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The A,B,C's of Literature
This week: J

Welcome to another installment of the A,B,C's of Literature, a weekly article which brings you suggested themes and deviants who begin with a letter of the alphabet.

This week, we will be focusing on the letter J and the themes this week are: Jealousy, Justice, Jokes, Juliette, Jolly,


I wish I had it all,
Wish I could be like you,
I wish everyone would admire
Every little thing I do
When you walk into a room,
Every head turns your way
But when I even try to speak,
No one hears a word I say
I'm off in the corner
Sitting by myself
Just a worthless tattered doll
Left on a dusty shelf
I'm only here
To make you look good
And I'd break your pretty face
If I could
Your perfect body,
Your long blonde hair,
The life you live,
Its isn't fair
Your tiny waist
And your DD's
I'm right infront of him
But you're all he sees
Your long legs, blue eyes,
And your perfect smile
When I think of you
The feeling's vile
But only because,
I know it's true...
He'll never look at me,
The way he looks at you...
~ashley carver


love and justice: a blind dateI now prefer
my beauty
so I can quake
and curse fate
of the burden
of discovery
avoiding left by
almost alright with
once you learn
to love
it's like
riding a bike
and it seems
I never met a liar
that I didn't like
I love you's
not a sentence
that lasts
for life
or perhaps
(and this
just occurred
to me)
there's a sort of
obtained through
what's a boy
to fear
when fear's not
what it appears
to be?
how to
intuit an intent
when purpose is
a question
in perpetuity?


(check out Deb-e-ann for some wickedly funny jokes)
One Stand UpHey Everyone and the guy in the back!
How are you all today, forget that I asked.
I know how you all are today!  DRUNK! or high.
No that was awfull sorry it was rude.
So you guys can never guess what happen to me today.
I was looking at a family that was movin in next door and i tought way not say hello.
The father in the family said right to me " you stay away from my daugther" I was like
Okey bro.
Then the daughter showed her self and I was like Goo? and my eyes was littarouly out from my eye sockets she was so Ugly I didn't want them to stay inside. But her father took my Goo? and stair? and drooling for "gawd so hawt.." Face it the family was inbirdes red necks they had moonshine in gas tanks in living room hooked to the roof and it was atleast 6 kids that am sure was there daughter and sons kids. No kidding. then the father turned to me and said "don't make me get the shootgun" I turned to him you and looked in to his tight sitting eyes and red hair and to big nose of hi
old jokesWhat's good for constipation - Old Aunt Cora went to her doctor to see what could be done about her troublesome constipation. "It's terrible," she said to the doctor. "I haven't moved my bowels in more than a week." "I see. Have you done anything about it?" asked the doctor. "Oh, yes," Aunt Cora replied, "I sit in the bathroom for a good half of an hour in the morning and then again at night." "No," the doctor said, "I mean do you take anything?" "Of course I do." she answered, "I take a magazine."
Streakin' at the Nursing Home - A couple of old ladies are sitting on the patio in a nursing home. Both are bored. "Mabel, nothing happens here, all the men are half-dead and no fun!" "Doris, I agree. Let's do something that will jerk them into action!" So Mabel agrees to streak down the corridor and attract the attention of the old men that are sitting there sunning themselves. She does this and the following conversation insues between Harold and Humphrey... "Humphrey, old boy, was that Ma


