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::Yukimura High::Irisumi Heart Chart

They had a Heart Chart Meme

I did a Heart Chart Meme

Got Irisumi

Then a couple others

Hello Hello

My Character,my baby

//just gives up on the song
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that's surprising <o><o> i thought she and lars were closer
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Well they would be...if I just asked Nyfix if we could rp so their relationship can blossom more ( = v = '' )
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Yoh:.....*can't help but have his heart go "doki doki" as he get's a bit choked up but then he notices something* w-woah! Irisumi~! You changed your hairstyle!!! It's so cute!
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Irisumi : *blinks and strokes her hair smiling embarrassed*</b> Haha..well I got tired of getting hit by my hair...well...most of it....and...I couldn't cut it off ( T v T '')
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Yoh:*rolls over to Irisumi, grinning looking up at her, holding out his hand to touch her hair* May I~?
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Irisumi : *smiles a little and sits on his lap getting him close to her hair* Of course..
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Yoh:*takes her onto his lap with a sly grin before cupping her cheek in his hand, making off he was going to run his hand threw it before pressing his lips against hers*
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Irisumi : *her smile widens a bit at his touch and blushes at his kiss.When their lips departed,she hit him slightly laughing softly* Anyone could have seen and anyone could have gotten upset*despite saying this,she gave him a peck on the cheek*
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Yoh:*flinched, laughing as they pull away to feel a light whack on the head* pfft! Irisumiii....*rolls his eye's with a big bright smile his eye's glimmering when she kissed his cheek* b-but~ What if I wanted someone to see~? *he boops her nose gently at that* a-and I'll protect you if anything happens~!
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Irisumi : *puffs her cheeks at him rolling his eyes* D-don't roll your eyes at me! *crosses her arms together and shakes her head smiling again*And who would you want to see us,hm?*scrunches her face like she usually does when she gets poked*
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