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Princess vacation

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You can see EQG skin color version here…

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StarbatHobbyist Digital Artist

Youth, attractiveness, and immortality... Could they have it any better? XD

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nice one with Cadance shirt

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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist

its ok for me cadance <3

AlphaSpiderBat's avatar
The sleeveless shirt top speaks the truth, and that’s what makes it funny.
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KoboldPrincessHobbyist Digital Artist

The shoulder on the right one looks deformed to me. Looks bigger than it should be and sticking out more, like she is been infected with the G-Virus or something.

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kittizakHobbyist Digital Artist

i actually expected luna to be super pale, cuz she'd be like a goth of sorts

Bassline88's avatar

Dream girl sure is fitting for Luna^^

A-Ron1990's avatar

I was right. Luna's the hottest. "Dream Girl", indeed. And Cadance's shirt is hilarious.

AceWissle's avatar

Gorgeous indeed

Rassilon001's avatar

So... gorgeous...

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CocoCandy2007Student Digital Artist

I love Cadence’s top

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dempseyroll2019Hobbyist Digital Artist
The princesses enjoying their part of the summer ^^
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Why yes Luna, you are my dream just share that dream with others. n//n;

timfortune9's avatar

Cadance being a great tease.

The back of her shorts probably say "With a kid".

AlphaSpiderBat's avatar
More like, “ And got a kid.”
Freakster00f's avatar

Enjoy the last Summer days ^^

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