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The A,B,C's of Literature
Letter: E

Welcome to the another edition of the A,B,C's of Literature.
Each week there will be 15 pieces of literature featured and also 2 deviants which are based on a theme or letter.

For this week, the themes are: Enchanting, Earth, Evil, Emotion, Elegy


:thumb179748606: In SilhouetteCaught within the descending light
I was memorized by the veil of mystery,
how strange a thing, I could not avert my gaze
while I could see nothing but a shadow
outlined against the setting sky,
how natural an enchantress woman can be
drawing me to this illusion of beauty
that I cannot see.
But how fine her lines are shaped
beneath the halo which burns in red
along the outer fringe, a subtle warning
I should retreat yet I am fixed
with the desire to know, and yet
even while I seek to penetrate beyond
the shadows I could not bare to see
and have the sorcery of the unknown
So I have been witched by only
the outline of her hips,
and poised angle of the body,
but ever can one be more naked
then when one is cast against the back light
with only the shape of the body in highlight.
Too soon in the fading embers like
an apparition she will be gone,
and yet I never saw a face,
my heart will continue to race at the
memory of being entrapped
within a woman's silhouette.
Enchantment.Under the silken blanket of twinkling stars
princes and princesses whirl to life
the moon closes an eye on her playful children
letting them lose themselves and indulge
in a fairy tale that ends only when the dawn awakens
a light scent of wine drifts by
and the music is slow
and the lights soft
they feast on the fleeting vapors of a dream
the romantic waltzes, the heavenly charms
they sink into sleepy spells
in the twilit gardens under the cloudless skies
the delightful fusion of dreaming and living
dreams and dizziness
fantasy and magic
the skies are changing
the day is breaking
yet behind the pleasure-drunken laughter
they know the night will never end


:thumb36737270::thumb161593718: Our Mother EarthShe's testing us, that's all.
She tried to raise us
So we could help each other out
When aid was needed.
Some tried to be independent
And not cooperate with the rest.
Others were mature from the start
So no one would ever feel left out
Unless they wanted to.
But our mother is one,
So why must we fight
Amongst each other,
While watching her die?
Instead, we should be mourning
The loss of our creator
And share her pain.
We are the ones that are killing her.
So we need to come together again
And save our Mother Earth.


Power and SacrificeThe thin blond woman was clutching the carcass with long, thin fingers while her fingernails dug into the newly-dead flesh on the carcass's limbs. She set it aside, on the dark altar before her, and picked up its fleshy, dripping heart.
"Oh dark god, oh vengeful child warrior, accept my sacrifice that I may be imbued with your eternal power." She lit five matches and put them out on the life organ before her. Then she spoke the Name.
"There is power and then there is power, my young apprentice," said the old woman kindly.
"What do you mean, Mistress?"
"I mean that we make sacrifice to the nature mother and to other gods and ask them for things. If they accept these sacrifices and deem you worthy they will answer your prayers. But there are other gods, Bellona, darker gods whose names we do not speak. They can give you power faster than any of the others, but with power there always, always comes a sacrifice."
"But we already make sacrifices, Mistress. Why not one more?"
:thumb183353798: InfectionThere is no cure.
A twisted soliloquy reverberating continuously in my fragmented cortex
This is my misfortune, what i have wrought forth into this world
I fight, not for myself, but in penance for what i have brought forth.
Exuded unto the populace, a wretched plague of the undead
Apparitions in the darkness what a plague of nuances
Dusk is slowly engulfing
My vision is impaired, and nothing more can be held back
Ignite the flame
In a way i guess we are blessed
Its common place not to expect
to be alive from day to day
But at least we didn't end up like the rest
There is no cure to infection.


Is beautiful,
Is pain,
Is wanted and needed,
Like the falling rain.
It completes you,
It doesn't die,
It moves,
It'll make you cry.
What I breathe for,
What's worth waiting?
What's inside,
This game of baiting?
You can't escape,
You can't deny it,
You can't ignore,
Or try to forget.
Every waking moment,
Every beat of the heart,
Everything you do,
For love from the start.
Find it within you.
Find it soon,
Find it in the shadows,
Of the fading moon.
:thumb71743885: Love     A strong force that brings forth greater possibilities. As it manifests itself between two people, a bond is created. A bond that will last forever, until the end of their days...


Every step is a centimeter.Rebirth came in a dank basement. Rotting snow
and mud were scuffed into eternity on oozing cemetery grass.
Crows above, priests below.
The soul was a city broken but not sowed with salt
yet. It smothered the past with headlights,
streetlights swallowed by neon
and silence. The skies lost their way
between window reflections, painted your eyes,
then fell to pavement.
Lightning crouched like an animal
on bruise black skies,
raced across the skies, thick and white,
deafened voices and filled the eyes
drowned in tear-filled eyes
Autumn ElegyBeneath yellow leaves that seem
to catch the light of
a rose red sun,
I walk to find my way
toward a feeling closer than home.
The brown leaves that fall
on muddy lakes and are swept
away by clear and forthright
streams contain some aspect
of the desiccate determination
I sense flaking from
me like dying skin.
There is rain.
There will be rain.
Somewhere I know there
lies an old oak's acorn
sleeping to be reborn
in a belly of loam.
We are rain.
We will be rain.
Our souls evaporate,
condense on the windowpane
where a childlike god
breathes his anticipation
for spring to play again.
Come now, and walk
with me beneath the golden
canopy where feathered children
sing of simple names
for things we have
long since forgotten.
The squirrel hides his
seed and kernels beneath the
decayed, decaying leaves,
knowing renewal
is winter's destination.
Behind the grayest cloud,
the thickest flurry,
the sky is ever as blue,
and the sun burns as brightly,
as it did on the longest day when
we thought we kn

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