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No Longer Cold In Brooklyn

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So, let’s face it, in 9/10 pre-war Steve/Bucky fics winters in the 1930’s meant one thing: Bucky pulling Steve into bed and wrapping himself around him to keep him warm, cuddling him to his chest. 

Even if Steve might have been a stubborn mule and refused to ask for Bucky to hold him through the war (because he didn’t need the heat any more after the serum) he probably missed sleeping in that position a lot. 

After finding Bucky again, I doubt he can keep up the stubborn when it comes to this though ;)

I tried a similar style for this that I tried for that Kirk/Spock art 'almost kiss' about a year ago. I think I've actually improved and that's great for me to see XD .

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this is to cute for words
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Steve is such a small bean! x3
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Gosh this is gorgeous
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This drawing is absolutely beautiful in so many ways but damn you use color so well <3
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Damn, this must be one of my absolute fave Stucky pics ever. I come back to this beautiful piece a lot. ♥ In fact, I wish I could buy a print of this and some other art you did. Do you have a RedBubble or Society6 store? :)
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Young scrawny lad needed a bigger male "friend" for protection from a tough world in the 30s as well as a role model for everything he wasn't.
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It's so weird that this looks so much like an actual photograph. Imagine the actors seeing it --awkward.. xD
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Some journalist probably showed them this already *shrug*. I know for sure they showed Seb the previous art I did of Steve and Bucky snuggling in bed. I don't think people should show actors fanart, because no one ever asks the artist first and it's almost always done in a way to try and shock the actors into being scandalized *eyeroll*. It's 2017 now... I think actors, especially ones like Seb who've portraid many gay characters, will not find this shocking in the least, lol. Many journalists still have to grow up though... XD
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Hehe I'm sure they wouldn't be shocked, I just meant it'd be awkward if they saw it together. Like "hm this is us. But this never happened. Uhmmm" :P 
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Gorgeous! Thank you!
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Thank you for your kind comment! :D
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OHHHHHHH so sweet
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Back to basics.
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Glad you like it! :D
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Jesus. I love this piece,absolutely one of my faves. 
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