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Bobbed hair

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No Twigles, it doesn't look wierd, it looks super cute.

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She looks very cute~ <3

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Her lips are bothering me. I think you should make edges of her smile less noticeable. She sorta reminds me of Joker with such a wide smile.

Anyway, looks cool.

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perfection! <3 <3

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"Is it looks" should be "Does it look".

Most adorable nerd ever!

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Por Dios, me encanta como quedó.

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Don't worry, it looks good!

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That hair looks super good on Twilight >3

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She's beautifully Adorable with a that hair style X3

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Not at all, it suits you so well! :heart:
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Oh my God. Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter.

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Twilight with short hair: so cute! :heart:

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