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Bedroom Eyes by The-Psychonaut
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 We're studying lyric poetry, so (finally!) we get to study some music. Most of the songs my "liberal" professor threw at me were bearable, even enjoyable, almost like she was making up all the PC garbage she's been pushing all semester long. I took a quiz of her's analyzing the different types of lyrical poetry and got an 11 out of 15. I'm contesting the grades: not the one I got wrong because I didn't listen to 'If I was a boy' by Beyonce*, but the one I got wrong for 'Jealous' by Labrinth (which isn't how you spell Labyrinth, but, whatever). I argue that it's an ode as much as it is a confessional and a lyric poem, because the guy in it talks consistently about how amazeballs his ex is. (Of course, he's borrowing from Shakespeare's 'Oh, were I glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek!', which was a line Juliet rolled her eyes at, if memory serves, but I digress.) I'm arguing that point, and I'm arguing the one I got wrong for 'Family Portrait' by Pink. 

I said it was confessional poetry: my professor classified THIS as "blues":
 Is this woman out of her damn mind! This? This is what she counts as "blues". 
 No., this is clear and obvious R&B. This ain't "blues". This isn't even good! ("Your pain is painful"? Seriously, from one writer to another, who wrote this?)Marvin Gaye, this ain't. [link] 

 I explained in notes to my professor that this was a confessional---literally, because it's a confession of feelings to the speaker's absentee father*---and not "blues" which was the multiple choice "answer". I explained the concept of a "blues scale", that all blues riffs follow a specific sonic aesthetic. THIS is blues poetry (I'm only doing this version because it's more coherent, not because it's better):

 I gave her some links but this basically explains what the blues scale is (feel free to read or not read this technical shit):

"Blues music has a solid but plaintive sound which results from the use of a minor-based scale over the top of major-based chords (usually dominant sevenths). When we look at relating chords and scales a little later, you will see how unusual this is.

In particular, the Blues scale is a very common choice for melodies and improvisations in blues music.

The Blues scale has only six notes - unlike all the other scales we have seen so far with seven. It is also unusual in that some of its notes are considered blue notes, meaning that they are not played exactly at the pitch you would expect.

In the C Blues scale, for example, the note Eb is often played slightly sharp, somewhere between Eb and E. The notes G and Bb are also sometimes played slightly off their expected pitch.

For this reason the voice and the guitar, which can both bend the pitch of their notes, are heavily used in blues music."…

The stupid point aside, I couldn't stand having something as hallowed and rooted in American musical history as blues be lumped with Pink's R&B head-bop; because they're not remotely comparable in tone, in aesthetic and in technique. Blues music follows a blues scale, it's music is pitched a specific way using specific chords. A songs not just "the blues" because it's sad and tragic. As a rock and roll junkie, indebted to the blues musicians of years past, for grandfathering my country's most popular genre of music, my professor's dopey "answer" got under my skin. 

*Which I'm sure at least one radical feminist flicked her bean to. Listen to this shit: [link] Jay, bra, the booty can't possibly be that good you'd put up with this man-hating gibberish. 
**Why is it always a fucking dad who leaves! Women are 60% of the initiators of divorce, can we get some realistic representation, here! I mean, it's Pink's song, so it's probably based on personal experience, but, fuck me, I am so sick and tired of this " my daddy run'd off!" cliche in the Western zeitgeist. It's always daddy's fault: no one ever asks what momma did wrong. It's unthinkable to ask!


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I have an AA in General Arts, and I'm currently pursuing a film production degree, with an emphasis in screen writing and editing. That's about all I care to share, no offense.

My attitude? Put simply? Do and say what you want; but don't expect me to approve or pay for it.
My philosophy? Pretty simple. Rights are not privileges. Privileges are not rights; and opinions are bullshit. Facts don't care about feels, and your feelings, ultimately, don't matter. . Your thoughts don't matter, either. Those can be altered by just wolfing down a sandwich; and ,if a sandwich can change your mind, then forgive me if I don't take your's or mine too seriously What matter are your ethics and your actions, because I can qualify those; and, if necessary, I can hold those responsible.

favorite quote: "The universe is not made of atoms; it's made of stories." Muriel Rukeyser

Second favorite quote:
"My idea of a perfect government is one guy who sits in a small room at a desk; and the only thing he's allowed to decide is who to nuke. The man is chosen based on a IQ test, and also a physical tournament, like a decathlon. And women are brought to know, when he desires them.'
Ron Swanson



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