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Hetalia Marching Band AU-Instruments
There are 3 main reasons he tried for drum major—he can’t march bassoon, he hates marching anyway, and he’s more than likely going to be a music major in the future. For pep band, he plays the low end of the marimba with Kiku because he’s played piano for 8 years. For his drum major audition, he used Flight of the Bumblebee. He hates parades so much and gets tired and sweaty after 2 minutes.
Charlie(New Zealand):
He’s a better player than a marcher, sometimes being a part in making the band go back a set. He mainly chose to march because Arthur and Jett did, and didn’t want Jett to be better at something than him. He keeps his piccolo in top shape and since 8th grade when he got it, it’s probably needed repaired in any way under 5 times, and he treats it like his child. He keeps his uniform bag almost as neat as Ludwig does.
Piccolo/Flute Captain. He’s amazing at playing both. Thoug
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 3 3
SebaCiel Oneshot
Ciel leaned his head back against the tub, sighing softly as Sebastian massaged his scalp.
“That feels nice…” he mumbled. Sebastian kissed his shoulder.
“I’m glad you find it pleasurable, mas-”
“Ciel,” the other sharply interrupted. “When we are alone…you will call me by my name. That’s an order…”
Sebastian gave him another kiss on the cheek, dotting his nose as well as swiping under it with soap.
“I will happily do so. You wouldn’t have had to make it an order, Ciel.”
It had taken a moment for Ciel to even realize what Sebastian had done. He blushed hard and quickly wiped off the soap, then smeared it on Sebastian’s cheek.
“Wait, Sebastian.”
“Yes, Ciel?”
Ciel blushed. He knew it would take a while to get used to Sebastian calling him by his name, even though he ordered him to do so himself.
“Sit on the bed,” he quietly ord
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Hetalia Oneshot (FrUK)
Approaching his lover silently, France smiled softly. The Brit had fallen asleep holding his TARDIS mug, a Shakespeare copy loosely gripped in the other hand. France gently took the book out of his grasp and sat it on the coffee table, as it was about to fall anyways, then slowly pried slim fingers away from the ceramic, setting it next to the upside-down book.
The Frenchman draped an arm over his lover’s shoulder from behind, running the middle and ring finger of his other hand down England’s jawline all the while planting a feathery kiss to his forehead, trailing them down both of his cheekbones, the tip of his nose, and the corners of his mouth.
By now the Englishman’s eyes were fluttering open, blonde, wavy hair tickling his eyelashes as well as the rest of his face. He smiled.
“Hello there, love.” He had noticed his former sources of entertainment had been removed, but honestly didn’t care at the moment. He had something different to occupy him.
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 7 0
HetaSoul! A Hetalia and Soul Eater Crossover? Ch.4
Alright, before we begin, 2 A/N: (1.) We finally get to see what our favorite countries are doing! During this fanfiction, it is set in the present, so WW2 is already over. So even though the Axis and Allied Powers don’t really make up the Axis and Allied Powers, Germany calls for morning training sessions for Italy and Japan because we all know he’s constantly concerned for them. (2.) I can’t figure out good chapter titles, so I’m just numbering them from now on! Mkay, let’s move on!
~In Nobody’s Point of View~
“Okay, ve vill start vizh ten laps around zhe perimeter of my house.”
Right after Germany ordered that, Italy took off running. Germany inwardly groaned and made a move to go after him.
But, oddly enough, Italy didn’t run off the premises. Instead, he ran the regular path he was usually forced to run through by Germany, at a very fast pace he didn’t seem to have a problem with. Germany started off in the same di
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 4 6
HetaSoul! A Hetalia and Soul Eater Crossover? Ch.3
~A Month After the Graduations in Nobody’s Point of View~
“Aw, poop! I forgot the number, Will!”
Germania’s eyebrow twitched in anger. “Move out of zhe vay! I’ll do it myself! And call me by my full name!” He shoved Rome away from the store window and breathed hot air across the surface.
“42-42-564; vhenever you vant to knock on Deazh’s Door,” he spoke and wrote on the glass, and a familiar face showed after a moment.
“Whazzup! Whazzup! WHA—oh, sorry. I thought you were a student or part of the staff. That’s always how I answer them,” Lord Death explained.
Germania rolled his eyes and scoffed. “Vhatever, just take us to your Deazh Room so ve can discuss arrangements.” After Lord Death tried to look disappointed but gave up, due to not having a variety of facial expressions, a bright light seemed to suck the two into the Death Room without another second to waste. The other staff of the DWMA
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 3 6
HetaSoul! A Hetalia and Soul Eater Crossover? Ch.2
At the Graduation Celebration! You Still Can't Remember Them?
