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Dutchess by the-penmans-mind Dutchess :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 2 0 ready for winter by the-penmans-mind ready for winter :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 0 0 Eeeeeevvvvviiiiilllllllll 2p Rome by the-penmans-mind Eeeeeevvvvviiiiilllllllll 2p Rome :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 4 0 Soundwave by the-penmans-mind Soundwave :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 1 0 Empress by the-penmans-mind Empress :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 1 0 Joy peace and wonder by the-penmans-mind Joy peace and wonder :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 0 1 2p FACE by the-penmans-mind 2p FACE :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 1 0 2p Germany by the-penmans-mind 2p Germany :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 6 0
   The fifteen year old girl sat on the front pew, staring blankly at the front of the church, where her brother laid, in a lonely coffin, surrounded by nothing more than cheap cotton lining and his old artwork, which the pastor had displayed, hoping that the girl's brother would have liked it that way.
   Her name was Donna, and the boy who was sitting in the coffin, was her twin brother, Dan. Many people had mistaken her for Dan at the funeral, they both had the same curved noses, blue eyes, dark brown hair, and freckled complection. Only her brother was taller and skinnier, while she looked like a packed sausage,.
   She felt her eyes water as she stared down at her brothers pale, powdered complection. He wore a tie and a sweater vest too small for him, (he had always grown out of his clothes quickly) he looked so happy, so peaceful, just like he always had been.
   She took her brothers hands and winced, pushing back tears as she saw the
:iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 0 5
Expensive taste by the-penmans-mind Expensive taste :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 3 2 The Incredible HULK!! by the-penmans-mind The Incredible HULK!! :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 3 17 Kankri and Karkat by the-penmans-mind Kankri and Karkat :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 1 13 colored horse by penman by the-penmans-mind colored horse by penman :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 2 0 Another 2p Canada! by the-penmans-mind Another 2p Canada! :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 11 20 Sucky coloring by the-penmans-mind Sucky coloring :iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 4 4
The Orange ribbon chapter 11 (finale)
       Al and Albeth were the only ones in Emily's room when Emily's cancer took over her body, and took her life. She died at 3:15am, Sunday. Al had sat in the chair watching her, his head spinning, Albeth was asleep on the other side of the room. His fingers tapped the chairs armrest as he watched as Emily tossed and turned, he glanced at the clock. 3:10. He sighed and put his face in his hands, his eyes stinging. the room was dark and empty to him, his heart ached as he heard Emily muttered in her sleep. He shakily sighed again, looking up drowsily at the child in the hospital bed. Her head turned to face him, he saw the glimmer of her blue eyes as she smiled weakly at Al, and whispered. "....A-Al? C-Can you c-come here?"
   Al looked up at her, his eyes glistened and he nodded and stood up walking to the edge of the bed and kneeling down to look at her. She smiled at him, taking his hand in hers.
"A-Al.....Can you my papa?"' She asked,
:iconthe-penmans-mind:the-penmans-mind 1 4


