The A,B,C's of Literature: D

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The A,B,C's of Literature
Letter: D

Welcome to the another edition of the A,B,C's of Literature.
Each week there will be 15 pieces of literature featured and also 2 deviants which are based on a theme or letter.

For this week, the themes are: Deafening, Dreams, Dancing, Depression, deviantArt


Silence is DeafeningI have nothing left to say;
I've used up all my words,
Screamed out all the profanities,
Ran my throat hoarse.
The Silence -Is Deafening-The silence is deafening
Its like you're screaming in my ears
dont leave me
but i can't take it anymore
im prostrate down, lying  on the floor
my own body aches
and my heart can feel the break
coming on, coming down
from this cloud ive been soaring around
on, because even angels can die
and i, cant find a reason why
This silence is so deafening
why are you screaming?
don't leave me
don't leave me alone
your not alone at all
And i am torn and twisted
i hate my self and this is (goodbye)
no matter what i do
i just end up hurting you
and i dont want that
that was my first regret
and im coming coming down
from this cloud i've been soaring around
on, my love, my only i die tonight
and i can't find a reason why
but now i know the reason why
the silence is so deafening
it echoes back my emptiness
my regret, my remorse
i cant take this no more
and it tells me everything i did wrong
it gives me reflection (but no repentence)
and recourses me from my misdirection
goodbye, goodnight


Beyond DreamingDream beyond the world you know.
Dream about a new place to go.
A place where all your dreams come true.
I'm dreaming of a place where I can pull through.
My DreamsI had a dream last night.
The sky is orange, the air filled with smoke and nausea. The sun is setting, causing the shadows of the rocks to cast long shadows on the sand. I'm walking on "H"'s that are hooked up head to tail, head to tail, head to tail. Nobody is around me. Everything is sitting still as I walk.
I spot a person in the distance, walking on train tracks. Slowly, I catch up.
She is tall, taller than me, wearing a white dress with ruffles and mud on it. I spot the blood as it was soaking through the dress, fresh. She limps, a foot pounding the ground with every step. She has an eye patch on her left eye, and in her smile, there is a slender tube of cardboard.
"What are you doing?" I ask.
"I'm John Dee Wockafurrh." she mumbles loudly with her faux-cigar. She has a young feminine voice, fragile. She didn't even glance my way when she answers; her answer wasn't directed at me. She looks ahead with determination in her eye.
I looked at her up and down, like I used to look at the


Mature Content

Dancing In The RainDancing in the rain.
I twirl and skip.
I laugh at the sheer joy in life.
I raise my face to the heavens, and thank God for lending me this time on Earth.
All my past mistakes are being washed away.
All the sorrow and pain is gone.
But only for that brief moment in time while I dance in the rain.
As soon as I step through the door,
I must take that weight back onto my shoulders and struggle through another day.
But only until God starts crying again.


:thumb182460753::thumb182432148: Colorless Roses   I sat there, staring at the rose. Why wasn't it red? Why was it colorless? Why did it make me sad? Oh yeah, I can only be sad to begin with.
   "Key!" Anne called from across the field of so many red roses. She was more colorful than red itself though. I stared down at the colorless rose. Was this me? I understood. I was like this rose and the rest of the roses were like everyone else. I was colorless. I wasn't happy.
   "Key!!" Anne ran over to me. "What are you looking at?"
   I looked at her for a moment. "This rose." I replied.
   "Why that rose imparticular? There are thousands of roses here and you chose this one. You're so weird, Key." She smiled.
   I didn't understand. She was looking at it too. Didn't she see the sudden change from red to colorless? "Don't you see it?" I asked.
   She raised her eyebrow questioningly. "What do you mean?"
   She didn't see


Mature Content

:thumb181557368: Thank You, deviantART
November 6, 2007
Dear deviantART Community,
Expressing thanks to you all seems so little, though words are all I have to offer.  People from all around the world, that I've met through this community and become friends with, have offered so much more than tips, tricks, and information about art and photography.  There are people from many different countries, with all sorts of belief systems and points of view, that have encouraged me, and through me, my family, during my Dad's sickness.  There are many of us on dA who are serious about the art community and our love of art, whether it be photography, drawing, digital art, etc., that reach out to each other in different ways, and are always there to encourage and nudge each other along.
One of my real-life friends often comments about how people and friends through the internet aren't "real" people; how there is an "invisibility" barrier.  But, I disagree.  I know the internet can be a

:star: Spotlight Deviants :star:

:spotlight-left: Dani-the-Naiad :icondani-the-naiad: :spotlight-right:

Fur and FeathersWith a pitter-patter
of a soft paw,
a tinkle-tinkle of his bell
and a PUFF of fur in a blur
green eyes stare up
into green leaves
and a velvet pink nose sniffs
between wiggling whiskers
as he catches sight of
her pretty tale feathers
flying away
Childish HeartsChildish  h e a r t s,
       flawless and whole,
run  b a r e f o o t
       without any cares
They  p l a y  with the night
       through storm-cloudy dreams
flying in and around
             s o m e w h e r e s
F a s t e n  me
       to my childish heart
with  t h o s e  little
                pieces of string
And lift me through
        love's  w i n d y  caress
over the moon to go
                  s o a r i n g
Tie my  s w e e t  lovey
The Photographer's HandsHis hands
soft skin, clean fingernails
holding his treasured tool
s o   s o f t l y
the way they'd hold her hand

The quiet clicking of the camera
breaks the morning silence
and travels through the ever-cooling air,

His hands
gently pressing, focusing
a d j u s t i n g
the way they'd play at the fastens
                             of her crimson dress

to capture the bright magical colors
surrounding his
tall, dark silhouette

His hands
softly brush over the black buttons
in loving  c a r e s s e s
the way they'd slide smoothly over her warm, golden skin

A beauty found within his heart,
and captured inside his quiet device,
to send it floating softly into hers <3

:spotlight-left: dreamsinstatic :icondreamsinstatic: :spotlight-right:

Thank you to all the deviant suggestions and theme suggestions from pullingcandy TheseKrimzonFlames rockgem SableOrchid jcroxas msklystron williamfdevault Vashta-Nerada91 covenantfighter

Remember you can suggest a theme or deviant to me via note, or if you have someone for the next feature then please let me know

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