[Nobody's point of view BTW]
"So, are you guys ready for the graduation celebration?" Tsubaki asked the table, trying to lighten up the mood of her friends.
"Yeah, sure...Ready to party..." Maka responded, lamely poking at her white rice with a chopstick. She looked up and gave a fake smile, which wasn't convincing due to her drooping eyes.
"Leaving the DWMA before becoming a death scythe is totally uncool..."
"I'm gonna miss Miss Marie..." Crona added.
"KYAAA!! That old hag couldn't even tell the difference between her left and her right! Why would you miss HER!?" Ragnarok shouted in his face in return.
[Stein's point of view]
"Oh, so Francis sounds like France, so that should be easy to remember..." I muttered very quietly to myself, trying to remember the country and human name of each individual from the files I received. "Got him down, so now I need to try to identify the Allied Forces fr
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 5 5
HetaSoul! A Hetalia and Soul Eater Crossover? Ch.1
Chapter 1-Last Day at the DWMA! An Important Meeting?
I strode through the halls of the building I teach at, most students quickly clearing out of the way. I'm very sure this is because they get so terrified near me, due to the insanity that tore at my soul, even before Asura was awoken by that awful witch.
After all our enemies were all defeated, my old students remained at the DWMA. Though this was their last day here and should have been celebrating, my most recent group (that I saved the world with) seemed very... disappointed. Once I reached my classroom, almost everyone froze where they were for a moment, then quickly scrambled to their seats. The only ones who stayed still the whole time were Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Patty, Liz, and Crona.
Funny to think I saved the world with a bunch of thirteen-year-olds, isn't it?
"Alright, class. Today, for once, I will not be dissecting a random creature I found in the woods near my house." I pulled off a pretty sarcastic, sard
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 13 3
Random Short Hetalia Quote
"Whatever I do, I know I can't fix the past. I try to change the future instead."
                                                               -every nation in Hetalia
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The 2P! Hetalia Series Ch2-The Real Me
“Germany, what do you think I do when I skip training?” Italy asked with a mischievous grin, dying to reveal some truths.
“Y-you sit zhere and pet c-”
“WRONG! I train by myself. A much higher level of physical education.”
“Itary, there's no way! You can't even run faster that him unless you're running away!” Japan exclaimed.
“Didn't you just see me running to each of you to raise a knife to each of your necks? None of you could get away. Another question for Germania. Whenever I come back to your house with a jar full of a red substance, what do you think it is?”
“T-tomato sauce. What you always say it is..” Italy smirked.
“Wrong. Again. It's blood,” he said smoothly.
“Hord on! What about your 'physicar education' you were tarking about?” Italy smirked again.
“I practice more fighting skills. Where do you think all these knives come from? Germany, you are still working with speed drill
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The 2P! Hetalia Series Ch1-Behind These Hazel Eyes
Confusion and fear.
All that he felt at that moment.
England was cornered against the wall farthest away from the door with Italy blocking him. He winced as Italy skillfully twirled the throwing knife around between his fingers.
“Care calling me weak and dumb again, Kirkland?”He brought the blade a bit closer to his now completely paled skin. England swallowed hard and was too afraid to answer. All he could do was stare into Italy's, strangely, open eyes. The original hazel colour in them was slowly vanishing and filling back up with a pink-purple mauve. His normally sweet smile was now one filled with insanity.
“Answer me,” Italy demanded.
England just shook more violently as the knife came dangerously close to his throat.
“...” Italy, unsatisfied, frowned.
“Answer. Now,” he demanded with a firmer voice and shoved England farther against the wall forcefully.
England swallowed hard, making the knife roll against his Adam's Apple.
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ItalyXHoly Rome-Tony Chestnut Knows I Love You
Holy Rome bent over and touched his feet.
"Toe. Knee," he touched his knees with both hands.
"Chest," he patted his chest firmly.
"Nut," he knocked on his head lightly with the other fist on his hip.
"Nose," he poked his nose. Chibitalia tilted his little head to the left.
"Eye," he poked the corners of his eyes.
"Love, you," he made a small heart out of his equally small hands then pointed at the little boy in front of him. Chibitalia still didn't seem to get it and Holy Rome sweat dropped. He did the same actions in the same order again and repeated, "Toe, knee, chest, nut, nose, eye, love, you."
