The A,B,C's of Literature

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The A, B, C's of Literature
Letter: A

Welcome to the first edition of the A,B,C's of Literature.
Each week there will be 15 pieces of literature featured and also 2 deviants which are based on a theme or letter.

For this week, the themes are Ambrosia, Aristocrat, Apple


:thumb179827127: ambrosia ambrosia and sweet sweet confidence
Will be back up soon, sorry for the inconvenience.
Ambrosia         You were always Fathers favourite,
      Though you flooded us all with gifts.
         But you took from us all
a bucket of this silver nectar
      to turn to man's indulgent poison.
   We stood in awe,
      our love for you swelled
         as we drank our souls to dust.



Mature Content

the aristocrat's tale  it did not begin suddenly.
   slowly over the years as flowers tend to lose petals,
       as their edges crumple in and blacken
so did Her fantasies.
...She had built herself a masked kind of happiness...
    through venom-red lips
the songs of demons reached Her silver-adorned ears,
the echoes of what had always been speaking somewhere
    in the back of Her mind.
       the sympathy and agony dripping off the chandelier,
   the black liquid raining down
            rose carpeted stairs,
       Her shining strand of pearls carved of
               rat's bones,
               the tiny insignific

:thumb133246039: The White AristocratI am the white aristocrat.
I look down upon you all, you lot of dark skinned, unthinking, instinct driven, animal like humanoids.
I stand above you, dressed in a personally tailored designer suite, sipping fine, aged wine out of a crystal glass, bathing in my riches.
Riches I gained by exploiting you, you herd of lower intellect sheep, closer in shape and mind to our, somehow common, primate ancestors than you are to me.
We live in a George Orwell book,
And it's so easy to join the pigs.


Apple's BreathI want to sing to the stars
To brush your lips with hazy breath
Quickening as it mingles
Mingles with your too-sweet breath

There are diamonds in the sky, and they say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. They don't know the meaning of friendship. You once told me that your best friend was a Harlequin Great Dane named Cookies and Cream - but Cookie for short - who was graceful as he was huge, huge as he was kind, and kind as our love was strong. You blushed when you said that.
I wondered why you said that, when the scent of fallen apples hung in the air, staining it and tainting it a sweet shade of honeysuckle red; and the sky was a pale baby blue fading into violet and red. Your skin was ivory, and I thought of the milky white that Cookie's fur was sure to be; you would surely mold into one another with shared embraces on a soft warm hearth.
There was something dancing in your eyes at dusk that night, something purely other and different to your usual shyness.
Apple seedAn apple seed
falls to the ground
growing into a
brilliant tree
blossoming until
its leaves turn
and apples fall
leaving behind
a bare sacred
where people
sit under
and drink sweet cider
the romantic air
spreading a cool
scented blanket
of spiced pumpkin
all around them
until they fall
into a blissful
with hands
locked together
in a tight grasp
holding a single
delicate apple seed
Blood Apple
      Just a typical Friday, that's all it was.  Coming home from the grocery store after pinching pennies to make ends meet.  She had driven as carefully as ever along the roads.  He had joked about her sister coming over for dinner; she ate more food then the two of them combined and always asked when they planned to settle down.  She had laughed as usual, never taking her eyes off the road.
      She hadn't had time to react when the car come towards them, hitting the driver's side of the car. They had both been thrown by the impact.  Her seatbelt, worn after all the years of high school and college students pulling at it, snapped.  He had heard the crack from the front of the car before he lost consciousness.
      The yelling brought him back to reality; she wasn't next to him.  He fumbled with his seatbelt until it snapped

Spotlight Feature

:spotlight-left: Adiana :iconadiana: :spotlight-right:

Withering windowsillfor some reason, I'm not quite sure
the flowers on my windowsill are dying
maybe it's because i forgot to give them water?
or maybe it's because i forgot to put them in the sun?
then again, maybe it's because I don't talk to them,
like my grandfather sometimes tells me to do.
or maybe, just maybe
it's because they are jealous.
they used to be the prettiest things in the room
they used to light up my day, they used to make me smile
and they still do,
but now there's you.
And you
take my breath away.
maybe you take their breath away too?
I lieI Lie
I'd kiss you
If you promise me
Your heart will skip a beat
And strand uncertainly
Trying to find the next one,
but never reaching it.
I'd be with you
If you'd promise to stay with me
And never leave me alone
But you can't do that
You can never do that
I'd close my eyes and fall asleep
If when I wake up
I'd know where I am again
I'd know who I am again
I'd know who you are to me
I'd push you away
If you'd forgive me for not giving you a chance
If pushing you away meant pushing myself in the right direction again
If i could promise you my smile I would
If I could give you my hand I would
If I could say 'I love you'.. I would
But I never will.
Once there was a monster named Ted
He lives in your closet, or sometimes under your bed.
He is big and green, but he's never mean
He got kicked out of monster school,
they said he wasn't worth the part
They blamed him for not being scary enough,
They blamed him for having a heart.
They threw him out and he ran away
He was all alone and he cried all day
Untill he saw Sam, Sam was a little boy
The bullies at school had just smashed his favourite toy
Now Ted, as I said, was a monster big and green
And though he actually wasn't, he could look pretty mean.
He put on a grimm face and made a nasty noise
He really scared the pants off those bullying boys
Now Sam never needs to worry
The only thing he does is hurry
Hurry home, to play with Ted
Ted, the big green monster, living under his bed.
Fragile dreamsFragile Dreams
If I could understand a word you say
Would everything go right for a day ?
Where were you when I gave you my heart
And where was I when we drifted apart
I never could figure out what lay there
Behind your dreamy eyes
The things that made me care
That started my demise
Maybe I always knew
My fragile dreams would be broken
For you ..
If we could talk it over
You'd see i'm not a rover
And there is much more to me
Than anything you'd ever see
I dream about your smile
And if you'd realise how much I'd care
It would make this all worthwhile
My biggest secret I would share
Maybe I always knew
My fragile heart would be broken
By you ..

:spotlight-left: ATrue :iconatrue: :spotlight-right:


Thank you to pullingcandy for the Theme suggestions

Remember you can suggest a theme to me via note, or if you have someone for the next feature then please let me know

Next Week: B

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This is so amazing! I think I'm going to like this series.:lol:

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