The A,B,C's of Literature: I

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The A,B,C's of Literature
This week: I

Welcome to another installment of the A,B,C's of Literature, a weekly article which brings you suggested themes and deviants who begin with a letter of the alphabet.

This week, we will be focusing on the letter I and the themes this week are: Iloveyou, Insane, Instant, Illness, Ice


I See You ThereAnd I cannot stop
Myself from
g in love
All over again
express mail love.dear lost love,
i had plans to write, you see. i had plans to write you long lost letters left to right until you were knee deep in words, drowning in your regrets of letting me go. i had plans to tell you i loved you and hear you say it back and to have the guts to walk away so you knew how i felt. i've had these plans mapped out in my head for months, and they're still there. just sitting, rotting, wilting, defeating.
i have an 'x' marked over the day when you'll say my name for the first time in months, and another one for when you look at me and another for when you kiss me and another and another and another for the rest of our lives.
because i still love you. or, something to that effect, because i don't really know what love is. but i'm begging you to see me walking home in the rain and stop to talk to me but we end up being so cliche that when your lips meet mine and the raindrops on my skin, we'll know we're invincible.
so, please don't forget about me just yet. i'll be buying

Diary of the InsaneCurled up in the umbra of the shadow,
The dark hell I've always been in,
Tears flow down my cheeks,
Like waterfalls,
Puddles overlay the cold wood floor,
As voices whisper in my head,
I've grown insane since you left,
I do everything wrong,
I can't think,
Can't speak,
Can't even move,
Without messing up,
Where is my invisible guardian?
The one that's always been there,
Breaking my fall,
As I go down hard,
From the mistakes I made,
When he wasn't there,
God gave me an angel,
But where is he,
My pants are shredded,
Everywhere the blue bits went,
I can't keep in the rage anymore,
My once silky hair,
Which once glowed light brown,
Is slowly falling out as I pull at the strands,
Screaming over the pain that is caused,
Screaming over how everything changed,
Where is the guardian I desire?
This room I'm in can't withstand me any longer,
I keep trying to break free,
Until someone checks on me,
On the state that I have been in,
Since my guardian has disappeared,
When she comes in,
The one who n
What makes you think
I am less sane then you?
Because I'm depressed,
does that make me mentally unstable too?
So I'm suicidal
just because I cut?
I have one outburst
and you mark me down as a nut.
Just because I hear voices,
means I'm losing my head,
Because I hate myself,
Does that make you think I wish I were dead?
Don't call me broken,
Don't call me weak,
I'm not insane,
just unique
little vibrating stringsIf they knew
what I was going home to
they wouldn't surrender
to me laughter
and smile with me.
But don't form an opinion
I could be talking about anything.
You don't even know who I'm talking about.
My workmates.
What a cliffhanger!
I went home to a cleanskin, red,
and top gear.
I only had enough money for food
or drink,
and smile with me.
Thanks to my anorexic sister -
god I love that girl,
she greets the world like me -
there is plenty of cold pizza in the fridge,
nibbled at by
I assume, rats.
God bless her thinner-than-thou friends too,
is all I think as I find another box
hidden below
half a watermelon.
I shower in front of a black mass
fall and hurt my spine,
clink clink,
I scramble to upright the bottle,
a dog licks the shower window,
are you ok?
That explains the thunder,
or rather, that explains the dog inside.
I sit down,
actually: levitate,
and upon remembering such a startling revelation,
pounce back up
towards the bottle
and keep such frightening t


:thumb96607951: One More Instant by LordAzrael85 Instant GratificationThere is no
Instant Gratification
I'm sorry to say it.
You may not like it.
You may think it is an
Ugly Truth…Regardless,
It is today's
Economic Reality,
Social Reality
… it is Reality…
You know Eve?
the story of Eve and
the Serpent?
For now, we can
forget about Adam.
(Although if Adam
had been my boyfriend
I think  I would've
blamed him…
for not keeping
a better
on me.)
The fact of the matter
is this:
Eve was a Serpent
For even thinking
that there is such a
thing as
Instant Gratification.


She has collapsed lungs and a heart full of snow. Melancholia runs through her like a swift current, has befallen her like bricks being thrown in the street. She's pale, sickly, fragile; traipses through the cemetery with thorns in her throat. Pain is something that's all in her head because she romanticizes  it. Suicide is her escapism, although she could never cut deeper. Everyone hates her. In the cafeteria, they love to observe her. Laboratories, that's what  middle schools are.  And she is the rat in the maze, undone by false promises. There is nothing at the end, just another faceless opportunity. The north wind blows the hair from her eyes, which accept the snowflakes, frozen beneath shadowed lids, frozen in time.
She is smoking cigarettes under the overpass in tight jeans. A defiant glare sits on her face, stares back at the rest of them like a clock. She is a lost cause. The psychiatrist at the high school thinks she's borderline. Sometimes


13. Winter's Warningthe chill in the air
goosebumps across my bare flesh
winter's approaching

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