Chibitalia frowned--Holy Rome sighed and sweat dropped again.
"Tony Chestnut knows I love you," he repeated for about the tenth time in the past couple minutes. Chibitalia smiled now. "Oh, I knew what it was from the beginning! I just wanted to hear you say it! Tony Chestnut knows I love you!"
He did the same that Holy Rome did. After that, the two repeated the actions and saying to each oth
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 1 0
DenNor-Valentine's Day (One-shot fluff)
DenNor One-shot fluff! Valentine's Day
“Hey, Norge! Happy Valentine's Day!” Denmark shouted at his companion. He held something behind his back. Norway backed up a little.
“Uh, yeah. You too. So, um, what've ya got there?” He said without expression, like always.
“PLEASE DON'T HATE ME CAUSE I REALLY LIKE YOU!” He yelled in the other's face and shoved a package in front of him, then ran away.
“You..too?” Norway cocked an eyebrow.
~A bit later~
Norway sat on the edge of his bed and sat the package in his lap. Did Denmark really like him? Even though he most definitely did NOT show it, Norway liked him. A lot, actually. He didn't exactly know why, but he did. He was reserved, so being around the other's ecstatic personality balanced it out? Maybe.
He sighed, and tore away the paper. After tearing it all off he balled it up and tossed it in the trash can on the other side of his room.
It was an aluminum box that was red and blue, two of his f
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 21 8
Mature content
Hetalia in Silent Hill-Crossover :iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 2 0
You May Be Obsessed With Hetalia If...
1. You like to run down the hallway and scream “PAAASTAAA!”
2. You lost all your friends because you couldn't convince them to like it.
3. Your favorite song is Marukaite Chikyuu, Hatafutte Parade, Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo, Wa Wa World, or any of the character songs
4. You constantly blush and drool during history class. Then the teacher asks why you look braindead, and you respond with “(Fav. Male country)'s hot..”
5. You can't look at a map without laughing.
6. If you're scared you cry for Germany.
7. You constantly try to master every countries' accent and voice.
8. You hate people and  glare at them when they say they don't know what a certain country is. (Nobody in my class knows what Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Finland, Sealand, Taiwan, Seychelles, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Iceland, Prussia, Hungary, Holy Roman Empire, Hutt River, Thailand, Macau, Cyprus, Wy, Seborga, Morocco, Netherlands/Holla
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 4 1
Hetalia-America X Reader (Part 1?)
Hetalia America x reader
You walked into the apartment that you shared with your boyfriend to see him in bed with one of your best friends. With tears falling heavily down your cheeks, you ran as fast as possible.
Tripping and almost falling occasionally, you finally made your way to your actual best friend, America's house.
Being a country yourself, you had known him for at least a century, and I repeat: He was your actual best friend. He had even warned you a few times that he thought that (Ex-boyfriend's name) was cheating on you, and you didn't listen.
You mentally kicked yourself for being so dense.
He had been spending less and less time with you and stayed out until about 2:00 in the morning. Most of the time he had barely acknowledged you even if you were in the same room as him.
You raised your had and clenched it into a fist, then knocked on the front door. A moment of  silence—other than the padding of rain on the pavement—passed, and he answered it.
Once he
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 1 0
In My World: Part 1
One morning, you woke up to whispers surrounding you. All familiar with deep accents. The American one was whispering now.
“Dudes shut up, she's waking up!” it said, but more like quietly screaming.
“You're the one talking, git!” a British one said.
“I can hear both of you,” you told the voices and opened your eyes.
Sure enough, 12 personifications of countries were hovered over you in your bed. You tried not to squeal, but your inner fangirlism couldn't be held in.
“!! IT'S YOU GUYS!!”
“You know all of us?” they all asked at the same time.
“YEAH! I-I mean, yes. I do. Even you, Canada. Except in my world, you're all in a show called Hetalia.” You reached over to your night stand and picked up your 'Axis Powers' box set and held it up. You held it up for a few moments then sat it back down.
“I guess we wirr not need to introduce ourserves. So what is your name?”
“I'm (First and last n
:iconthe-pasta-reaper:The-Pasta-Reaper 2 1


Hamilton the Musical by CaliAli16 Hamilton the Musical :iconcaliali16:CaliAli16 1,481 57
DenmarkxNorway - Crush
Denmark -hated- calling it a crush, he really did. It sounded so juvenile and stupid- both of which he most certainly was NOT- and it made him sound like a stupid schoolgirl.