Russia X Reader - Frozen CH.5
Chapter 5 - Russia
You shivered, as your horse trudged through the two feet of snow.
“Elizabeta! Elizabeta! It’s me, ___...your sister who didn’t mean to make you freeze the summer. I’m sorry. It’s all my f-f-fault.” Your horse continued to struggle, as a wolf’s howl rose up from the forest. “Of course, none of this would have happened if she’d just told me her secret...”
Suddenly, the branch of a nearby tree snaps, startling the horse. He rears up, causing you to fly off and land face-first into the snow. As you sit up and spit the snow out, the horse gallops away.
“Oh no! Come back! No!” He doesn’t come back and you sigh, grabbing onto the branch of a pine tree to pull yourself up. Once you get to your feet the branch snaps, releasing all the snow upon the tree on top of you. You groan and begin to trudge through the snow. The Northern Lights begin to shine in the sky as you struggle to reach the top of the
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 82 30
Russia X Reader - Frozen CH.1
Chapter 1 – For the First Time in Forever
You were peacefully sleeping, until a loud knocking came from your door… door? Weren’t you just in the library?
You sat up, some of your drool dripping from your hand you were laying on. You wiped it off on your pajamas. Pajamas?! Okay, something wasn’t right. Another knock came from your bedroom door.
“Princess ___...?” Princess? Who was this guy? You clear your throat, brushing some of your hair out of your face.
“…Yeah?” You answered.
“Sorry to wake you, ma’am but it’s time to get ready.” Now you were really confused.
“Ready for what?” You asked.
“Your sister’s coronation, ma’am.” Sister? What was going on?! Wait… was this Frozen. You’ve never seen the movie (unlike millions of others), but you remember your friend telling you a bit about the story. Lucky you, she didn’t spoil everything.
You got up, seeing a fa
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 163 99
Germany X Reader - Beauty and the Beast CH.5
Chapter 5 – Be Our Guest
The door creaks a little, as you emerge from the room. You quickly walk past a curtain-covered window, heading to the kitchen. Walking downstairs, you search for a door or maybe even a sign that would lead to the kitchen. You smelt some food and headed in that direction.
You entered what you guessed was to be the kitchen, interrupting a conversation between Arthur and Elizabeta.
“Splendid to see you out and about, dear. I am Arthur, head of the household.” He reaches out his wooden hand and you put your hand in his. He was about to kiss it in respect, when a certain French candlestick butted in his way, kissing your hand instead. “This is Francis.”
“En chante, cherie.” Francis winked, continuing to kiss your hand. Arthur began to attempt to talk to you, while Francis distracted him.
“If there's anything... stop that... that we can...please…” Arthur finally shoved him away. Offended, Francis put his lit
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 128 37
Germany X Reader - Beauty and the Beast CH.4
Chapter 4 – Pleading Friends
“I will show you to your room.” You heard a hint of guilt, as you looked to him surprised.
“My room?” You looked around the cell. “But I thought-“
“You want to stay in the tower?” He asked, now a bit harsher.
“Then follow me.” He led the way, you lagging behind a bit. You examined the hideous sculptures on the walls and the light casting shadows on them. You walked a little faster, a bit frightened by the statues. The beast looked back and hesitated.
“I... um... hope you like it here. My name is Ludwig, by the way…” He seemed to hesitate and you heard a slight whispering. Ludwig? Wasn’t that Germany’s name? Could this be-? You blushed. There was no way this was him. “The castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you wish, except the West Wing.”
“What's in the West Wing?” You asked, now intrigued.
“It is forbid
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 134 27
Germany X Reader - Beauty and the Beast CH.2
Chapter 2 - Gilbert
“How can you read this? There's no pictures!”
“Well, some people use their imaginations.” You rolled your eyes.
“___, it's about time you got your head out of those unawesome books and paid attention to more important things... like the awesome me! The whole town's talking about it.” He tossed the book away. You looked over to see some girls stalking the Prussian and they sighed at his words. You picked up the book, cleaning off the mud. “It's not right for a woman to read-soon she starts getting ideas... and thinking.”
“Gilbert, you are positively primeval.” He put his hand on your shoulder. “Why thank you, ___.  Hey, whaddya say you and the awesome me take a walk over to the tavern and have a look at my awesome hunting trophies?”
“Maybe some other time.” You brushed past him, heading in the direction of your home.
“What's wrong with her?”
“She's crazy!”
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 129 29
Cold~ Lucci x Reader - Day 2 of Christmas

    You stretch happily, a nail hanging from your lips. You peer over at your partner. "You already done Lucci?" You ask walking over the finished railing. He nods and you smile. "Awesome, I love working with you, we always finish early," You chime as a cold wind wraps around you.
      "Brr! Think I'll head to the bar... Merry Christmas Lucci," You give him a smile and pet Hatori. "You too Hatori, see you two tomorrow." You tell them before flipping off the railing and onto the ground below heading off shivering slightly.
       Lucci leans on the railing watching you go. "So, how's it going with ___?" Kaku asks sitting on the railing. Lucci shifts.
       "I don't know what you mean." He murmurs.
       "Come now, it's obvious she has caught your attention. Go on, don't let her be alone on Christmas night." Kaku chuckles.
     You hum quietly, drink
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 125 9
Sir Crocodile x fem Reader
You gazed over the ships railing watching as the water swayed ever so gently, the feeling of the rocking ship gave you comfort, the smell of the ocean gave you this feeling of home, and the ship was that very home you lived on. You were part of a growing crew, you only felt comfortable around your Captain and Vice Captain, but there were reasons for that. They saved you, not long ago did you find yourself fighting for your life, trying to get anything you could, you protected yourself well from others but you could never protect yourself from your thoughts and hunger. Seeing as you had a small run down house with little to no money in your pockets, so scraping up food was hard.
You lived with people but they were just there, you never talked to them, you never shared anything with them. Why would you though? They weren't family, they were just two former pirates who asked for shelter nothing big.
The two men did save you, but unintentionally they were actually after a certain person wh
:icontatsukionada:TatsukiOnada 14 0
Hope (Crocodile x Reader) AU Pt. 1

“Alright: coffee is on his desk, newspaper as well, Mr. Whitebeard will be here for the meeting at  9:30, then off to Racey’s at noon for a meeting with Mr. Donquixote.  Stock reports are ready, and he is running late.”
“I’m not late,” a deep voice interrupted.
I turned with a gasp to see Mr. Crocodile standing there reaching to take the stock reports from my desk.
“Everyone else is simply early.”
“Sorry sir,” I muttered.  “I did not know that you were there.  Also isn’t it rude to interrupt someone’s thoughts.”
“Not if it involves business for the day.  Is my—”
“On your desk, also I brought you a breakfast sandwich.  Can’t run all day with no food Mr. Crocodile.”
“Thank you.  Please inform me when Whitebeard arrives.”
There was a pause in his step before he made hi
:iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 58 2
Silent Voices pt.1 (AU)| Reader X Teacher!Mihawk

