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:spotlight-left: Amazing April Faves :spotlight-right:

Each month, I collect some amazing pieces of art into a Collection folder with the intent of featuring them throughout the month and then a final feature on the first day of the new month.

:pointr: April Faves Folder :pointl:

Visual Art

:Don't let go: by Ailedda I want to be with you by IgNgRez My dark desire by meganjoy Gimme Five by La-Vita-a-Bella
the Eiffel Tower in paris by hongryu :thumb162011622: Golden Afternoon by MissHayleyBee Turtle Headphones by Bobsmade
another baloons by widjita :thumb162027019: As we walked by VexingArt
These precious moments by UgurDoyduk 1050. by ForgottonPhotography reverie by bailey--elizabeth k i s s by estellamestella
SLEEP by lora-zombie you're the only one by Megson :thumb162172996: :thumb161375508:

:thumb162102408: le matin by Catliv :thumb161675951: summit by lisans
see you again by ivadesign Not Tall Enough by oO-Rein-Oo :thumb161682774: MakeMeBelieve by impatienss
Swan Song by Onceuponatime13 Temptation by Lykketroll In restless dreams by iNeedChemicalX :thumb161674451:
higher and higher by Megson april-morning by impatienss An Artist's Nightly Lair by TeaPhotography A tire-d'aile... by Cumulonymbus
:thumb161628000: :thumb161466588: Passion by ourneverland :thumb161475161:

:thumb161494926: La fiancee sans son fiance by AlexandraSophie :thumb158629345:
:thumb161384162: Beautiful mind by incredi Baloons by Krepka celebrate the summer by sweet-reality-xo
Like sun by Bomb-Creator :thumb161335667: :thumb161334509: No Smoking by beorange
:thumb161344595: :thumb161350818: Memories by superarianna :thumb162090565:
:thumb161311725: Sky is over by Impl69sioN :thumb161678390: City Lake by thenti

Sky is burning HDR by xMAXIx Creetown: Eyjafjallajokull Sundown by Coigach Alannah's Poppies. by TwistedHearts 021 by light-from-Emirates
Green Nature by TheMechanikalDoll :thumb160306233: Cherry Kiss by muhjo Morning Sunshine by happyfruitcake
:thumb150134970: :thumb124352702: Fly away by Seculla
:thumb161782350: incertitude by csaby1 Dandelion by Disillusionn Paradise Now by Coffin420
Light Begins by poe47 :thumb161814467: purple flower by des-consuelo Sunrise on Puget Sound by CorazondeDios

:thumb161817511: :thumb162124974: A Balmy Eve by Kaz-D :thumb161589566:
Spring XIII by cristiandobre Sunset_22 by Marcello-Paoli :thumb140802794: Goodbye by Labbonno
Echoes by P11K :thumb161177427: waiting for you by ozonablue dream of summer by sweet-reality-xo
:thumb161498228: :thumb161477083: SCOTLAND SUNRISE by taylorfan Summer by kristinix
clouds by meiyu14 :thumb161428010: :thumb161151026:

A Fiery Sky by Kaz-D 020 by light-from-Emirates Mom and me - ink wash by ihni :thumb161282796:
Crimsons Wings. by Xedec :Feel the rain: by Ailedda Foggy Day by Sesjusz beach by bethdu
smooth by BigBaysen :thumb161244441: A New Dawn by NakshatraNights Stories by nairafee
Golden Sandbar by delsando from different worlds by CAMERAfanatic DA what are you doing? :no: by Ailedda Spring 1 by shadowlight-oak
in a dream... by feed-me-cookiez :thumb161102167: The Cat Family by FalafelIsAReligon :thumb160246509:

Warm moment by Shum-a :thumb160625345: :thumb160641055: _8160 by WmThomas
Silence by photan Puncak, Indonesia 2 by Zaroe Winter pic 2 by kirtap91 rosado by h23b
Little Red by DyZzO WaterFall by Riversource Butterfly I by RestlessScreams you are special by dovymoon
00028 by Crossfire322 God Rests in Reason-Close Up by MutilatedAudio Forgive Forget by mxlove Black Moonlight by NunoPires
:thumb161044688: :thumb161154495: :thumb161149002: :thumb160830759:

Crush by RoxMad Transient Orca Bull 0414018 by OrcinusPacifica Transient Orca Cow 0414013 by OrcinusPacifica Transient Orca Cows 417012 by OrcinusPacifica
.:.Hello.:. by Ailedda :thumb119679070: See You Again by carrionshine :thumb160670178:
97 by ayla-es :thumb160733990: :thumb160707057: Color Me Purple by JoyfulColor
. w i s h e s . by iGoBrullen Every rose has its thorn by Racilicious Am i stranger by I-Utopia Undress Me by happyfruitcake
Jumping in the past by Mariadreamer My Hearts Bleed For You by o-kaykay Peachy Rose by AtomicBrownie Man on bike by Mokarta-Photo

I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today by Blakannan People 004 + 04.10 by LPDisney .:.Wish upon a flower II.:. by Ailedda .:.Fading away.:. by Ailedda
The other Side by BBilly by the River by BBilly The Palace HDR by Immuniselectrun Ethereal by Synthetamine
purple tree by AlexBlood :thumb160537348: :thumb160493438: Hummingbird by closeinminds
:thumb160491950: More whales by XxDanniexX Shamu by XxDanniexX Nathane 02 by sim4nee

