The A,B,C's of Literature: K

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The A,B,C's of Literature
This week: K

Welcome to another installment of the A,B,C's of Literature, a weekly article which brings you suggested themes and deviants who begin with a letter of the alphabet.

This week, we will be focusing on the letter K and the themes this week are: Kaleidoscope, Kings, Kisses, Kink, Knives


KaleidoscopeWalking past the windowpane
She spits her gum out, turns around
And walks by again
Head held high against the rain
Clothed in colour, drowned in sound
She always seems the same, but
It's like she's hypnotic
Walking the way she does
It drives me chaotic
Watching her -
Simply because
Out on the boulevard
She's dancing, she's twirling
Not caring who sees
And, God, it's just so hard
To keep my mind away from her
And on the boulevard, the
Rain falling and painting
Her story
She's a kaleidoscope...
Standing tall in four inch heels
Choker necklace, miniskirt
Reflects the way she feels
Holding up her velvet shield
A poker face that hides the lies
And shows her nerves of steel, and
It's like she's hypnotic
Walking the way she does
It drives me chaotic
Watching her -
Simply because
Out on the boulevard
She's dancing, she's twirling
Not caring who sees
And, God, it's just so hard
To keep my mind away from her
And on the boulevard, the
Rain falling and painting
Her story
She's a kaleidoscope...
A Kaleidoscopic CubeThree by three,
Kaleidoscopic squares.
Variegated sides,
Of rainbow and white.
And multifarious combinations,
Puzzle the brain –
Unless attempted by theorem,
The sane become insane.
So elaborately defined,
And intriguingly designed,
That even if mastered,
Cubes will forever haunt your mind --
What am I?


KingsI don't think I can take anymore on my shoulders,
The weights getting heavy so I can't even hold us.
Another life down the drains,
Another drink to keep me sane.
I can't take another...
So much death on my heart at such a young age,
So many people that happen to be on the same page.
Another life gone to the wasteland,
Another one taken by God's hand.
I can't take another...
Everyday I try to make it okay,
Just hold up under the pressure.
But every morning I wake up and fight,
The will to walk to the dresser.
Everyday I fight to make it right,
Just to be there for whoever needs me.
But every day it gets harder to try,
When these open wounds keep bleeding.
Another life gone to this teenage story,
Another one that makes this so hard.
Everytime it seems like it's wrong,
But this one's the worst by far.
These chips keep growing and making it harder,
Making me push more just to go any farther.
Another life gone to soon,
Another time I'll sing this tune.
I can't take another...
Someday, thing
Kings and Queenskings and queens
         their bloody scenes
   knives are
fancy dreams
               come apart at
              the seams
and it seems
                  we are not our reflections
brutal ends
     are not to mend
            but to send
     us all to hell
pretend it's well
      just as well
                     you can lie
Aces Over KingsAces Over Kings
Take a look at the world around you,
All of the pain and all of the hurt,
All of the beauty and all of the love,
The highest of clouds and lowest of dirts.
Peel back all the superficial,
And look into the deep,
When you peer into the mirror of the world,
Tell me what it is you see.
To be truthful, you don't have to tell me,
For I have been there and I know,
The mirror shows who controls your destiny,
A simple reflection is all it will show.
No matter what cards you are dealt,
You are the one who plays them,
Not some universal power,
Bent to condemn.
Every situation you find yourself in,
Is not some random cosmic coincidence,
But a culmination of all your past choices,
And will become apart of your next incidence.
So stand up and take responsibility,
it's not God's, or Allah's, or Indra's fault,
The blame for your life rest on your shoulders,
Don't fall to some scapegoat by default.
Learn to play with the cards your dealt,
And understand that there are more hands to play


Eight Kisses
Eight Kisses
You can call
it emptiness, breath, epithet, or oblivion
or love, or the thing we can't
touch, while in motion.  
      The rush
of your mouth in me like icemelt water,
innocent, surging
like a creek,
                                                          Second Kiss
Butterfly kissesA brush gently sweeps my hair away,
As butterflies land gentley on my neck.
Warm sunshine wraps around my waiste.
The wind whispers "I love you" in my ear.
And one single butterfly lands on my cheek.


Mature Content

Mature Content


With Knives and LoversYour lips, your lies,
         Your lust it commands.
                     One look, one glance into those piercing eyes
                              And time stood still. Because I know
                                     About what happens, when knives and lovers
Sorry MessOh, what to do with all this misery?
Oh, what a mess; it's spilling out of me.
Oh, I confess, it's probably me who is wrong.
Sorry, hot words tumbled out of my mouth.
Sorry, my shoulders slumped a bit south.
Sorry, I couldn't restrain all my doubt.
Oh, how I guile your smile to comfort me
though how I know it's only a fleeting thing-
Sorry for wishing muchly
you had not lost that ring.

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:iconkassi-kamira: Kassi-Kamira
Copper and Umber Rice-PaperYou're hiding in plain sight on your little island of blown-away copper and umber rice-paper.
                               That's the sound of your overhanging branches drooping
Lullaby Daisy ChainsYou're singing a soft lullaby under your breath as you pop the pearlescent bubbles floating around you. You're tearing tufts of grass from all around you and making daisy chains with grass charms for a tiny bubble-blowing princess to wear as her crowning jewel, but you know she's a queen years before anybody else will and you're worried what will happen once her action figure-loving friends realise that she's an angel and nothing they've ever seen before.
There's glitter shimmering in your hair and you know it will take an eternity to wash it and and the sequins out, but you don't care because there's your personal little sun smiling into your eyes and twinkling away like nothing else in this world.
You're watching the sun set and holding a cordless phone and a teddy bear tightly to yourself, waiting patiently for the time when you can finally hear the lilt of her voice without the harsh bitterness that seems to envelop your lives so often now. You're smelling the fresh-cut grass a
White Horses and Angels As in my dreams, I danced
every morning
with White Horses
and Angels

We spun in circles and laughed around the morning bonfire that flickered on the horizon behind the horses, who postponed their daily battle-cry's for me. We frolicked in the sand and the still-bubbling froth at the earth's edge until the Dawn could await the pounding of hooves no longer.
White Horses stampeded
across the honey-stained
granules that buried my feet

I stood still facing just to the left of sunrise as my evergreen gown whipped around my knees and ankles. I watched them all thunder past me, feeling every whisper of "Until tomorrow, darling" that blew warmth across my sun-shaded eyelids. I felt the sweet-warm scent of Angels wrap around me as I was surrounded with their bell-laughs and concerned eyes.
Angels fluttered rose-hewn
fingertips across my cheeks,
wiping tears of joy from the apples
Heart for Ransomi.
I sent a letter in the mail today.
It said:

I've got your heart and I'm holding it for ransom.
My price? My heart.

I hope she didn't lie.
I hope I have to wait a long time for my payment.
I finally told him today.
I said:
Did you know that I love you?
Because I do.

And I gave him a silver locket
with his name engraved on one side.
And mine on the other.
I listened to her today.
I only heard:

I love you
I only felt the chill of the small silver heart
pressed between my fingers.
Then she was gone.
I ran from him today.
I thought:
What have I done.
He loves someone else.
And I don't have the heart to do anything about it.

My heart was out of reach,
locked away in a small silver heart.
She broke my heart today.
I screamed silently:
Where did you go honey.
I was going to speak but you left.
Did you tell me the truth?

My heart was in tatters,
and I used my pain as ink
for the letter I wrote her.
I got a letter in the mai

:iconk47454k1: K47454k1

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