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Leela is... Spontaneous

Remember that episode when Leela used the What IF machine to see what life would be like if she was more..."spontaneous?"

Made in Flash.
Last Updated: 2-20-08

Futurama © Matt Groening
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wasn't the word "impulsive?"
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Pretty sure it was spontaneous but I could be wrong, it's been a while, at least they're synonyms though.
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lol watching the 2nd version of that episode where she goes to Oz.
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And where Bender becomes human? good stuff.
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lol "...hey, do you like grilled cheese?".
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Where's that quote from? :confused:
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It's from the episode I was watching, the 2nd "tales of interest". Bender becomes human and when he's at the nobel prize ceremony for the professor his lack of dignity and morale lead him to be extremely obese, and he's talking to one of the scientists in the crowd and hes like "comere and give 'ol bender a kiss" and after he sees her get disgusted he continues with "hey, you like grilled cheese?" and he pulls out a soggy grilled cheese sandwich out of the folds of his fat.

...Yeah, just making sure you get the premise to the actual quote there lol. It's my favorite show :\ so I can't help it.
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Thanks it's all coming back to me now. Good episode, I just wish we could have seen Bender be human for a little longer than what was shown. One last question though since you're a big fan of the show... Have you seen the movies and if so, how do you feel about them compared to the series?
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I don't like them as much as the 20 minute segments, its like they were trying to force and rehash all the old jokes. they were so-so. other than the forced humor they had good original plotlines.

Well I take that back, only around half the time the jokes are like forced humor, other than that its original content but it still seems forced somewhat. Regardless of all that, they're still pretty funny.
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I agree, the movies were enjoyable, but just didn't seem to be on the same level as the series. The writing and pacing just wasn't as good. I was glad to learn that the show is coming back for at last 26 more episodes sometime in 2010.
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This picture is making my sexlexia act up.
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Hehe, thanks, but now I have the urge to go watch that episode. Then if I do that I'll have the urge to watch Starship Troopers.
Love this one too. You've managed to make Leela look sexy while still being casually disheveled, against a really beautiful backdrop.
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Glad, you like how the scene comes together, thanks.
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Wow, you have drawn her an incredible set of tits! That's not just my hornyness! you really are a good artist.
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Oh yeah! So this is after doing and killing Fry right?
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Love the clean, fresh look here!!
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I wanna see this 'What If' episode!
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She's very sexy, I love her expression!
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I've Always Liked Leela
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