available out at the printing presses), daylight aaand the 5000-5200 Kelvin light fixtures in the office. Oh, and the kit Nikon D70. All I ever needed, really.

Photography isn't really hard. A little bit of practice, a bit of messing around, and a good eye. That's all.
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Sounds to me like an excuse to be lazy. :D Hehe, naaah you do what you want to do.
I heard a pretty good quote from some photographer once, who was critical towards the Photoshopping and overkill-editing of todays pictures. He said that one should only edit as much as one would in an old fashioned dark room, which seems fair. He was a war photographer though, and obviously those pictures require more "real content" compared to.. say fashion photography. But still, I liked the "dark room editing" example.

I guess one could say that editing looks good when it's done right, no matter how you do it.

Ghetto mods are cool, yes.

Recently I've become very aware that the more I read about (as well as look at) photography – just like graphic design for example – has many ways of approaching the subject, and obviously what's working in photography idea A, doesn't necessarily work in photography idea B. But generally, with photography, just like any other profession or craft, the more you know, the more you know.. =P
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...oldskool dark room editing could be pretty fancy, mind you. But in the category "the bare minimum needed"; I agree. Obviously depending on what the end "product" should be, of course.

Yes, yes, knowledge is power, all right. However... It's still photography. :P (I've never become fully comfortable with calling photography "my work", since it's just a moment in time captured; and not something I have built with my bare hands or anything.)
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