This Love - AimerRomeo
This love – what can be greater?   
This love – divine desire
And burning like ice and fire
This love – what can be sweeter?
This love – intense and timeless  
This love that keeps augmenting  
And swift like a flash of lightning
Blithe love – intense and ageless
Romeo & Juliet
This love – what thrilling power
Nothing on earth is stronger   
Don’t move, let us remain here
Loving through sorrow and fear  
This love – what can be greater?
This love – divine desire
And burning like ice and fire
This love – what can be sweeter?
This love – intense and timeless
This love that keeps augmenting
And swift like a flash of lightning   
Blithe love – intense and ageless
This love – how clear and sublime (Juliet: So clear and sublime)
This love that reaches the sky (Juliet: Tha
Romeo and Juliette Chapter 1
Chapter 1
"Boo, you have no idea," Juliette said to her pink teddy bear. "You don't know how much I miss her. I remember the last day I saw her."
She sighed as she remembered that dreadful day. Her mother was picking her up from school. Juliette was only nine years old at the time. She was running to her mother who was on the other side of the street. Her mother had parked there, like she always did. Juliette almost forgot to look both ways before crossing. Her mother saw that she forgot and stepped onto the road. She screamed, 'Juliette!' That was her last word. A truck hit her and she went flying and landed right at Juliette's little feet.
She wiped a tear from her eye as she remembered that day. Even now, when Juliette looked down at her feet, she saw blood. Her brother told her the blood was long gone. But she told him that it's rotting away, but it is still there.
She looked up as André came in to her room. He saw Boo and knew he should've knocked before coming
Her forehead is pressed against the bars in the staircase, her ears still ringing from the door that slammed a second or a millenia ago. A patch of the carpet over the steps is drenched by her tears, as her father screams even louder. Above, the warm August air catches the curtains that separate the balcony from the cooler room inside.
His whispers and hers, their shared embraces, all of them are shielded by this small garden in which they've found their fragile haven. She begs him never to go... And the September wind shakes the leaves above the couple cocooned on a bed of grass.
His absence is more cruel than ever. A robot, she carries on living, in the faint, ever-diminishing hope that he will return. She shudders whenever the gale abates, hearing to the distant sounds of fighting that tear this fragile October morning.
He finally returned, and with him, a folded flag and a letter. As the first of the dirt hits the


The Times Back WhenTake me back to the nights back when
You'd smile at me and I'd blush,
I want to know what feels like again.
Let me go back to the days back when
I swore that I was in love,
Because I want that feeling back again.
It's not like how it was before,
It's just not like that any more.
Take me back to the nights back when
Every day I'd long to see you,
Even when we'd fallen out again.
Let me go back to the days back when
I swore that you felt the same,
Even though you've proved me wrong again.
It's not like how it was before,
It's just not like that any more.
I really don't like these days right now
When you think I don't think of you,
And now to prove you wrong, I don't know how.
I really don't like these nights right now
When I'm having to dream about you,
And to tell you this, I don't know how.
It's not like how it was before,
It's just not like that any more.
Take me back to the nights back when
You'd smile at me and I'd blush,
I want to know what feels like again.
Let me go back to the d
11. MemoryTo look into the coming years
You are beyond our reach
To laugh and smile
Subjects no one else could teach
Those times we spent
In rain or shine
Are always there to stay
Memories within us that never fade away
Yet endure my friend
For soon will come
The time to see you again
Memories created that will surely never end
A Jolly Christmas[LOL. Before reading this, I just wanna say A LOT of you guys wont get this, unless you are one of my RL friends....maybe. Read if you want...but I'm warning you, you'll be really confused. Thank you. ;D]
Conversation Between Fen and Kae
Kae's Office 12:34pm
Fen: Aw, please Kae?
Kae: No, we're not going to that vacation home.
Fen: C'mon, it's almost Christmas. And what's better than a trip to the North Pole?
Kae: Because it will be cold.
Fen: Fine, but you're ruining everyone's dream.
Kae: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Conversation Between Fen and The Boarders
Lobby 12:52pm
Fen: Guys!
Moony: Hm?
Iceh: Ugh, what is it now? We're in the middle of a--
Fen: Kae said that we're not going to the North Pole this Christmas.
Zyreeko: WHAT?! NO. We HAVE to go to the North Pole. It's my dream...
Fen: Yeah, he said it'll be too cold.
Zyreeko: No one is too cold for the NORTH POLE.
Moony: That's horrible. Are we just going to stay in this year?
Iceh: I sure hope not.
Zyreeko: Then where are we goin

