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big memes lol

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lmao whats a anime???

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I make planes and Star Wars.

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Echo Phase II [SW]
"This is our only chance, we've got to stop him!"

The last member of Domino Squad survived all three years of the war. I hypothesized his appearance in Phase 2 had it yet for him not to run to the shuttle in order to secure a escape route on Lola Sayu OR if he and Fives swapped. The latter would simply follow what Fives did during his on-screen appearances (with a stint in Season 5 where he accompanies Rex, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan to Onderon to train rebels under the Gerreras), from Umbara to Level 1325 on Coruscant, and for the former, the two would together investigate what caused Tup to snap on Ringo Vinda, as well as defy Pong Krell's orders on the Shadow Planet and not get shot for it. 

Credits to MenguQuill, and Marcus.
Fives Season 6 [SW]
"I can prove that everything I know is true beyond the shadow of a doubt!"

The appearance of everyone's favorite ARC trooper towards the end of the inhibitor chip arc in Season 6, where everyone cried when the nightmares came to a end. Only time on dA I saw Fives in regular Phase II armor was in the form of a microscale figurine.

Credits to MenguQuilland Marcus.
Latecoere 611 [FR-AH]
One of the largest flying boats of World War II, the French-made Latécoère 611.

It can carry up to 800kg of explosive ordnance, remain in the air for about 32 hours, and can cover about 4,250km over open sea. Defensive armament consisted of a 25mm cannon in a dorsal turret, alongside a quartet of 7.5mm machine guns in the waist and tail gunner positions. 

This 611 (it wasn't the only one, as Latécoère procured a dozen more) operated from Dakar in the colors of the Vichy, then later with Free French forces in November 1942.
Waxer [SW]
"See, I'm flesh and blood, just like you."

A vision of the 212th's top troopers, after his buddy Boil and Cody. He would've lived on, for the Umbara friendly fire incident not take place, but it did anyways.

Having survived, albeit injured, he joined the ranks of the ARC troopers for realizing that Krell set up both the 501st and the 212th to shoot each other before being shot in the shoulder. He was also one of the few that made it out of the Negotiator as it was destroyed by Grievous a year after the battle. 

Hearing of the inhibitor chip rumor from 501st medic Kix in the aftermath of Ringo Vinda before his abduction by the Separatists, he removed his shortly before shipping off for Utapau. When Order 66 was issued, he "complied" with it, but he would fake his own death a year later via deserting.

Waxer would eventually changing his name to "Alkyl", acquiring new armor (while retaining his helmet), and eventually finding his way onto Ryloth, where he would cross with the Free Ryloth movement under Cham Syndulla and to repay a promise that he would return to Numa, as he once said before leaving the planet years earlier. 

He would eventually succumb to injuries sustained from blaster fire when the Empire invaded the planet to quell the movement 5 years after the formation of the Empire.

Credits to QuillMarcus, Daniel, and Mengu.
I just watched the trailer for IX.
I loved Palpatine’s cameo laughter at the end as well as the rest of the trailer, but the title is a bit underwhelming for my taste.
Caproni Ca.335 Maestrale [IT-OTL]
Italian fighter-bomber, intended for the Force Aérienne Belge.

Reflecting on it's dual origins to SABCA's deal with Caproni in 1937, the Ca.335 was to replace the FAB's Fairey Fox biplane fighters. One was eventually procured, but it was damaged two months prior to the invasion of France in 1940. Despite attempts from Italy to reacquire it, it was eventually scrapped in German-occupied France.
Caproni Ca.341 Levriere [IT-AH]
The greyhound adaptation of the Ca.335 reconnaissance-bomber/fighter combo.

Structurally different from the Ca.335 (most notably tail and nose structure), the Ca.341 was used as a pure interceptor against Allied bombers and their escorts over Northern Italy. It was given less heavier firepower (4x 30mm vs 4x 20mm) than its stablemate, the Me 262, but it was faster (910km/h vs 900km/h), but came with it vulnerability to burnouts and the time between overhauls for the Jumo 004 it utilized was short (up to 10hrs of life).

