The A,B,C's of Literature: H

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The A,B,C's of Literature
This week: H

Welcome to another installment of the A,B,C's of Literature, a weekly article which brings you suggested themes and deviants who begin with a letter of the alphabet.

This week, we will be focusing on the letter H and the themes this week are: Hope, Heroes, Happy/Happiness, Hurt, How to


:thumb152011033: Unlimited Hope     Love, unlike what the fairytales want you to believe, is not an endless thing. It's source is not the unlimited amount from the pool of origin that we seem to take for granted.
     Each person, each heart, has a limit. Not all men were created equal. Some have more love in their souls than others, and it can be drained quickly.
     Love does not just return, it does not grow like a tree after a fire. Love begets love, without love, a person will lose their reserves and the love they had will be gone.
Hope Is The Most Beautiful LieHope,
The most beautiful lie.
It tangles you up,
Makes you believe you can fly,
And as you fall down,
You're still convinced that you flew.
Straight up into the sky as high as possible.
As high as the moon.
The most beautiful lie.
Makes you strong,
And makes you pathetic enough for two.
Gives you the courage to take on the world,
And when you get beaten down,
You still think you won the victors crown.
The most beautiful lie.
Makes those who don't believe want to hang on to it,
But it'll slip through their fingers and smash apart their views.
Makes them think they're idiots and fools.
Makes them paranoid about trust:
The difference between love and lust,
And how much you care because
They're done with how everything was.
They're stuck in the future of failure and despair,
Where everything is rational and unclear.


HeroesAbilities beyond normal
Skills above average
Each one is unique
The Time Bender
Able to freeze any scene
The Artistic Seer
Paints scenes of upcoming tragedies
The Two-Face Mother
Which face is she wearing now?
The Flying Candidate
Will he accept his destiny?
The Indestructible Cheerleader
Her bones and skin can never be broken
The Power Absorber
Will unite them all
Heroes of our time
With extraordinary powers
Will unite, when the time comes
To complete their mission
They will spread their message
They will all soon know
That they must save the cheerleader
In order to save the world
LibertyStillness, a calm rushes over
All anxiety washes away
And a cool, collected haze wraps around the minds of the waiting...
The waiting...
waiting like you're stuck in the eye of a mighty hurricane...
knowing there's worse to come...
knowing there's no way out now...
knowing that all you can do...
is wait
As fast as the eery calmness graced you
It left
noises surrounding you
Everything's a blurry fog of actions that you never fully comprehend
you hear your orders
obey them
all else is lost to you
no more sanity
all pandemonium
all rushed
all chaos...
But there's always a reason
Always a cause for this anarchy
Your nation
The motives far outweigh the risks
'cause it's all worth it in the end...
to allow people to feel secureness
to allow families to live without fear of harm
to allow all men to be equal
to allow women to share that right
to allow a civil democracy
to spread freedom...
To the American soldiers
who risk everything for everyone
whose selflessness


I touch the sun as it arose to the sound of the clock,
And although it burned my hand,
I was sure that it won't leave a mark,
Because he was smiling.
The clouds covered the rain,
But it never stopped it from falling down again..
Rainbows spark and take me somewhere,
Like dear Alice who chased that white hare;
I thought all my world was over,
But it was all a hang over..
Take me to moon
Give me a ride
To the stars that shine so very bright
Lead me somewhere
To the end of nowhere
'Till I see that rainbow flying again..
I just want to be happy again.
See those pastels fly over my head
Look at those people, silly! Not their bare hands
Holding hands with each other feeling none can sep'rate them
Feels pretty idiotic
I feel like I'm in wonderland
With my hand clutched in your hand
Take me somewhere far away
Lift me to cloud nine
And make me fall back again
I just want to be happy again...
Salvation againIt was one of those words,
Poetic and calming.
It rolled off our tongues,
So smooth and natural.
The taste it left on my lips,
So sweet and perfect.
My childish fantasies flew higher as I whispered salvation.
Yet I can find it no more.
Was it only a fairytale?
Told to calm my wild nightmares?
Did it fade with all the knights and dragons?
Or did a greedy Pirate burry it?
Where can I find Salvation again?
When no hero is found,
This word is our comfort.
It binds us to hope, faith.
As tragedy hits us hard,
Salvation promises a tomorrow.
Yet it's found no-where.
Like a ghost,
It lazily floats around.
Patiently waiting,
Always waiting for the morning sun in this endless night.
I think I love youA night to remember, barely remembered; Phil's sixteenth mid-March, two thousand and nine.
Short skirts and bronzer, cups stained with lipstick, cream coloured carpets stained with wine
There's a line for the toilet, some groaning from the corner, the place smells of lynx, vomit and beer
and we're serenaded by some Aussie rapper like a swaggering, drunken, ocker balladeer
And you're looking beautiful
with your flushed cheeks and tussled hair
you ripped your top before nine pm
you hold me with your unfocused, red-rimmed stare
and I think I love you
Smoke and mirrors, high pitched voices rise and fall
spearing through my ear drums as laughter bounces off the walls
I wonder what the collective term for a group of teenage girls is
'a gaggle', 'a mess', 'a clump' for something lighter, only sound and air, like 'fizz'
And you're looking beautiful
smeared makeup running down your face
you lost one shoe in the above ground pool
but you still possess some strange blue-eyed grace
and I think I l


