The A,B,C's of Literature: F

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The A,B,C's of Literature
This week: F

Welcome to another installment of the A,B,C's of Literature, a weekly article which brings you suggested themes and deviants who begin with a letter of the alphabet.

This week, we will be focusing on the letter F and the themes this week are: Faith, Falling, Father, Forgive, Fireworks


Falling into Faith
Darkness evades my focus
and I find myself wandering
along the broken edges of my thoughts,
clinging to the cracks
and clutching the concrete
but the rocks seem to cast me off
and I fumble with my grasp
on the facts
               or are they fable?

upon seeing the iridescent pools before me
i suddenly believed there was something else-
a place other than the one i know so well-
this place that i cannot get to
is there right before me,
and others cannot see or believe
even when the information is there-
right there in front of them
The glassy surface of water surrounds me
and my resolve begins to dissolve
into fairytale truths that carry me under
to suffer in the silent sound.
But then I feel something sever
within my soul
and my faith is free.
It breaks through the cold
and captures me up again.
After a quiet moment of self-censure,
I find that I can see
what strangely
I have always seen.

such a c
White Sunday 113: pathyou are bright and dark,
haunting dreams and fantasies.
mine to hold, a wraith,
a blessed curse, a sweet disease.
I am bound to you.
even when it mocks my heart.
holding fast to the epiphany
of all you were, even from the start.
echoes choose the skies.
lovers fade, love never dies.
red sand and stones erode.
but I am fixed on this harsh road.
and "Why?" the readers ask
as to my purpose in this quest.
I did not choose this task.
I chose to seek what was the best.
and thus I came to find
you dancing, in the outer spheres,
casting shadows of the blind.
child of loves and rage and fears.
I will endure the night.
I will endure through every test.
even when you fade
I will follow on the quest.
for it is in your will
that you find me, down the way,
bound to you, then still,
on a course on which I'll stay.
for that is what I want.
and you have asked me here
to endure every taunt
with faith above every toil and tear.
William F. DeVault.  all rights reserved.


Summer FancyBetween June and September be my summer boy
with sunburnt skin and rough hands,
with sand in your hair and the sea in your eyes,
with salt on your lips and heat in your touch.
Fill the short nights with fireflies and falling stars
and make my every wish come true at dawn,
tell me the words I oh-so-long to hear
even if only lies roll off your tongue.
Be my restless wave of smiles and serenity
and hold in the palm of your hand my sanity,
I give it to you for safe keeping,
as a proof of my trust and despair.
Between June and September be my summer boy,
show me the butterflies of country fields
and paint for me the portrait of the moon
as she rises naked from the oceans.
Build me a world where I can laugh,
just take away these nightmares that I have,
it doesn't matter if the castle's made of sand,
I will believe in it until the end.
Lay with me under a big oak tree
and let me feel your flesh under my fingertips,
the pale complexion of your childish face,
let me explore the softness of thos
FallingI'm not afraid of falling
Through the changing-colored leaves
And I'm not afraid of falling
From the highest of trees
I don't care about tripping
And stumbling through branches
Even though I know
For sure that I'll get scratches
And I'm not afraid of dropping
From that dizzying rocky cliff
Just as long as I can stay there
In the air to drift
I just don't want to land
On the rocks or on the ground
I just don't want to crash
Or hear that horrid crunching sound
I like it better when I'm falling
The endless state of rushing air
Wind roaring through my ears
And me just floating there.
Falling Doesn't Hurt"Fall backwards into my arms. I promise to catch you, to never let you hit the ground. My embrace will forever be warm and welcoming. I'm always here to love you, always here for you. So come now, Love, fall into me. Let me hold you one last time, but be warned, I might not let go."
The wind tears all around us, whipping at our clothes and obscuring our vision with our hair. It howls, the only noise now. We have been standing here for minutes, hours, as I wait for her to make her choice. My patience is slowly running out, but I don't let it show. If I do, she will never make the right choice and will forever leave me.
My eyes run the length of her body, from her beautiful head, over her face yet skipping her eyes, down her torso and onto her legs. Passed her legs and over the rocky ground, my gaze finally stops as I peer over the ledge behind me. A good hundred and fifty or hundred sixty feet above the ground, it was a sheer drop the unmoving ground below. It wouldn't hurt if we


:thumb184974918: Parent Number OneFather,
Typically we don't like each other a hell of a lot.
But today you said something that hit me.
And I mean, it really hit me.
It may have even knocked me out.
You told me everybody's "real" reason for hiding things, keeping secrets, telling lies – because they think something is wrong with it.
You said, everybody likes to tell themselves that it's other people who are going to judge them, but really, they've already judged themselves.
And now that I think about it, you are the most arrogant and proud person I have ever met.
But you've never kept a secret, you've never hidden your truth, and you've never told a lie.
No matter how it was going to be received.
And now I think to myself, and realise;
Everybody that loves me, and who I love, would be completely fine, if I told them anything.
I wouldn't be.
LeapGrant us nothing little one
For we want not what you keep.
Do not run to us, child
do not o're the chasm leap.
Clarity of eyes
among a frowning stare,
Dress them up with pretty lies
then toss them to the air.
Speak softly, whisper nothing,
wonder if at all.
Sleep soundly, restless bones,
dreaming of the fall


