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The A,B,C's of Literature
This week: N

Welcome to another installment of the A,B,C's of Literature, a weekly article which brings you suggested themes and deviants who begin with a letter of the alphabet.

This week, we will be focusing on the letter N and the themes this week are: Nightmare, Nature, No/Nothing, Notes, Night


WishesNoting ever seems           r        e         a          l        anymore
It's like I'm in a                 d        r         e          a         m
or           a                nightmare.........
I       see         things,          
Our NightmareThis dream simply
wasn't meant to be.
Close your eyes and
let the nightmare
of our time together
lull you to
an endless sleep.
-Brian Shuffett
June 4th, 2010
This is My GameAs night falls,
     the shadows call out my name.
They beg for me to come out and play,
     whispering thoughts to fuel my hunger.
The black night hiding me from Heaven's sight.
I move like a shadow through the night.
My soul as black as ink with crimson colored eyes.
Silently I seek for my prey,
      the smell of innocence leading me.
The room is dark,
       a small light near the door.
Here is my prey,
       sound asleep and dreaming of childish fantasies.
It's sickening the contempt I smell.
My claws are like talons,
      they can slice into your dreams.
My breath cool on your ear,
     I know your name.
I wake you up with my joys,
      a nightmare from my Master's book.
Your fear is my fuel,
      my sickening laug


on nature and will by mreid973:thumb127656756::thumb161866248:


White Noise“Shortly we will begin our descent,  
the time has come to leave behind this heavenly height,
                   (We measured our cruising altitude in units of aeons,
while the bleak landscape of history unfolded far below.)
we still expect arrival to coincide with the originally plotted time,
though because of dimensional drift it isn’t possible to know precisely
                           in  which generation our journey will finally end.
“The crew has nurtured all of you, feeding you with molten dreams
for you to frame around the dense and intimate lives that you once owned.
Monadology, intravenously has maintained you in a comatose state,
While white noise generators fed you lullabies of empty sound
There was no need for
The Noise The Concern The EndWhat was that violent screech,
From beyond the brewing storm,
Filtered through summer's falling tears,
Disturbing the patrons of heaven,
And then carried by thunder,
Returning to the depth of man,
Destroying the serenity of my thoughts?
Could it have been a tortured scream,
Crying for the aid of another,
Any other who should hear it,
A last breath before death,
One more try of intuition,
One last hope before submission?
Or maybe two drivers,
Not quite attentive,
Misdirected or misguided,
By the taste of distraction,
Now driven themselves,
By the reaper they so nearly evaded?
I cannot say today,
But perhaps tomorrow,
As I sit here in silence,
Free of such audible nuisances,
I will hear word of a story,
A great tragedy of recent past,
And lament the state of man.
Oh well, whatever, nevermind,
It's gone now.
Visual Noise                                                                A heavy tear as black as Tar.
           A thousand cities mourn their infance lost.


Hospital Collection: NamesThere are 35 of us.
They know my name
but I can’t remember theirs.
I can’t remember who I am.


late night secrets.i. have you ever been so hungry that, when food is finally ready and it's burning hot, you're not willing to wait?
because i want to love someone like this. love someone so much it doesn't matter if i get burned. love someone so much that it just. can't. wait.
i want to love someone so much that i'm not afraid anymore. not afraid of the consequences, of getting hurt, or of losing myself. i want to love someone so much that it's consuming and i can do nothing but love, love, love.
ii.  sometimes, i wish i didn't have so many shots at a decent future. sometimes, i wish the only future i could ever have would be in writing. maybe then people would leave me alone to chase my passion.
[i hate this about myself. i hate that i can't just be grateful for what i have. i hate this secret.]
iii. i worry that one day, when i call up a friend, she'll answer the phone and ask, 'who's speaking?'
i'll say, 'alyssa.'
she'll ask, 'who?'
my greatest fear is being forgotten.
iv. when i ca
A Night with IntegraYour loneliness embraces you.
Cold stares in the eve of the night.
Do you summon me?
Yes. I hear your voice.
But you did it in a faint whisper.
So rarely. So heavenly.
And when I got there.
There you stood like a knight to a lady.
But grant me to be the one
To hold you dearly.
It is true that I am a monster
And I crave your flesh.
Yet fear is not what you see in me
Because I am your servant
And under your command I will always be
I who dwell in the dark
Like the shadows and
Like Death that moves around.
Life is a pleasure yet life is so unsure
See, my hands they shook.
They want to touch you… to caress
Not like a child but a lady no less.
How can one hold his hunger like this?
He who wanted to break your wall
And to tell you so
That the night is long and
It's a shame not to taste
The sweet scent of the wind
And the sweat on your face.
I waited long enough
I've endured the thirst
Grant me this one night
However you may curse.
I've never seen anyone so perfect
And so charming
A true huma

