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Now a group!!!
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The Prince of Egypt Club
~*~Purpose~*~ The purpose of this club is for you, the Prince of Egypt fan, to have a place to come and support the movie. ~*~Rules~*~ 1. Must be a fan of the movie The Prince of Egypty. 2. You can submit fanfiction, icons, fanart, etc. 3. Don't forget to deviwatch us and add our club icon to your journal. ~*~Joining~*~ To join just send the club a note asking to join and you'll be added. ~*~Submitting Art~*~ To submit art, just send the club a note with the link to your artwork in it and it'll be posted. ~*~Founder~*~ ~Before-I-Sleep ( ~*~Members~*~ :icontheyareghouls: :iconMelMuff: ~*~Affiliates~*~ :bulletblue: Other Affil
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Cool page :heart: the the-prince-of-egypt one of top 10 movies
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oh sweet, i love this movie too.
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how do you join your club? i love the movie, if that counts. and i am a huge fan of ancient egypt, my cell phone cover has heiroglyphics on it, and my room is in egyptian. i don't know why all that would really matter, but egypt is my passion. could i get a response?...
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i want to join! im a big fan of prince of egypt!