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some people on this website are living disappointments

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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
  • May 25, 2002
  • United States
  • Deviant for 7 years
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(dont be put off by how condensing this is)

i also don't read chats; good luck finding my discord!


I hate everyone equally (myself included). Been in the show since 2016, and probably not gonna go until the site goes to hell, which may occur at anytime. That or I choose to delete my account, which is very likely going to be the case.

  • I (sadly) procure pixel content, with some commissions that I ordered in the mix about once or twice a month; regular posts are every 48 hours on a random basis, with some serious exceptions (aka me being lazy or on holiday). In the case you're wondering, I don't do commissions; don't ask for them since it's literally against Shipbucket content licenses in that I'm operating from. This also applies to Rangerbase scales.

  • I also don't do requests; don't beg me to do whatever you want because requests are not for me (well unless you have my Discord tag, go wonder!).

  • I don't plan and intend to monetize my content. If you're gonna use something from this gallery, please for the love of god credit me.

  • The content in question focuses primarily on firearms from Shipbucket, with FD-scale aircraft and Rangerbase mannequins thrown in the mix. I've never done Star Wars content, and I still get credited for some reason.

  • Note that some (if not most) of my work may contain sensitive material (eg. swastika, hammer & sickle, the letter Z, the Lost Cause (it was lost from the moment they shelled that fort), and the kyokujitsu-ki/hinomaru). They are for historical purposes only, and not meant to promote atrocious actions conducted.

  • Fun fact: a small amount of my watchers actually favorite content, and a even smaller amount actually comments! Apparently it's a mystery for people to favorite, watch, and never bother looking at this account again. Also some of them are attached to an particular ideology for some reason.

  • I seek to disappoint everybody. Also found myself in the blocklists of a few "notables" in a particular niche, s/o to Gunnut51 for what I assume is me being an Nazi or me using AI (i never used it) I guess.


  • Genshin / GFL / Azur junkie. Contrary to what you think, I don't listen to Sabaton because heavy metal is disgusting. They're also not my type of music to listen to, for starters.

  • I consider llamas worthless for its value. Good luck trying to find the "gift llama" option for me.

  • Fetishes are the same case; a solemn vow is more than enough as it's literally in the website page itself. Just look up the definition of deviant online and you'll learn why.

  • Honorable mention to this dude for promoting a military operation that's pretty much not special.

Favourite TV Shows
SnK, KonoSuba, Kaguya-sama, Komi-san, SxF, and CSM (because my tastes are awful)
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Source-engine games, first-person shooters, and Genshin Impact (indeed)
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC (grew up with a DS, GameCube, Wii, Playstations, and a Xbox)
Tools of the Trade
something actually useful
Other Interests

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Hello, what are your thoughts on this chap named 'Gunnut51'?

was blocked by him for god knows what reason. either he thinks i use AI for my commission orders or thinks of me as a nazi despite very clearly stating that whatever i make on here is not to offend anyone or anything

this was like around four-five months ago? it doesn't really bother me at this point but getting blocked over something that minuscule sounds hilarious to me

Like jeez bro, Imagine getting blocked over a false accusation (kinda similar to a famous VA who went through this situation a few years ago...)

But hey, at least he's not AlexanderVonDerBrung (speaking of which, this user is so crazy, he could give Empress (As in the Russian hacker who cracks games with Denuvo) a run for his/her money!)

wait what AlexanderVonDerBrung do I'm curious to know he seems ya know?

Comment hidden

probably not. but still you can have hope.

Question though, what did you want?

I read your profile. I will admit, you seem to have a different mindset than most of the people I’ve met on this site. I’m honestly at a loss for words on how to properly respond to it all. And that’s a first for me.