The A,B,C's of Literature: C

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The A,B,C's of Literature
Letter: C

Welcome to the third edition of the A,B,C's of Literature.
Each week there will be 15 pieces of literature featured and also 2 deviants which are related to a specific theme and the letter featured.

For this week, the themes are: Cat, Creation, Cancer, Colours and Careful


:thumb181353613: For her, I write this.A proclamation of love, most definitely,
but our story is not one of romance.
For shame, to make such assumptions,
that love is l'amour, and lovers must court!
No, this scribbled note is one of love between two best friends; two sisters,
one that writes tales, one that waves a tail behind her.
Do you know yet? Have you guessed?
Our Latin names differ, but that has never stopped me
from wrapping my arms around her and planting a kiss on her cheek,
her forehead, her side, her haunch.
Laughing as she shakes her head,
but leans in to sniff my face;  
her sweet affection filling me with
love and pride and joy and amusement.
If you haven't figured it out yet,
this must seem so strange to you.
But to me,
it is as natural, as beautiful as any love.
Me and my cat.


:thumb181584503: Invisible Book of the Universe by mreid973:thumb180683283:


CANCER CHILDby Raven-sass
Hanging in a closet
Waiting for someone
To find themselves
Looking for a skinny coat,
Dresses moved by their presents
Stored for Christmases
Two years before
The tumor were born
And the child is forgotten
Only to regain his presence
In their memories
With his cross eyes
Looking at the corpse
In only its uniforms
Treated like unicorns.

Mature Content



White Sunday 80: iridescencea light in a thousand colours, cascading from the emerald green
you wrap yourself in.  eyes of dark mystery and history,
a kiss like ebony and blood, flooding my soul with an unseen
course and force that commands of my soul a new story
built on truth, edgy and sharp, not the plastic playthings
that slipped in, in between the cracks to channel faith
like a venom,  distorting the contorted hope that springs
like an hungry illusion, a meta metaphor for the wraith
that remains.  strength an allegoried parlour trick,
sticking in mud made of dirt and the flood of earnest tears.
we are stronger than the pure elements, alloyed to stick
deep within the furnace of follies that belong to unborn years.
we are here, kairos, to collect the precognizant debt
in kisses, caresses, communicating in iridescent sweat.
William F. DeVault.  all rights reserved.
Our Sky
Angelic Blues
Fountain dreams
Look to the sky
Burning Gold
With clouds scorched lilac
Moon bleached blue,
Just beyond the horizon
There's eternity waiting
Patiently foreboding
Distant worlds clashing
Feel the wind whispering
See the words dancing,
Take my hand
Interlace our fingers
Fuse our bodies
And know that we have,
Forever waiting.


Be CarefulBe careful when you touch these shoulders
They hold the weight of the world
Be careful when you grab these hands
They've committed the worst of crimes
Be careful when you kiss these lips
Sometimes they can burn
Be careful when you love this person
Because he's darker than you know
Don't Befriend A Writer......And Never Love A poet
In the text I use the word writers as the idea of novelist, story writers, not just people who write anything. Poets therefore are those that write poetry.
Writers are, in a phrase, idea leeches on life. They take inspiration from all around them in any form they can get; be it a location, an idea or, as is the problem with most writers, a character.
It is easy enough for a writer to come up with an idea, plot lines are a penny a dozen, but to come up with an original, identifiable, realistic character, is one of the hardest things for a writer to do. So what do they do, they look around them to their friends. What better way to have a lifelike character if they are based on someone in real life, sure they will change the names and a few looks but if they have a friend with a personality to suit the story, they will find themselves constantly referencing to them, often having to keep correcting their name as they type the person's and not the character's

Thank you to all the deviant suggestions and theme suggestions from pullingcandy Vashta-Nerada91 rockgem covenantfighter polkapiggy water-earth-fire julietcaesar urban-lingo Quelythe

Remember you can suggest a theme or deviant to me via note, or if you have someone for the next feature then please let me know

Spotlight Deviants

:spotlight-left: :iconvashta-nerada91: Vashta-Nerada91 :spotlight-right:

Mature Content

:thumb150876722: To My Younger Self...My Dearest,
Know that what I say comes from your heart, no matter how much it may hurt to hear it now.  I know you've lost your way more than once, I watched you every time, fall farther and farther away.  And what you're doing now may seem like your only option, but I promise you it will only cause your more pain.  
This path you tread will give you nothing but pain and tears, and the scars will never heal – it's not worth it, so stop.
I see inside your heart, and know that I love you even though you loathe yourself.  Believe it or not you are worth loving.  You will find love, many years ahead, or at least the closest thing I have found to it; and you will find it in an unlikely someone.  Im sorry to say that you will need to break some hearts, even though it's always for the best. But it will still hurt more than you can imagine.
You will need to lean on your friends, many times in the near and far future.

:spotlight-left: :iconcaesaralexander: CaesarAlexander :spotlight-left:

The Writer's Demon
And so I grab hold of my trusty pen and ready myself for the coming night as I have done so many times before. The gesture is effortless. I turn the music lower, shut off the superfluous lighting, and assemble all my notes in order. I lock myself into the isolation of my own world. I have much work to do, and the burden of completion is near at hand. With such pressures bearing down on me, I focus on only delineating my ideas. I place the pages down two-by-two in coupled rows across the bed. Their ranks seem somewhat curved, like that of a subtle smile. But I do not feel like smiling. I must work. My deadline is nigh enough to necessitate such undivided attention. “Prattling onward can only slowdown my progress,” says I.
I sit beside my arranged notes, flirting with the idea that, perhaps, these things can wait. Yes, I consider this premise very strongly. But nay! I have to finish what I have begun. Although the night’s sweet relief of sleep begs me as filthy waifs and s

Mature Content

Mature Content

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Thanks for the honor of featuring my work, I really appreaciate it.
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Thank you very much for featuring my work :D
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:huggle: I just hope your A,B,C's of Literature thing gets noticed more, as I think it's a great concept :D
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I hope so too, but any exposure is better than none :) thank you for the support :hug:
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You're very welcome. I'm just glad I get to be a part :D
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thank you very much for the feature.
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We cannot say thanks enough to our journalist.
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I was not calling "your" writers journalist, but "our" writers. It was supposed to be an accolade to writers in general. I am sorry if you took it as a slight, but I did use the word "our".
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Oh no, I've not taken offence haha I didn't understand what you meant by it :giggle: I'm not at all slighted, :)
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Good. I am glad to hear so. :lol:
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Thank you so much. I feel the same as rlh1994. I'm hardly popular. haha. that's OK. It's about art, not popularity. But it does feel good to be noticed for once. Thanks! :D
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Your writing is flawless, I'm happy to have stumbled across you and please, please write some more!!! :D
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How'd you find my work?
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I looked through #Live-Love-Write and clickd on all the C deviants, and then chose my favourite to feature :)
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Oh duh, my deviant ID starts with a "C". ...this has not been my brightest moment. haha. Right over my head. :D
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Flawless? Awwwe, I'm so flattered! :D
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Thanks a lot for putting me in this, I don't normally get noticed for anything with either my poetry or prose so it means a lot, thanks again. ^-^
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You're very welcome, and I'm glad the purpose of this feature has been achieved :aww:
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Out of curiosity (haha another c word...anyway...) *cough*I'mnosey*cough* Can you tell me who suggested my piece? pwease
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