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Stained Glass Applejack Shadowbox

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This is our newest Mane 6 set and of course, this is Applejack. We wanted to do something that was original and very pretty. These will be a part of our 2015 convention set and will make its debut at Nightmare Nights 2014.

Her dress and vest are crafted from glitter as well as the rays and her cutie mark behind her. It makes the box really shine. The dress is of our own design. We wanted something simple, flowy and pretty that works for their personalities. We put her in an 11 x 14 frame.

Rarity: Stained Glass Rarity Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony

Fluttershy: Stained Glass Fluttershy Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony

Rainbow Dash:Stained Glass Rainbow Dash Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony

Pinkie Pie: Stained Glass Pinkie Pie Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony

Twilight Sparkle: Stained Glass Twilight Sparkle Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony

All Together: Stained Glass Mane 6 Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony
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Applejack shadowbox <3 I love AJ, she looks beautiful in that one.
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Don't mean to be mean or anything, where are her freckles? 
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I'm definitely going to have to buy one of these once they're available on Etsy! They're all super gorgeous. Awesome job!