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A Moonrunner - color

Color version of the Moonrunner sketch ([link]).

I like so much the skin tone, I think it's cool..

Anyway I hope you guys like my choice to put on the right side of the drawing the gang logo.. man.. I did a looong and frustrating restoration work for the logos..
in the net I've found the most important logos of the movie, but almost everyone in low res, so I used photoshop to make 'em look good.. and I have not finished yet!

In the future, I'm planning to make another Moonrunner, but with the variant purple outfit that we can see in the movie..

For now it's all, I only want to let you know that I've just began the Baseball Fury drawing:D :D :D


Wanna be part of The Warriors??
Come out to play on the one and only "TheWarriors-Movie" Group!!
:iconthewarriors-movie:CAAANNNN YOUUUUU DIG IIIIIIIIIIT!!!
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Real heavy rep bro...real heavy. (good job on the drawing)

When yeh can, can you do the hurricanes? (From the video game version of the Warriors)
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who knows, maybe one day. not soon for sure, im really overwhelmed by work now. the only way to get it sooner would be by getting a commission
Good work on the jacket. Silver is always a harder colour to look right.
The gang logo's look ok in the top corner, but you might want to consider using the movie version instead of Rockstar games design.

For future projects, maybe you could try the lesser known gangs such as the Gerards (green vests and flat caps) or the Loco's (puple vests and purple bandanas)

Nice peice. Look forward to seeing more.
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Anyway the logo is not the Rockstar version, I found this image on warriorsmovie, and this is the same logo of the movie, but I really don't know why you say so, both logos are identical... All the refs for this drawings are taken from the movie, not from the game. I love the game, but I love much more the movie, that's why I'm doing my comic adaptation of it.

Many elements are invented right for the game; some are cool, but others, like the "real" leader of the Furies, are not.

Thanks for the info on the two gangs' names. How do you know these are they're names?? I've never found them!
The original movie script reveals a few snippits of info, along with various cast interviews over the years. Bobbi Mannix and the costume crew designed logo's for all the gangs listed in the movie, so maybe they might see the light of day in the future.
Rockstar got a few things wrong in the game and had to change some things due to copyright (i.e The turnbulls logo in the movie was the harley davidson logo), the Panzers don't wear camo jackets and the savage huns logo is a tiger.

The movie version of the moonrunners logo has no legs and only one arm. The arm holds a sword that runs through the moon and stabs the star (where the runners part of the name comes from). Freeze frame the dvd where Rembrandt is on his own when the conclave gets busted. Thats the best view of the moonrunners logo.

I prefere your comicbook adaptation to the dabel brothers thats currently on sale. Have you thought about sketching a few panels to depict the Cleon and Lincoln deleted scene and the gang role assignment?
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Yes, I have all the documents of the movie too, they're really interesting and tell us things you can't see in the movie.

I always thought that that Moonrunners' logo was the correct! I've already check that scene of the movie before, but I never realized it was different!

You gave me a great idea for the deleted scene pal! I never thought to draw it! Well... by now it's a bad time for my adaptation because I don't have time for it, but when I will continue it.. I will think about making that deleted scene too!

Thanks for prefering my adaptation!
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I wanna see a electric eliminator.
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Hey great choice man!

The Electric Eliminators roooock!!

Anyway in this days I'm a little busy.. but when I will have some time I'll do it!

Be patience!
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Very nice job on the skin tones. And the logo is a nice add!
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Thaaaaaanks buddy!!:)
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