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WishesNoting ever seems           r        e         a          l        anymore
It's like I'm in a                 d        r         e          a         m
or           a                nightmare.........
I       see         things,          

Wishes by CannibalisticVampire

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Day DreamingTime to relax, or
Indulge in wild fantasies
Lost in my day dreams
Bats In The BelfryAll Hallows Eve, the moon shone bright
Bathing the belfry in silver light
The cold north wind began to moan
Branches tapped against old stone
Stories circulated about this place
A mysterious unsolved murder case
Now ghosts were said to haunt the tower
Always active at the witching hour
Four boys loitered at the gate
The youngest one they tried to bait
To climb the tower and ring the bell
And so to their pressure he fell
He entered by the creaking door
Picked his way across the floor
Shadows cast from old debris
Nearly made the small boy flee
But bravely he swallowed his fear
Not wanting his friends to jeer
He climbed right up to the top
But there something made him stop
He could hear a leathery sound
It seemed to come from all around
A shaft of moonlight showed the truth
There were no ghosts under this roof
Down by the gate, they heard the bell ring
And saw many dark shapes take wing
The boys screamed in fear and ran away
Never did they return here to play
The young boy kept quiet abou
Summer HaikuThe summer sunshine
A perfect day for the beach
Don't forget sun block
Dancing In The WindTwelve turn together
In a gentle pirouette
Twirling gracefully

:iconnamenotrequired: namenotrequired
Siren and the NightingaleSinging from a treetop in the dead of night
Suddenly I hear a voice from the seaside
it's calling me, though far away,
I feel it deep inside
I have to go, I need to go,
the voice will be my guide
     Ohh, come to me, you know you want to
     Oh, You'll love me, and I, too, will love you

May the siren and the Nightingale
though seperated by the sea
and deafened by the sound of waves
now sing in harmony

Ooh, I'm here now, and to be blunt
Now that I see you, I'm only stunned
The words I sing, always honest and true...
Aren't I all you've looked forward to?
     Yes, my lovely, you're all I need
     But why'd you need to stay at the beach
     Come to me, or leave me alone
     You can't join me, but please don't go...
I've met many sirens, but the sea
is not where I belong
cause Every new
This Withered RoseTill your withered rose
takes water in again, I
won't get over you.
Diamond of War             Sword
           Silver, Sly,
       Slide, Slash, Slay.
Shadows, Shivers, Rush, Rage
      Race, Raid, Rotate
        Rough, Red hot
Swan SongThe nightingales leave the tree
and fly out in the night
as i enter the garden
accompanied by candlelight
The tree bows and points
at the crescent moon
There were flowers here
just last afternoon
But my bare feet feel only snow
invisably red since I felt the rose
an owl looks at me, amazedly
and cries my name, faithfully
I don't wanna chase the nightingale
cause whatever I try I fail
running through the summer snow
I cant keep up with the longbow

Noon was yesterday
when the parrots
were taking up
the exact same spot
it's the owl
long left behind me
cause i'm leaving the country, the calm tree, I run,flee,crash,break,
stumble,screech,flash, make, and sud,denly,wash awayy
I don't wanna chase the nightingale
cause whatever I try I fail
running through the summer snow
I cant keep up with the longbow
I don't wanna chase the nightingale
cause whatever I try I fail
running through the summer snow
I keep losing all arrows

Back in the snow, back in air to breathe
I blink b

:iconnycterent: nycterent
The naked faceCome, open your english maw and wail
for the broke-bead strings and the black paint
streaked under your eyes. O hallelujah.
Raise your arms, o raven child
and press the ancient ones under the earth.
Come, come, coyote dancer, quiet lawyer
of the white-skin-tongue. Yap like a prayer
and whine like the breaking of people.
Under the earth,o prairie cur, turn your eyes upward.
Amen, a man comes, stricken to silence.
For the crooked wires and the barbs
pull the skin open, red red and wailing.
You never loved</i>
You never loved
(Which is why I remain
a reader, and you -- you
became a poet
We're all fallen angelsI drew sidewalk wings
in chalk and watched the shadow
wear them for you.
RealityThe curve of the street
lamp reflection on our ceiling
was never the moon.

:iconnoisybubbles: noisybubbles
HT - Her WorldShe dreams of a world
That has no pain or sadness...
Where she can't be hurt.
HT - Displaced WeatherThe rain tumbles down
Lightning crashes, thunder booms
So much for summer!
HT - ResoluteToo late now, he thinks
As he turns towards a life
Of his own choosing.
HT - Musical TherapyMusic fills the ears
And seeps into my body.
It helps centre me.

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