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"Me: "As her Science helper": uhhhh, Miss Twilight, why are you standing in my desk?

"Sci twi just smirks": Why?, i shouldn't be here?

"Me: just kinda strange seeing you there, and....."Notices her underwear": oh god!, sorry if you were going to change costume!, i didn't knew you where going to do that...i am sorry!

"then i go to the door but She Closes it"

"Me: "glups": what....what you want?

"Sci twi "giggling": i just want to test a new type of experiment with you.....

"Me "nervous": w....w..what kind of experiment"

"Then Sci twi grabs some Flowers and a liquid"

"Me: is that.... hydrangeas? and.....Liquid Viagra?

"She puts them In the cientifcal bowl and then a blacked rose liquid came,

"Sci twi: i want to see how much love a human male can give to a female human, come on, drink it....i know you will like it..

"Me: okay, if you say so....(Inner toughts: im gonna regret this one day)

I think Twi wants a <3 ride!

Oh boy, she's hot 😍

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i walk up and carry her away

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Hot damn she looks great <3

Ms. Sparkle, you're trying to seduce me, aren't you?

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Teasing everyone... for science.

great work as always

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she is a good example oh hot scientist.

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