Yet here he was on Friday night, curled up in an armchair with his legs tucked up to him, fingers curled into the cord of his telephone and a nervous grin on his face, feeling his heart skip and his stomach flutter like it was full of butterflies.
The sweet melody of his voice was like music to his ears, the way he pronounced both syllables of the word with the utmost care in the gentle tease of his accent...
Oh, wait, he had to reply.
"Ah! H-hey, Norway!"
"Y-yeah, s'me, haha, sorry, am I callin' too late? M'sorry, aha, I can call back later if y'want-" Stop rambling, you idiot, you sound -stupid-, just shut up- "...I didn't wake you up, did I?"
"Um... no," He thought he heard a smile in Norway's voice, but that might have been his imagination. "You didn't wake me up... I'm just watching the
:iconscarsandstripes:ScarsAndStripes 89 35
Summer Holiday - DenmarkxNorway
'Summer here is quite beautiful' I thought to myself. I held a firm grip on my suitcases as I walked down the path of Copenhagen, Denmark's capital. Denmark has been asking me for such a long time to visit for the Summer Holiday. When I said yes, he immediately got me on the first plane to get here. But the idiot forgot to pick me up once my plane arrived. I waited an hour so I decided to walk there. I didn't mind the walk; I got to see the city. It was gorgeous; it's been so long since I been here. After the bad history between the Nordics, nothing was the same. When we were all Vikings, we were so close. But now were separate. I sighed and shook my head. I took my map out of the city and tried to follow the path to Denmark's house. Since he didn't give me the direction to his house, all I knew was his address.
   I continued to follow the path and I found myself at a board walk. I felt the cold ocean breeze on my skin and I peacefully smiled to myself, watching the boa
:iconsorasilly:SoraSilly 61 25
AmericaXJapan: Every Night 2
  Kiku Honda laid in his bed, the only light in his dark room was coming from his phone as he waited for a reply from Alfred Jones. It was taking a while, as it normally did, just before he said goodnight. Kiku wasn't sure why it should take so long, but he was willing to wait for a response. Even if it was just a 'good night'.
  You see, Kiku has also started to develop a crush on the blond boy, but figured it was improper and his friend would denounce him for it, so he kept quiet. How could Alfred, even though he is Kiku's best friend, like him back? He has squads of girls just lined up like a fan club that he could pick from.
  Kiku shifted in his bed, sitting up more and sighed, flipping through his phone. The device buzzed and Kiku's brown eyes shifted to the top of his screen to see if it was a 'good night'.
  But it wasn't.
  It was longer than that. Kiku opened up the message and saw two small paragraphs typed in as Alfred's
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 15 9
He was brash and dangerous. He was full of energy. He was bursting with happiness, pride. He smelt like the ocean with a tint of beer. His voice was low and smooth, with the heavy accent smothering every word he said. He could kill a man with his bare hands. Then later that day, could hold a fairytale in his hands, flipping the pages, and reading the story aloud as if he was a child. He was confident, his confidence practically oozed off of him. You could feel it in the air. His attitude could change at the drop of a hat.
Yet, the younger nation he had known since he was a child was completely different.
He was reserved and calm. He rarely spoke out of place. He wasn't outgoing; he wasn't as gleeful as his counterpart. He smelt like the smell of fresh leaves and the rolling oceans of the Norwegian seas. His voice was soft and feminine, his accent was smooth. His hands were soft, not calloused like the other nation's. He believed in fairies and trolls. He was far less emotional than Den
:iconspiffii-kun:Spiffii-kun 44 10
Ringing in the New Year
Ringing in the New Year
An Ameripan Oneshot

It'd already been a week since Kiku arrived at Alfred's LA home, but it didn't look like too long when it seemed, for the most part, all they were doing was going out, making out, having sex, cuddling, repeat. And honestly, Kiku loved just doing these simple things with Alfred—this was the one week a year he really didn't need to worry about anything. All he could do was relax, and let Alfred pamper to his needs.
Really, Kiku just loved doing nothing with Alfred, just like tonight. Being the one for show, Alfred decided Christmas and New Year's would be spent in his LA home—a vast, Beverly Hills chateau that Kiku found quite gaudy at times, but comfortable as well. Alfred admitted that he only really used this house for throwing parties, which was weird considering this year they neither attended nor hosted any parties, yet they were here.
