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The wind grows chilly and the grass grows brownish. It is most certainly the time of winter as the nights become colder. The days on the savannah are a bit frosty themselves. The water left by the island's floods are a bit too cold to swim in, although those brave enough may try. The land's vegetation is growing sparsely and prey such as Wildebeest, Gazelle, and Antelope are starting to migrate for the best grazing. Best to catch what you can before it's gone!


:bulletgreen: Good/Useful
:bulletyellow: Threatening
:bulletorange: Dangerous
:bulletred: Hazardous
:bulletpurple: Mysterious
:bulletblue: Saddening
:bulletwhite: Neutral









OPEN to High-rank try-outs
Try-out blog

Jua Pack
Alpha - Beta - Shaman
Worshipers of the Sun, the Jua Pack are a group of brave and honorable dogs. They often look towards the sun to help guide them on the right path and deeply depend on its light for protection at all times and the belief. The Jua Pack gives tribute to the Sun God by lighting a fire in the middle of their camp and celebrating its light with spars and entertainment from all. They also thank the Sun God for providing them with a meal before consuming it.

Mwezi Pack
Alpha - Beta - Shaman
Worshipers of the Moon, the Mwezi Pack are a group of moral and amicable dogs. They often look towards the moon to protect them and provide the healing rains in the hot, dry months. The Mwezi Pack gives tribute to the moon by lighting silver and white lanterns and celebrating a full moon with song and festivities. They believe everything is connected and has a purpose, and life is as circular as the full moon.

Nyota Pack
Alpha - Beta - Shaman
Worshipers of the Stars, the Nyota Pack are a group of curious and knowledgeable dogs. They often look to the stars for the answers of the many and believe that overall, the Gods are to be respected and pleased. The Nyota Pack gives tribute to the Stars by burning bits of prey in a fire, so that the smell and ashes may rise up into the night sky, for the Nyota Goddess to feed off of.


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