Attracted to Green by tupilak White teaser by ScorpionEntity :thumb159686755: :thumb160262417:
:thumb160330800: b       o      a       t by BOsKiKroKodyL :thumb160461304: :thumb160462952:
sognare. by kagurafuuko Cry by Briscott :thumb134714348:
Mushrooms by gnitfird-neleh Atardecer Twilight by Melancholy-Puppet Richer Purity by Professor-Kirby ray of light by souldandhappiness
:thumb160002922: White dot in the green by vallo29 People 001 + 04.10 by LPDisney TURN by MirkoCamia

:You're one of a kind: by Ailedda .:.A Flower's Secrets.:. by Ailedda toward the light . . .. by light-from-Emirates :thumb159060384:
:thumb159495971: Frozen Path by xrust Cranes Master by horatziu1977 L_O_V_E by Ria-K
little lady bugs by KFT-Andri :thumb134679128: in bloom 2 by eocjtlels Azalea I by Babywarrior5
Alexandra 5-14 by matmcd Alexandra 5-20 by matmcd Divorced by lovehate877 april showers by veraleee

:thumb159337591: Volcano trip 6 by Barbari0069 :thumb158090167: Hopetoun Falls by Sembre
Water Falling by Drocan :thumb160205792: :thumb149996137: :thumb160220209:
Blanketed by Simply-Simon :thumb159577493: :thumb159715148: Lake Louise -2 by tamauz
Three Takes by Bass4819 :thumb160244644: Sweetness by colorful-child Cuteness by colorful-child

:thumb160245352: :thumb160244960: :thumb160248436: :thumb160236436:
Getting things done by Padx :thumb159432229: :thumb159628561: Hoverfly by inmc
:thumb124544265: Twilight by skylovekiss :thumb160275080: Salou III by bamkorn
searching for a silent sky by whaeah beach by ine87 :thumb160274040: Carribean Sky by Lunahawk-94

:thumb160177055: :thumb160155385: 4 All my DA Friends by Tailgun2009 Dreams by Moowna
Apocalyptic Tomorrow by EagleXDV :thumb140065322: :thumb96189787: A New Life by allisonwashko
Quiet galaxies by Sandrita-87 :thumb151626977: Love Comes Tumbling by Alexandru1988 Lily macro by razvi9
:thumb159874635: flower2 by Arrakis7 heather horizon by olcziiia :thumb134484456:

Daisies by Liuanta Green by Nijn88 :thumb160049939: :thumb134721888:
The Unknown by Hennah83 Rose bud after the rain by Tailgun2009 :thumb159387885: :thumb159319978:
Peaceful Friendship by ninazdesign Held. by kle0012 :thumb160007766: ne m'oublie pas. by im-not-sana
Purple Lotus by Saltychocolate101 Kiss me.. by elywenfey Catch a falling star by WildWinyan :thumb117240072:


:thumb150707978: :thumb159223565: Joie de Vivre by Decadent-Dreamer :thumb159068511:
Make Me A Hero by EpleGoesInsane Salvation by LadyLincoln I need it... Just be... by jcroxas :thumb159938879:
Silhouettes. by sm26 :thumb160049606: The writer in me by metal-steffi :thumb160042350:
Alive by VeilAlice Phil by aprilsloveaffair :thumb159805227: :thumb160075135:
The Perfect Way by Kaz-D Stitch Me Back Together by xTalithax Justa a little too late.. by Nonatwilight :thumb135011914:
:thumb160203979: :thumb117923610: :thumb160312856: The Secret Garden by Created-By-Caz
:thumb160284714: :thumb160324724: :thumb64103776: :thumb160475640:
:thumb160467548: :thumb160458516: :thumb160461144: :thumb160456265:
:thumb157898455: :thumb160453406: :thumb160453248: :thumb160104504:
:thumb160690285: :thumb154814495: :thumb158568461: :thumb160624454:
:thumb160672866: :thumb160832923: :thumb161111144: :thumb161209741:
:thumb161312188: :thumb161233774: :thumb161351900: :thumb156716817:
:thumb154896424: :thumb161357056: :thumb161352643: :thumb159579363:
:thumb161326222: :thumb161327759: :thumb161329484: :thumb103173347:
:thumb161477086: :thumb162131579: :thumb162127226: :thumb162126454:
:thumb154880797: :thumb162101990: :thumb162118955::thumb162100519:
:thumb162098391: :thumb160360560: :thumb162199150: :thumb162083745:
:thumb161692336: :thumb161635367: :thumb161612200: :thumb120386926:
:thumb121456094: :thumb160659844: :thumb27840691: :thumb155775707:

:star: :pointr: May Faves Folder :pointl: :star:
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Thank you very much :meow:
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Sorry soooooooo late, but thank you for this kindness and generosity! :tighthug:
I'm so happy and amazed to be among all this wonderful artwork! :heart:
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thank you so much for the feature, i am honored !
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:wave: Thanks so much for including me in your feature! :hug:
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Thank you so much for the fav and Thanks for your compliments!! It means a lot for me :heart:!
This collection is amazing dear!
Have a great day :hug:
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you're welcome, and thanks very much :heart:
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Amazing feature, thanks for the inclusion!!!
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What a beautiful collection, Sammie! Thanks so much for including Color Me Purple!! :hug:
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Thanks :)

you're most welcome hun
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wonderful collection!thank you very much!:heart:
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Thank you kindly fo the featured. :)
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Thank you so much! :hug::heart: Lovely collection :heart:
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Ohh thanks so much for the feature! You've really collected a bunch of beautiful stuff here!
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you're welcome :)

and thank you very much :bow:
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:hug: dA is really full of nice art and people. :)
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:hug: Oh thank you Sammie-pie.... I'm honored to have my poem "war songs" included amongst such an array of wonderful other works and art.
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