The A,B,C's of Literature: The Letter L

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The A,B,C's of Literature
This week: L

Welcome to another installment of the A,B,C's of Literature, a weekly article which brings you suggested themes and deviants who begin with a letter of the alphabet.

This week, we will be focusing on the letter L and the themes this week are: Lights, Lies, Love/Lust, Letters, Longing


:thumb191860416::thumb191845440: The Lights on Your BackLet me establish a tone, mood and feeling,
laminated tables and lights hanging from the ceiling,
Progressive rock n' roll, for me, not for others,
And at the table next to me,
Children having fun with their mothers,
And brothers be brothers,
It's a whole different family then mine,
Different foods,
Different faces, expressions and moods,
I stare in envy, and awe,
At the lights on your back tonight.






:thumb132823076: letters to no onedear sea,
i fell in love with this boy, once. his eyes were the same color as yours, and his voice should have been recorded and played in seashells, it was so beautiful and soft. i was so deeply in love with him, i drowned. it was dark, and sort of warm, but more than that, it was beautiful. when the seaweed wrapped around my wrists, it was like his fingers when he grabbed my hands together in one hand and told me he loved me. i was seeing stars, and they were in his sad, lonely eyes.
dear trees,
there was a boy, and he smelled like you. he smelled like beauty and sadness and being alone in your attic, with old boxes and shoes and a giant mirror. no one is lonelier than him. he is like a puzzle piece that fits nowhere, the star without a constellation. but he was more beautiful, because he didn't fit in. i loved him with all my heart, but it wasn't enough to save him.
dear sky,
you know that feeling where you go too high, and you stop being able to breathe very well? that was how
Letters to Nobody: nineix. You,
i pity you.
when will you learn,
as you dance from lover to lover,
the difference between the rush, and
honesty is not the 'i love you'
that you whisper tenderly
to your girlfriend [of one week.]
or the way you hold her hand in front of your friends,
or the fact that you can't get her out of your head.
honesty is not the fact that you want her,
not the fact that you lust after her,
and definitely not the fact that you'll discard her in another week.
honesty is truth
and truth is love.
and the truth is,
you don't love.


HandsLast night I held your hand.
It was the best dream I've ever had.
Unexpected LongingDescribed as a gasp,
The nose and throat are punched by
Desire of Death.

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:icongirlwithahat: GirlWithAHat
1st DecemberWinter: only the snowflakes are alive. The Things We DoLife is a mysterious thing. It happens, everywhere and all the time, with things we don't know, and situations we can't cope with. We do what we can, but even though, when we look back, we tend to regret and wonder "what if" and "shouldn't I". But we can't change the past.
If we're lucky, we learn and we grow from these experiences, and the next time we can do better. It just never makes up for the first time that went wrong. What is done is done, and nobody knows if the other road would have been the better one to take.
Yes, sometimes it looks like what we lost was so precious that everything should be done to rectify what went wrong. In times like these, the easy escape is a belief in faith, saying "it had to be like that". The harder way to cope is trying to make up, trying to get back what you lost. Even harder is a new start, leaving the past behind, for it gets back at you at some point, anyway.
Thinking in "what if"s is in vain, it can't change a thing. Believing in faith and th
Unravel           I'll
       n e v e r
disentangle myself
      from you.
Love Letter
Our relationship has always been a rough one. I think we went through more ups and downs than most lovers, but that is just the way we are.
There will be no moment in which I won't hate anything about you. In fact, I only can forget one of your flaws upon finding another one.
I am always trying to change you, so that you can fit my needs. But you almost never let me, and  hate you for it.
I know I have hurt you, and I know I'll do it again – it is part of my nature. Just like it is part of your nature to get back at me.
If only your punishments wouldn't last so long! I already forgot what I did to be overwhelmed by all the intolerance you have in store for me.
I never knew what I did to make you hurt me during sex, either. I know you can't have enjoyed that, so thank God we found ways around your twisted rules.
Our relationship is based on consensual abuse. We cannot live without each other, but we cannot accept each other the way we are.
I have to admit that my love for

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Remember you can suggest a theme or deviant to me via note, or if you have someone for the next feature then please let me know

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This is a darn cool idea. I can't wait till you get to Z, haha! :lol:

Suggestion for M: 'Maybe'

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Thanks for featuring my writing!

Now, the 'M' problem: music, magic, mirrors? (That last one can be blamed on spending too much time studying Sylvia Plath in literarture class last year :) )
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Thanks for the feature!
As for the letter 'M'... Melancholic?
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Again, thank you so much! I really appreciate this :')
And, here's a suggestion for 'M' - Masochist.
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Thank you, Sammie.

I am touched and honored by your kindness and support. :heart:
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Thank you for the feature.
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Thank you so much for featuring me. It means a lot!
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Thank you for honoring me with a feature :love:
Such beautiful choices to be amongst :heart:
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Thanks so much for featuring me Sammie! It means so much ^.^ :heart:
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Maybe, melt(ing), melodious (melody, melodic), miss, missing, malevolent, malcontent, misanthropic, moron! :D <- morning, match (matched, matches, matching), mistake.
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Here's one for M, Monsters.
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You're welcome. :D
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This is not a Christmas special. I have drank too much wine it seems over the holidays.

Sorry! :drunk:
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Hows the title now?
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:( I miss you too. I shall come on msn :)
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