Overall, around ninety Ca.341s were produced before the ANR decided to halt production in favor of license-building Me 262s in February 1945.
Aeronautica Umbra Trojani AUT.18 [IT-OTL]
A entry in Progetto R for a new breed of fighters to replace the Fiat CR.42 biplane fighter circa 1937-1939.

Designed in 1934, it was powered by the Fiat A.80 RC.41 18-cylinder radial engine rated at 1045hp & armed with a pair of 12.7mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns in the wings, the AUT.18's first flight in April 1939 proved disappointing, but that didn't stop the Regia Aeronautica from making a second set of flights in 1940, but by then, full production of the C.200/the G.50 was well underway.

The prototype was either destroyed in a bombing raid, sent to Germany for evaluation/capture by British forces, or scrapped.
Kawasaki Ki-32 [JA-OTL]
Prewar light bomber utilized by the IJAAS.

Powered by a Japanese variant of the BMW VI 12-cylinder inline engine, the Ki-32 competed with Mitsubishi's Ki-30 for a light bomber role. However, they ended up being utilized in conjunction until the Ki-51 replaced it circa 1942-1943. Maximum payload weight was 450kg of bombs and armament of 2x 7.7mm Type 97 machine guns; one wing-mounted and one in the rear cockpit. Overall, 854 were built.
Denal [SW]
"You're not going anywhere, bounty hunter."

My vision of 501st clone trooper Denal, had it yet for him to survive his encounter with Cad Bane over Devaron.

With the bounty hunter dead by the clone, he adorned his helmet with what Bane had on him, incl. the holocron he stolen and later with the issue of Phase II armor, his face. In reality, the Duros survived (with the ability of plot armor lol) and would go on to attempt a kidnapping on Palpatine with Moralo Eval and Rako Hardeen on Naboo a year later.

He would take action wherever the 501st was involved, from Saleucami to Mandalore, the last one having him adorned in the colors of the 332nd, which was to symbolize former Padawan Ahsoka Tano. With the issue of Order 66, he complied and attempted to take her and Rex out, but was cut down with a slash to the chest.

Credits to QuillelMenguMarcus, and vido.
Heinkel He-112B-1/U2 [YU-AH]
The competitor to the fabled Bf 109 fighter.

Ordered in mid-1938 as the country sought to modernize it's air fleet, the He-112 was utilized as the VVKJ's primary fighter type, alongside with Rogozarski's IK-3 and imported designs such as the Hawker Hurricane. With the invasion of the country (which was today 78 yrs ago), it was one of the most modern fighters in service, but the recent coup d'etat a week prior rendered it virtually helpless against the German onslaught. However, it was able to score some kills before being forced down for the duration of the campaign due to lack of ammunition and fuel. With the surrender, it was ordered for the fighters to be torched rather than fall into German/Hungarian hands.

Overall, thirty-three were imported over before deliveries ended in March 1939.
Nakajima B6N2 [JA-OTL]
:iconwwii44:'s own B6N2, now in the form of FD, where it's even better than JG. I don't wanna start a FD vs JG war in the comments, so yeah.

The successor to the Nakajima B5N2, the Tenzan (heavanly mountain) offered a powerful engine, faster speed, and the inclusion of a four-bladed propeller, among many other things. I'm also doing this from a desktop where the fan is blaring at me almost 2/3 of the time, probably because I need to check on it, which I last did almost a year ago.

Entering service in a environment where the USN had complete air superiority (July 1943), the "Jill", as it was called by the Allies, lost most of them to either anti-aircraft fire or to fighters. Remaining survivors were replaced by Aichi's vastly superior B7A2 omnipurpose torpedo/dive bomber; the survivors being put to use as kamikaze aircraft over Okinawa in April-June 1945, target tugs, or left grounded.


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