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The Official Railfan group of dA
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Hi, I am a railfan and I an starting out with digital art, and I just finished my first digital art piece.
Finally! This is exactly the kind of group i've been looking for!
Hi Everyone i been idled for the last few years due to real life and work that tied me up. So it may seem that this group is dead for a while but now wit me having free time and one of the admins of the group. This group is open again to post your photos here. i will get with other admins if they haven't left DA about the group becoming active again.

So for now the group is not dead and is open for posting as there is one admin on here for now and a clean up of the group will come in the future when time permits and once i can get together with other admins.

Thank You
James T.
Welcome back!
Hi folks I don't know if you remember me but I was one of the founders of this group.

As not to leave you hanging it seems that most of the administration here like myself have left deviantART probably for similar reasons.

My sincerest of apologies to any fans of this group but sadly deviantART didn't really didn't impress us over the years.
Are you still open for business?  Because I'd like to join and drop the railroad stuff I'm posting.