:thumb165356136: dear, please forgive me.dear travis,
i don't think i need to be forgiven. not really. i didn't do anything wrong. except care about you more than i have anyone before. is that wrong? no. so what the fuck.
this pointless, angry rambling isn't going to get me anywhere, so let me just start out by saying, that i want to be forgiven in a selfish, arrogant, way-too-confident-for-my-own-good kind of way.
i wish you could forgive me for making you feel something that you haven't before. i wish you could forgive me for making those sunsets a little less beautiful, like you said i did. and those walks a little less painful, like you said i did. i want to be forgiven for being one of the few people you could kiss whenever you wanted, twenty-four/seven, and i want to be forgiven for being so interesting and for being everything you wanted in a girl.
like you said i did.
i wish you could forgive me for having way more fun with you in a short week and a half than i ever had in the first three months of this year. you're m
I Forgive YouI will forgive you.
All those who hurt me,
made my life difficult
and treated me like dirt.
I will not hold grudges.
Life is far too short
to seek petty revenge
or let hate consume me.
There is no point
in letting what you did
continue to hurt me
or hold me back.
So I forgive you.
I wish you all the best.
My future looks sunny.
My life is moving on.


    (we are best friends today.
    lovers tomorrow.
    enemies yesterday.
    but the burning in our loins will always be kissing cousins.)
    with hands locked, i tell our friends how we met.
    eyes glance and lips squirm with anticipation.
    we met in the ocean.
    each on our own cruise boat with names by homosexual fashion designers.
    with the helm left alone and everyone drunk,
    the starboard sides met and tossed the passengers to davy jones' locker.
    we were the only survivors, of course.
    wet and with disasters on our tongues.
    any questions?
    i hate everything you say.
FireworksA heart stopping bang,
A pathetic fizzle or
Something in between.
FireworksI searched for stars in the sky
Instead I saw fireworks:

Reminds me of the pieces of you,
Of how majestic you are,
Of how adorable your charm is,
Of how much I long for you,
Of how you casted me under your spell,
Of how fast your colors faded.
It hurts when fireworks cover my starry dreams
When stars could be a part of me:

Reminds of the pieces of you,
Of how wished upon you,
Of how your eyes sparkled,
Of how you made me smile,
Of how much it took me to find you,
Of how you were faithful to me.

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:iconfllnthblnk: fllnthblnk

Suggested by Iluvocnj2006
Left Eye LivesHonduras is the land of miracles.
She steps away from the wreckage,
whole, a black stripe still caught
beneath the slantier left eye,
a narrowing strip of road beneath
a hot moon. You can see her
in Waterfalls, a shimmering dance
with sisters T-Boz, Chilli (uniquely
hers). Wore glasses and a condom
in the left lens, settled for a ring
in the left brow. She lives like
a supernova, breathes like a load-icon:
its end is a showcase of unprettiness,
the no-ambition of a scrub, the unseen
protest of Creep and the black tape
snagged invisibly over her lips,
100% against its single status. She lives
despite the Montero spinning off-road
like a rogue tire to avoid a head on,
everything caught on tape, her body
ejected like a music video off rotation
where she can still be found, on YouTube
perhaps, her mouth alive with movement
every time I hit play, all eyes on her--
both of them.
Other Words Too by fllnthblnk You Are HereWithin every letter, between the lines
where it's best to read. I mention
my pit bull--the danger
of his tail, all bone, whip-like;
how he unfolds himself from sleep
to greet me at the door, heavy
from work--and perhaps you'll appraise
your cervical arteries, remember a Fox
News story on the neck's evisceration,
or the wetness of tongue, wide grin,
cold concreteness after the needle.
Montana. A man rips
down the freeway, ricochets
from a flipped car into my school bus.
I tell the uncrying girls
how brave they are. Immediately
you've become a tear off a cheek,
the chaperones clearing the bus,
the spectators reeling by
with a story to tell at dinner,
the man with legs-no-longer-legs
who could not register zeroes
with so much damn road
still ahead, or another no one.
Perhaps you've stopped,
wondering: what's the connection
between bully breeds and Montana?
But I can see it: the year
at Deer Lodge learning
the chill of summer, Canada
capping us like a scarf cloud;
the return to the same ye

:iconsoul-reader: Soul-Reader

Suggested by TheseKrimzonFlames
88. Two Halves of a WholeTwo endangered souls
Sat together
Dark heads almost touching
The tender softness of her words
Was a wash of relief
To the one listening
In the right people
Trust is repaid
In full kindness
Blow after blow
But it doesn't matter
Because they have each other
The other confided
Sharing secrets
That no one else knew
Two wounded souls
Torn seperately
But healed together
Not a mother and daughter
But a friend and a friend
Helping and Healing
She and I
We are One

Mature Content

Parallel PartnersOur lives were once
Spheres that did not touch
And I wonder, if from the
Second that you were concieved
Was our destiny written?
I didn't know you
For so long
And now you have this hold on me
And I fear that you will never let go
We live in a parallel
To each other
Our lines
Sometimes meet in the middle
But they will never touch
Not since that monumental
Decision that you made
All those years ago
My heart still throbs
With unimaginable pain
When I see you
When you put me down
Its like you're leaving me
All over again
Where do all these words
and feelings come from?
From the depth of my soul?
Or the poisoned pit
Of my broken heart?
I want to be in your life
And yours in mine
But I know it can never be
Because we are Parallel Partners

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