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:iconjade-pandora: Jade-Pandora
Autumn Renaissance
as loud as a bee
to a sunflower
orange crest glowing;
the stench of fire
heralding in the season
before the deluge;
dust devils dancing
in the twilight of their lives
morning fog condensing--
beads of cold sweat
on parched leaves
leaves fainting from their hosts
perish on the way down...
their purpose ended?
a suggestion of rain
matting the forest ground
of its dead
golden sunset,
autumn's robe--
her crown, a silver moon
silhouetted wolf call;
rising from a ridge
InsomniaTell me the name is for a goddess,
capricious and deadly, who    
mocks the afflicted in their dreams.
I might endure more graciously
if only this were a dream. It is
she who tosses fireballs of light
pulsating, flashing bright
and going dim in the blackness
behind these herniated eyes,
to devour while I hear the sustained
pitch of a sonic scream through
the static frequency of night air,
the peel and cry of her harpies
smelling of singed hair and brains;
the fever and sound rips through veins,
cauterizing shut the window for sleep,
leaving the frantic staccato of a
heart in flight, as I whisper
Goddess, why spare me the night.
a sister's eyesI think of them
and recall how wise
are the eyes of
my little sister,
always laughing-
wind whisperer
through outstretched
oceans of blue grass
surrounded by
rolling island dunes
and the stalks of
her crowning pale glory,
but her eyes
are the constant
changing of seasons-
the silver grey
of low-lying mists
that roll in at dawn
after the night
gives up its gems,
deepest sapphires,
to reclaim them when
she stirs from sleep
while I keep
clinging to her,
and I let myself
drift in her seasons
with eyes open,
feeling safe a while
in our single bed
BrokenHave you eaten, child?
No my love, it's too soon.
Have you water?
No my love, I drank it all
in the night.
I would keep near while you
refill your cup.

I can wait.  I don't want the
water while you are here.
I should leave so you
will get your rest.

I will not rest if you go, for
I am broken with desire.
I will stop loving you.
I will go on loving you,
I always have.

:iconjulietcaesar: julietcaesar
The Non-SmokerIsn't it strange how you can see a person everyday and feel like you haven't known them in years? You know, you see them at school, acting normal when they're not, or you see them on the football field picking the daisies and running away from you as though a rabid dog was on their tail. You would think I should be the one being scared, because dogs chase me more than girls, but the girl I'm thinking about thought differently. A shame though, because she thought I was actually interesting.
Maybe I should start at the beginning.
Amy's her name. Amy Bradshaw, cheerleader, obsessed with miniskirts. She had another obsession.
Every morning at the bus stop, she pretended to read Ray Bradbury but I knew she was looking at me. Or what's left of me, anyway. Tom Harvey, nerd, obsessed with cigarettes. Except I don't smoke them. What started out as an art project became an all-consuming passion to turn every person into a chain-smoker at Salisbury High. It was a money-spinner and a psychology ex
Dear MeDear Little Rachel,
Yes, darling, you. You standing in the queue to get out of the airport, wrapped up as though it was minus 20 degrees Celsius outside when it was just 16 degrees. You there, aged eleven years old, your skin used to humidity and now cracking up like aging plaster in the blast of dry August air.
I know who you are. You brought me to life by your dreams, your bitter recollections of better days as you tried to defog the future, only to realise it was as misty as ever. I am who you are then, and you are who I am now. Call me a time traveller, talking to you and breaking a hundred physical laws but trust me, I'm just here to give you something.
Advice. Insight.
Yeah, really, I hear you scoff. What have you learnt in the last five and a half years that you can tell me about? I mean, you're only about to turn seventeen. You're not even an adult. You're only an angst-ridden, bitchy, moody, internet-addicted teenager without one shred of philosophical decency. A teen advising
A Six Year MilestoneEach year
when August blows by
smelling springtime,
I will remember
closed fists of regret. Turning my face
to the warming wind, last tears
finally washed away.
Who knew six years could turn
seeds into weeds, strangling snakes
to make Life hiccup just once? Who knew
scraped knees could turn to clouded minds tracing
for a home that may never come?
Tadpoles, ducks, slanting rain;
time slowly draining away.
One more day, one more p

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