Alfred said he wanted to show off for his lover, and Kiku had to admit he didn't mind when
:iconiheartpigs0618:iHeartPigs0618 14 2
The Second Players: From 1 to 10
Ah, okay, I've been in a 2P-fangirl mood lately and no one can stop me

1 - least
10 - greatest

    How sexual the 2Ps are, from 1 - 10
    2P!Italy: 8.3 / 10
    2P!Japan: 8.7 / 10
    2P!Germany: 9 / 10
    2P!America: 8.9 / 10
    2P!England: 4 / 10
    2P!China: 10 / 10
    2P!France: 11 / 10
    2P!Russia: 5 / 10
    2P!Canada: 7 / 10
    2P!Romano: 6 / 10
    2P!Prussia: 3 / 10
    How violent the 2Ps are, from 1 - 10
    2P!Italy: 8.5 / 10
    2P!Japan: 7 / 10
    2P!Germany: 4 / 10
    2P!America: 9 / 10
    2P!England: 7.9 / 10
    2P!China: 4 / 10
    2P!France: 2 / 10
    2P!Russia: 3.5 / 10
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 105 92
Hetalia High School Marching Band
Hetalia High School Marching Band
Ancient Rome
United Kingdom
S. Korea
China (Before Becoming Drum Major)
Switzerland (Centre)
South Italy
New Zealand
Austria (Before Becoming Drum Major)
North Italy
Hong Kong
:iconshigurefan101:shigurefan101 1 1
freddy and bonnie by first-neko freddy and bonnie :iconfirst-neko:first-neko 524 39 at freddy's by quizia at freddy's :iconquizia:quizia 412 30 Five Nights at Freddy's2 by gatanii69 Five Nights at Freddy's2 :icongatanii69:gatanii69 8,317 523
Flightless Robin
"This way, Little Robin," he coaxes softly, his voice smooth like honey yet unattainable in its true meaning like smoke. Those sleepy light azure eyes blink at me in attempted seduction as his black gloved hand gestures to the room that he holds open for us to enter.
Gritting my teeth I look past the door to see an empty bedroom, so my aunt Angelina was right, he does like girls of all ages. Men like him are disgusting, showing interest of girls of no more than thirteen such as myself although I am no girl. I am the queen's guard dog, Ciel Phantomhive last of the Phantomhives, and due to the most recent case I am to be undercover as my opposing sex.
His smile wavers as he purses his lips slightly, "My dear Robin, is something the matter? I thought this is what you wanted?"
Forcing a smile of a stupid young girl I nod, stepping closer to him and placing a hand on his upper arm, "Yes, it is what I wish it's just…I didn't think you would comply."
He takes my chin under his thumb and
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 248 117
His Butler, Always
A soft light filters through the curtains, casting a milky glow about the room making the usually dreary mansion look less. He stretches his arms out with a slight yawn; it's been so long since he's actually slept well. Not that he slept much at all last night, being on his toes watching for enemies to take his love away.
His eyes drift to the small body beside him, his sides rising and falling at a steady rhythm. Smiling fondly to himself Sebastian brushes back some of Ciel's hair from his face, the boy's expression completely peaceful. He makes a face in his sleep, his ski slope nose wrinkling slightly as he murmurs something, rolling on his side facing Sebastian. Exhaling Sebastian sits upright raking his hands through his hair staring at his clothes on the ground. Silently he dresses, fixing any imperfections in the mirror before wrenching open the curtains allowing more sunlight to blare into the room.
Ciel's eyebrows crease as he plunges under the covers emitting a slight moan. "
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 362 105
Artistic journey: Between Light and Darkness by lucid-light Artistic journey: Between Light and Darkness :iconlucid-light:lucid-light 429 96 A Moment Suspended In Time by xMEGALOPOLISx A Moment Suspended In Time :iconxmegalopolisx:xMEGALOPOLISx 32,681 2,963
His Butler, Desire
He's falling into darkness, into nothing without so much someone to catch him. To save him from this eternity of nothingness. He opens his mouth, knowing the words he has to shout for salvation but none come. Struggling he tries again, the dark ground approaching quickly, the fires of death growing on the horizon. Still no words, not even the slightest squeak.
As he approaches his doom he can hear the screams of his parents, his own and his aunt. One last try, that's probably all the time he's got until he dies. Just one more time to see if he can overcome this sheer fear that's engulfed him to try and push through it and save himself.
And his soul.
"SEBASTIAN!" He cries, his voice loud and powerful, ricocheting around him.
Nothing. His servant does not come, but his death does.
Sebastian may have not come in the dream but he bolted into Ciel Phantomhive's room right as he heard his master's bloodcurdling scream. Thrusting the door open he prepares to see the worst, maybe one of
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 612 146


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