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A Baseball Fury - color

Here's the color version dudes!

Hope you dig, let me know your thoughts my friends;)
Bye byeeeeeeeee

Wanna be part of The Warriors??
Come out to play on the one and only "TheWarriors-Movie" Group!!
:iconthewarriors-movie:CAAANNNN YOUUUUU DIG IIIIIIIIIIT!!!
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"I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle..."
JamesLedgerConcepts's avatar
Awsome technique. Jealous...
The-Real-NComics's avatar
Hahha! Thanks you so much! But it's nothing special. :)
KleIsNotOkay's avatar
Omminchia. Sei fottutamente bravo!!! *-*
(si, sarebbe una sorta di complimento, nel caso non si capisse.. xD)

Grazie per il commento al journal, uomo!
Peace. :peace:
The-Real-NComics's avatar
:D :D Grazieee
E tu sei fottutamente simpatica!!

Ora se nn t dispiace t Watccio, e mi raccomando, voglio sentire presto altri commenti tozzi da parte tua ok,donna??;)

E posta presto altre opere d'arte!!
:headbang: :peace:
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bloody great job! i love this bit when they come out of the train station and see the furies standing there. maybe we better take off! yeh right! hehe great job here.
The-Real-NComics's avatar
Thank you, it came out pretty well!
missthorn666's avatar
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You captured the slickest gang in the movie quite well!
The-Real-NComics's avatar
Thanx a lot! And thanx for the fav as well!;)
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Molto simpatico e alla moda anche il fondo fotografico elaborato.

Bell'effetto finale, ottimamente fuso!

So che ancora mancano un "fottio" di pagine... ma aspetto di vedere la mitica sequenza del parco disegnata da te.
Fammi uno scontro epico!
The-Real-NComics's avatar

Grande Al sono felice che t piaccia!!

Cmq si.. anch'io nn vedo l'ora d disegnare la scena del parco, ma soprattutto quella del cesso del metrò!!!:D :D

I Punks sono proprio tozzi!!
fucking awesome bro
your best yet:horns:
The-Real-NComics's avatar

When I was makin' this one, I was listenin' also to "Decadent and Desperate".. you was right, it really rocks!;)
cool man
i knew you would love that tune
i think listening to certain tunes brings more out of yah:headbang:
The-Real-NComics's avatar
Yeah sure,
I always listen to some good rock music when I draw.. it gives me the "charge" that I need to make cool works.

P.S.: thanx for the new favs!
no bother man
yeah i always have metal blasting in my ears whilst i am drawing
it helps so much:headbang:
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Okay. Now it's even more scarier!
Nice job on the creepy look of it all ;)
The-Real-NComics's avatar
I've decided to make the 2 stripes on top and bottom black, 'cause I didn't found a better background color.

I think that's the better choice for a dark gang like the Furies!:)
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