hurt by aishoz I HurtEvery day, I wake up in pain, it is my reality. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but it is what it is. Incidentally, I despise those words, "It is what it is", they make me feel...even more helpless than I already do, they both anger and frighten me. My life, how I feel, what I've lost, it makes me want to cry, sometimes it does make me cry. It makes me belligerent, I lash out at those I care about, those that care about me. It makes me afraid, afraid that I won't be able to care for my daughter, afraid that I won't be able to care for myself. Fear is not something I'm used to, neither is being "frail". The constant care I have to use to make sure I don't injure myself further takes it's toll as well, both mentally, and physically. It drains me.
I often think "It's not fair!", and it's not, but it doesn't change reality. I anxiously wait for my wife to come home from work, so that I can take painkillers, and find a brief respite from the pain. I hate painkillers, I hate knowing th

How To

Grammar GuideGrammar Guide For Self-Editing or Editing Groups
by Kelly Mortimer ©2008
A – Awkward Sentence Structure – Rearrange, rephrase, or try deleting unnecessary words.
Aa – Additive Adjunct – No comma before “too” when it’s the last word of a sentence, and “too” means also. Ex: “Jane graduated from high school too.” Use a comma when “too” appears elsewhere and still means also. Ex: “Jane, too, graduated from high school.”
Ap- Attribution Punctuation – When using an attribution such as “said,” don’t use a period at the end of the preceding sentence. Use a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point. Don’t capitalize “he, she, they.” Exs: “I have to move into a new house,” she said. --“It’s huge!” she said. -- “I’m going to live here?” she asked [or ‘said’]. If the attribution comes before the sentence, use a comma. Ex: She add
:thumb124645070: Writing Tutorial: Dialogue"An Amateur-Editor's Note on How to Paragraph Dialogue, and Other Dialogue-Related Crime Avoidance Techniques" by Dailenna
On my daily walk about the internet I often come across some horrible piece of writing at which I'm forced to stop reading and take a few deep breaths to calm myself before either sending a note to the writer, or fleeing in terror. These pieces of writing are usually just an accumulation of terrible spelling, grammar, syntax, and too much or too little plot, description, dialogue or action. Yes, there are stories that may have a lean towards dialogue or action and still look absolutely wonderful – in fact, these are the stories usually best written, because the author has learnt how to use their skills and mediums to produce the best result from a usually disastrous content – but the bundles of words I'm referring to have not had the same care and talent poured into them.
It could be the case that small children and people who don't have English as a

:spotlight-left: Spotlight Deviants :spotlight-right:

:iconhalatia: Halatia
Suggested by Iluvocnj2006
AssistedCut deeper; only four heartstrings left. Fall from GraceNo one ever said the fall
    had to hurt.
Perhaps it's quick;
a terminal velocity dive
  into feather-down
Or maybe it's slow;
    a slip through
       space and time's
    Or it could be backwards;
grace from the fall.
The TideOutside the window waves were cresting in slow motion as the tide began to pull away. Each opaque bubble of foam slid across the peaks and valleys of individual ripples that riveted the water.  They did sickening things with the moon’s reflection, swirling it in a myriad of ghostly greens and golds, stretching it out until it was an unnatural oblong setting in the sea.
Just on the other side of the window, the moon was devastatingly still.  Certainly it hadn’t moved in the silence that had rushed in to fill the void left by the spark of the muzzle.  The scene was illuminated just the same.  The flowers looking more purple than blue where they sat in the low light that struck the bedside stand in the corner.  Her bed was mostly darkness, the heavy comforter still pulled over unruffled sheets.  There was a glint of moon off the mirror that hid most of her reflection in dazzling light so all that hung in the glass was t

Mature Content

:iconscripturiency: scripturiency

Thank you to all the deviant suggestions and theme suggestions from pullingcandy Iluvocnj2006 rockgem Magic-fan Vashta-Nerada91 TheseKrimzonFlames williamfdevault

Remember you can suggest a theme or deviant to me via note, or if you have someone for the next feature then please let me know

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