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I admire this club, but what I don't like that you have in your arts are pedophile things that you keep. those who were created by sick people and I want you to remove them from the group. get it that raven is a 16-18 year old teenage superhero, and i don't pair her with people who are 10 to 13 or 14 year old kids.
I hope Injustice Raven would come to her senses.
Thank you sm for letting me join!
I can't find the join button. Can someone either fix this or help me join?
I'm unwatching this group, some weirdo keeps uploading artwork they didn't even draw and it's practically porn that they're uploading, and again, they didn't even draw it
Hey there! No need to re-watch if you're no longer interested, but we're letting you know that we've deleted a bunch of submissions in the club folders that don't meet our new rules. In the future, just let us know (with a link to the artwork) if something is stolen (or pornographic) and we will look into it and get it removed as soon as possible~