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Gnome Shell 3.8 Panacea Blue Suite

Gnome Shell 3.8 > GTK3-GTK2 > Metacity themes. This the second in a series that we intend to make available for download. Archive contains two themes done in different shades of blue ( Turquoise & Colombia ), both designs are consistent only colours and shades vary.Do enjoy and please feel free to offer suggestions, critique or any other input deemed useful.

Requirements: GTK3 > Unico theme engine ( optional ).
GTK2 > Murrine theme engine ( required ).

Installation: Instructions are included in theme folder.

1). Original done by Solutionall and is available for download here ( [link] )
2). Done by Petrisor-wtf and is available for download here ( [link] )

Conky: Instructions are in folder conky.

Fonts: Liberation Sans:10 > bold for window title.
Hinting > Slight
Antialiasing > Rgb

Icons: Faenza-Cupertino (modified)

Cursor: Oxygen ( oxy-white )

There are two extensions associated with this project that are featured here at top right both are available at [[link]

1: Gno-menu > This is a full featured traditionally styled multifaceted menu - that aims to offer quite a bit of innovative functionality not present in the usual offerings.[[link]

2: Workspace to dock > Transforms workspaces into a functional dock - with a wide range of customizable features facilitating better work flow and usability. [[link]

Updated: 18/6/2013
Gnome Shell Adjustments.

Updated: 29/6/2013
Gnome Shell > Various fixes and refinements.
GTK3 - GTK2 > Various fixes and refinements.

Updated: 2/7/2013
Gnome Shell > Various fixes and refinements.
GTK3 - GTK2 > Various fixes and refinements.

Updated: 8/7/2013
Gnome Shell > Various fixes and refinements.
GTK3 - GTK2 > Various fixes and refinements.
© 2013 - 2022 The-Panacea-Projects
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Garfilth's avatar
Awesome theme. But im having a strange bug.… screenshot.
gnome menu text is unreadable. the rest of the theme works great. any thoughts? or have i done some thing wrong?
running ubuntu 13.04 gnome-shell 3.8.3
Sorry about that, I believe the error is mine. We have been working on and  just about to upload a new version of Gno-Menu, as such work on theme was done with the supporting files for this new version. I believe I uploaded theme without replacing extension files with the currently supported version. I will have a look shortly and provide a fix. Will you give these version(… ) a go and post another pic so I can better grasp what at play here.
Garfilth's avatar
all works fine. heres the screenshot. thank you.…

Sorry for the late reply, been away all weekend
No problem - real pleased they now work, both theme and extension are betas so there shouldn’t be much if any issues at all.  Will be releasing shortly so just update in a few days. There is a readme. file in extension's folder that explains all the additional functions added, just install this package ( gir1.2-gda-5.0. ) and your web links should work just fine.
Garfilth's avatar
excellent. thank you very much
Xerukm's avatar
Love the theme, glad to see someone finally putting some hard work and style into their themes.
I really appreciate the thought and thanks for the encouragement.
hailwoodnz's avatar
Love the theme, do we have different colours available?
Real pleased that you like, currently I am on green [link] ( Olive and Lime ) thereafter red. The plan is two shades of each primary colour, two shades of glass one black and a white.
solutionall's avatar
very nice work good luck
Thanks for both the compliment and allowing the use of your wallpaper, very much appreciated.
killhellokitty's avatar
Really fun theme! Very creative and very well done. Keep on keep'n on.
Real pleased that you like, do enjoy.

BTW, theme will be updated shortly.
McDope's avatar
There is a bug with .toggle-switch-intl & .toggle-switch-intl:checked. Both filenames should be *.png while there is *.svg - so in non-us setup there are no toggle switches visible.
Sorry about that, thanks for the pointer. I am moving too fast and sometime overlook the basics. Will fix promptly.
McDope's avatar
[i hate that i cant edit my comments :/]

Also the calendar looks weird if the week-num display is enabled (gsettings set show-weekdate true)
I generally don't use week numbers,so that's another oversight - will move to resolve shortly.
I Was out all day and only got back an hour or so ago, only to realise that a wallpaper I had Modified and used along with this theme ( with full credit of the original to author ) drew the anger and seeming indignation of said author. I was unaware that I was violating its terms of usage, promptly apologised and removed wallpaper from theme pack's download and subsequently uploaded a temporary image. I would like to ask my fellow deviants in the future, that if I unwittingly violate the terms of usage of their work, a simple note or pointer is enough to have me remove or alter any infringement. I would really appreciate the opportunity to respond/clarify, its really unnecessary to visit every group and ask for themes' complete removal, though its quite okay to do so if deemed necessary.
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Concerning my work, the subject is now closed and resolved. Same for my complaint at dA.
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Apologises - meant no offence, as I was unaware of wallpaper's CREATIVE COMMONS BY-NC-ND terms of usage/licensing. I will replace my version with another immediately.
MadeInKobaia's avatar
I sent you a note.
I do appreciate it, its a much better way of resolving issues.
MadeInKobaia's avatar
There's nothing to deal with.
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