              “I could have walked you know,” you mutter tugging on the collar of your jacket, “or caught the bus like everybody else.” 
              Your brother smiles at you from the driver seat and pats your hand,
              “Oh come on my little sparrow, what’s the problem?”
              “Don’t you have work?” you ask.
              “I don’t have to be at work for two and a half more hours,” he replies with a smile, “Besides how could I not drive my little sister to her first day of school eh?”
:iconpsychocircus774:PsychoCircus774 130 11
Rob Lucci x Reader: Empathy, Sympathy, Apathy

    Good. No one’s in this alley… You come out from behind a corner and continue walking towards the back door of the grocers. Knocking on the door, you call out, “Mrs. Clara, I’m here again!”
    The door opened to show a woman with short black hair, leaning against the doorframe. “Why (name), it’s good to see you again! How’s work at the inn?”
    “Good, good! We’ve got a lot of customers recently, so Boss sent me out to get more ingredients for tonight’s dinner.”
    “Wahahaha! If Taylor has more customers, then that’s good business for the rest of the island!” Clara slowly stops laughing, gazing at you. “(name), why don’t you come in the front of the store instead of the back door?”
    You blush, averting your gaze and rub
:iconmunran:MunRan 125 9
.whistle // rob lucci x reader.
.Rob Lucci x Reader.
    You despised these kind of days - no, scratch that, absolutely hated them. When the sun was hot, beating down mercilessly onto the dusty and dirt covered ground. Everything around you at a distance, no matter where you looked, seemed as though it were moving upwards in waves like an ocean in the sky while the sweat on your face and body rolled downwards in a way that disgusted you. It just came down in rolls under your already soaked cotton t-shirt, causing it to cling to your body and chafe every time you stretched your arms, you had to bend your body and the shirt rode up along your abdomen and chest. Luckily, you were inside the captains quarters of the ship in progress, painting it according to the demands, so the sun wasn't hitting you in direct contact, but the still air was driving you insane. Not to mention the paint covering your shirt, shorts and just simply your body didn't make this matter any better, and the sound of the
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 113 17
Guildam Boys as Anthros by Sleyf Guildam Boys as Anthros :iconsleyf:Sleyf 97 21
Mature content
The art of smile (Loki x reader) oneshot :iconcoldfordeath:ColdForDeath 53 5
I'm Sorry (Bruce X Reader)
Bruce Banner X reader
"B-Bruce?" Your voice quivered with fear as Bruce roared. He'd gotten angry, very angry by a failed experiment he'd spent months working on. You happened to be walking into his lab at the wrong time to bring him dinner as it was late and he was your boyfriend.
He ran at you, the green flash of his large body was the last thing you say as he tossed you into the wall. You instantly fell unconscious, he ran past you without thinking twice and wrecking chaos upon the Shield base. Only to be stopped by the team using a sound wave machine to transformer him back to the man you loved.
You woke up in S.H.I.E.L.D.S hospital with you best friend, Tony by your side.
"Where his he? Is he safe?"
"He's in his room, he's fine. Take it easy alright, you hit your head really hard." Tony frowned and hand you a cup of water which you doused in 6 seconds flat and stood up, your head pounded but you didn't care.
"Woah woah, Y/N. Slow down." Tony snapped by your side and placed a hand
:iconcorrisym:corrisym 4 0
My Love is Dark - Yandere! Levi x Reader
“You are mine. Yes you are. You are mine even if I watch from afar”
Colors of red, yellow, and brown leaves swirled around you.
You inhaled the cool breeze. The frosty air hitting your insides like ice picks. Sighing you muttered, “I hate that my parents made me move and leave my old friends behind…”
You grabbed a nearby red leaf and surveyed its wrinkles. “This new place sucks. I wish I was back at my old place. This school -“ You paused and looked around to see adolescents shuffling into the academic buildings like zombies, “-is so boring.”
From behind you, a certain boy chimed in. “Damn right it i.s”
You jumped in surprise. “Ah! What the heck!”
The boy –correction the short male teen- smirked, “You’re lack of cursing amuses me, brat.”
Your cheeks flamed. Here he was again. The infamous guy that broke many girls’ hearts:
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 364 70
Soldier Germany x Nurse Reader 2
  Missing Pieces Chapter 2
"I can do this. I can do this!" She inhaled sharply, "I can do this!"
  She was closely approaching his room. Each step was weighed down by raw dread. Ludwig's reactions were unpredictable, dangerous. Still, (Y/N) could not deny the fact that she was elated to have her true love living in her home. Ludwig was such a pain, but she loved him nonetheless. Her feelings have only increased since the day he had finally awoken. The more he yelled, or pushed people away, the more determined she became to steal his heart. Assuming, of course, if he still had one.
 "Ludwig." He looked up from the book he was reading.
  She rushed the words out as quickly as she could manage, "Thehospitalisrunningoutofroomsoyouhavetocomehomewithme."
  He stared. Then he gave a hearty laugh that echoed over the gunshots in the background. "There is no absolute way you can force me to lodge with you!"
  "It's not as if I want you to come with me, (lie) but th
:iconwifefu:wifefu 63 53



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