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Derpy Screensaver (With Sound)

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*Added sound effects*

Yay finally done! I started undertaking this one just before Christmas, which was a bad idea. But anywho, it's all done now that all the festivities are over.

Wings were provided by the wonderful puppet rigs found at :iconflamingorich: Everything else in this animation was drawn and animated by me.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

Music: Cutie Mark Crusaders Crusading (Created on Mario Paint) by Tekaramity…

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Blossoms258Student Artist
I like how Derpy broke the monitor.
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Derpy did the one thing Pinkie could not do, successfully break the Fourth Wall.
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2018, getting this is still one of the best decisions ive ever made, but its broken, how do i fix the black background? 
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ILiekFerretHobbyist Digital Artist
alsooo cccccuuuuuuuuutttttttttteeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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wholetthemonstersoutStudent Traditional Artist
OK, good... my screen is broken. 
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WuyiyiHobbyist General Artist
This is so adorable!
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Squishy Derpy Icon Squishy Derpy Icon Derpy Clapping Icon Derpy Clapping Icon Derpy Derpy Derpy Emoticon Emotipony Derpy Emotipony Derpy Derpy Hooves Derpy Hooves Muffin-La Muffin-La Silly Derpy GIF *F2U* Silly Derpy GIF *F2U* Blushy Pony Blushy Pony Derpy icon Derpy icon 
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Derpy Clapping Icon Derpy Clapping Icon Squishy Derpy Icon Squishy Derpy Icon Derpy Emoticon Code name: Muffin? Code name: Muffin? Blushy Pony Blushy Pony Silly Derpy GIF *F2U* A Derpy Christmas MLP Derpy Emoticon Gif Silly Derpy GIF *F2U* Squishy Derpy Icon Derpy Emoticon Derpy Hooves EqG (angry) plz Derpy Hooves EqG (angry) plz Chibi Derpy Icon Chibi Derpy Icon Chibi Derpy Icon Megaman Derp Icon Steven Quartz Universe Emote 8 Muffin-La Muffin-La Derpy icon 
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KIPERFuNHobbyist General Artist
These don't work anymore due to Flash Player being security hole now-a-days, any chances on it being able to run outside Adobe?
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oddlyfuntimeHobbyist General Artist
What Do Screensavers Do?
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There used to be a time when monitors could experience "burn": if pictures, text and or icons were left unchanged on the monitor for too long the image would become permanently marked on the screen. Thus screensavers were invented to prevent this. They are an entertaining leftover from older times.
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oddlyfuntimeHobbyist General Artist
Oh :o
Dalekaresupreme's avatar
is there a site to fix the flash
oddlyfuntime's avatar
oddlyfuntimeHobbyist General Artist
Asher72's avatar
I LOVE IT! Derpy Emote icon Derpy Emote icon Derpy Emote icon Derpy Clapping Icon Derpy Clapping Icon 
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CookieDaFlareonKitteHobbyist Digital Artist
This is really adorable! <3 
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Kay-kaycomicHobbyist Digital Artist
great cartoon love it
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VampireSeraphimHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this so much! 
777BlackHeart777's avatar
help me I can't see her on my background wat ever I do I still can't D:
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TommyrazorStudent Artist
I still love these ^w^
SlashPyrowolf's avatar
SlashPyrowolfStudent Digital Artist
4p3r7ur3's avatar
Could we get a video version?
Rora-at-Dawn's avatar
Is the one without sound still around?
Pastel-Pony-Artist's avatar
Pastel-Pony-ArtistStudent Digital Artist
So cute!! :D :D :D :D Derpy is so kind to try to fix my screen. :)
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