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Short hair Sunset Shimmer

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adorable in anything

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Hair is amazing. Like a girl )
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I love her hair!

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Love what you did with the hair!
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I love her hair❤️
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yeah, she could pull it off. I've always felt you have to have the right kind of face shape and yes cuteness to pull of short hair.

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very pretty <3<3<3

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Yup, she's stunning. Looking lovely there Sunny.

Long hair or short, Sunny is still gorgeous.

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Short or long shes still one of my faves!

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I love how casual and sexy you make girls look <3

Short or long hair she's still the same beautiful girl that we all know and love. Excellent artwork.

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I couldn't put it better myself.

You change your hair style?

In Love I like it. Plus your outfit.

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Hello to you too, sporty Sunset!

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